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FASTER than a bitch making it a point to flash cleavage or underwear in every selfie, just to get mad about tit compliments gotten from a hook up site. More DIABOLICAL than sensationalizing alcoholism, after giving a heart felt speech about losing your fiance when he killed himself and others in a drunk driving incident… It’s A drunken whore, It’s a politician.. NOOOOOOO, IT’S THE TRUTH……And it Hurts, doesn’t it?

You know what boys and girls? I learned a long time ago, that if you are the type of person, who throws stones, your ass better make damn sure that transparent case you call home is fucking plexiglass. No one can hide who they really are, and not forever, even if they manage to for a little while. So I’m going to take a moment here and tell you about ME. Let’s do the list.

1. Judgemental

2. Tactless to the point of cruelty in the face of other’s disregard.

3. Relentless

4. Unsympathetic to what other’s have been through, when they use it as an excuse to become the bratty ass kid themselves.

5. Not a sexist, just the opposite, but this goes on this list because of the whole archaic belief that men should not offend against women, just because they are women. PEOPLE are PEOPLE, PERIOD. Some say never hit a woman, I say never hit anyone, but if you strike me I will knock you the fuck out regardless of what you have or lack between your legs. Fuck that high ground bullshit, it doesn’t take a REAL MAN to stand there and get their ass beat by a fucking LUNATIC who has no control over their emotions. Don’t insult or talk to a woman a certain way, yeah well I call bullshit on that too. Just like with my ex wife. I got told how wrong it was for me to blast what happened and all her bullshit because she has never done anything like that to me….No she just said to individuals behind closed doors, where she could alter the version of the story as she saw fit and there would be no written record to call her ass on the inconsistencies. I put this here on this list, because I am taboo to the norm, I don’t hold to the idea of you don’t do this or that to a female, because they are a female. I don’t look at women as women, I look at them as people, like me and in that they are treated accordingly to what they reveal themselves to be. I don’t judge anyone by what they are, but by what they do. good people, get treated kindly, a motherfucker gets treated as exactly that and in the manner in which they make themselves an issue and I don’t give a fuck who takes issue with that. I guess what I’m saying is I DO see women as equal with men……..but that also means you DON’T get the luxury of any kind of bullshit special treatment because of WHAT you are, not from me you don’t.

6. I’m a prick, not by nature or nurture, but rather a bit of both.

7. Unforgiving as fuck

8…… You know what? There really isn’t shit about me that I haven’t brought up at one point or other and quite openly, I might add.

With all that said I just want to state, that if there is a problem with me…. tough shit, because to have that problem and to let it fester in you to the point that you go scheming and plotting and everyshits, means you had to COME HERE, or MY Facebook page, or Twitter account LOOKING for that fight. Awhile back I had this fake bitch friend my ass and we talked for 3 days and I bet there was about 8 times in those 3 days where she responded to something I said with “Oh you’re good.” Just like that, like I was lying, instead of just being decent about something. To these people, you can SAY ANYTHING TO. It doesn’t matter. They came to me, to prove I was a liar and that was what they were going to go away with, Hell or high water. They will ALWAYS contort everything you say or do to fit their limited vision, so fuck em, I give them the fight they are looking for, the psycho, they think I am, the perv they are so fucking sure about, because it doesn’t matter…..they will find a validation for their beliefs, no matter what. Interesting side note, after getting tired of playing the what the fuck are you really here for game I hit the bitch with a Youtube video of the girl whose picture she was using, and pointed out that only motherfucker lying about shit was her.

I got about a million of those stories, stemming from a fucking horde of fake ass people who were playing catfish, because I guess that’s what they think REAL women do. That’s the path of “empowerment” they have chosen, when it doesn’t show strength, it shows fucking idiocy and a weakness to confronting their inability to be anything more than a pathetic piece of shit. They are the type of people who smile and laugh, but are too stupid to figure out that they are on the wrong side of not knowing the difference between looking for a good time and desperately searching for an escape from their misery. Why should I have sympathy for that? Why should I show mercy for that? Why can’t people grasp that forgiveness, should never be treated like an ever valid get out of jail free card? This person, they were hurt bad, you know what that’s like, don’t you? They are just like you have compassion……and I might, if they did not fuck up and choose me as a target in the first fucking place. I DO know what it’s like, but when it’s me or people I care for in the crossfire of someone else’s damage I just have this thing about me where I just don’t give a fuck. That is LAW of NATURE. Oh but it wasn’t that bad. Lets get something straight, YOU don’t get to decide that. YOU might be King or Queen shit, in whatever fantastical little microcosm you reside in, but YOU are not ENTITLED to that special privilege over me, to be allowed to decide what was or was not bad enough to merit tearing a motherfucker up, when I was the one INVADED. I love how people get so caught up in their feelings or ideals to the point they are incapable of smelling their own Hershey squirts in their underoos. Am I bastard for a good chunk of some I have done…Hmmm I try to reserve the worst for what merits it, but Yeah…. I am, but so are you, and that is truth, that if you did not have a hard time swallowing, or confronting in yourself. YOU wouldn’t come looking for that fight. We’re all animals, some are just more rational, than others.

A couple quick things regarding my time offline. I’m not always here to pop a motherfucker in the mouth. A lot of my post’s have shown that, a lot haven’t. A lot of time when I’m not, and even sometimes during, I am generally reading about some process, or learning a new program. That’s when I’m not promoting things I have done, or a cause I have backed, or FINALLY writing. Yeah that’s a big one. WRITING. As for my time away from the computer, since April of 2016 I have helped get over 26 houses repaired, to either get people back into their homes, or to get them ready for people to make as their new homes, and that has been my day job, ever since the floods here in Louisiana last year. As a general rule, You may be surprised to learn I am fairly laid back. but I also observe quite a bit as well and listen to a lot of things I hear from people around me. I said before that I live for the fight, and that is true, I do, I really do, but I’m not here to save the world, I think that’s a ridiculous concept, and it really isn’t up to me to make this world a better place. if it was I could force a lot of this shit I see to stop, but I can’t, and in truth, even if I could, would that really be “Better” in reality or just another illusion? I mean If I have to force you to stop, that isn’t you being a better person, that’s just me keeping you from doing what you want, and I have talked before about what happens in the long term when people keep shit bottled up, that is when it gets even worse, for them and for anyone around them when that cork pops. It’s up to us to do the best we can. Try to come to some fucking arrangement, though for the most part, we never fucking do.

I live for the fight, and while last time, I said that I came down on Donald Trumps celebrity opposition, this time however I just want to say thanks to his cronies for passing anti planned parenthood, Way to go God’s favorite jackasses, you are aware that planned parenthood, does more than abortion right? These people actually help in the pre natal process as well, for those women who need help. If you are anti abortion, that is great, in a lot of cases, not in all, but if that is the case, fight that specific part of it, don’t go and fuck up the part that aids in bringing these children into the world as healthy as they can be and call yourself pro life, I call bullshit on that. This is an example of what I was talking about, we can never meet in the middle about anything, one side either has to have it all their way or the other side is shooting for the same thing, and it’s….. Yeah, just people butting heads like antelope, only this is a case of morality in double standards.

Next piece of my rant here, let’s leave the realm of politics behind, God knows there are enough people bitching about all that nonsense as it is. Little known secret about me, I am the type of person who is generally helpful. If you have a problem, you can come to me with it and I will do what I can. That said, I have also had to live with the fact, that sometimes that is a pathway for other people to bring some bullshit to your door step as well. I have dealt with someone trying to force “Help” and their idea of “Happiness” on me that I don’t want and then turn around and end up being given Hell for it by the people around the person who wanted to “Help” Like it’s my Goddamn fault that you don’t like me for who I am and yet can’t completely exert control over your fucking friends life. Fuck all that, you sort that bullshit out among yourselves, what you don’t do is outright fucking harass someone who has openly and honestly told you that doing so is a good way of getting me to fuck you up, just to show the person how I’m not worth the “Help” I never fucking wanted in the first place. Teach me to be a better person? Fuck you, look at yourself. How much fucking “Help” do you really think you can be to me when you surround yourself with fucking retards who go out of their way to un do anything you’ve done, for their own agenda? How about you grow a pair and put their asses in their place instead of bringing that shit into my world. You want help, bring your best, not a steaming pile of your own self confidence issues and a gaggle of twats who “Always” know what’s best for everyone else, when they themselves are the biggest cunts. It’s childish horseshit, usually conducted by idiots whose maturity peaked in fucking high school. Bitches who have to validate their existence through 40 or more fucking posted selfies a week. You know the kind, I’m sure. These are the 30 somethings who rejoice at being the Kings and Queens of the fucking kiddie table. They can try to teach you how to be a “better person” but you point out how fucked up they are, and they want to cry bully and then pull some conniving bullshit scheme like life is some shit out of “Gossip Girl” Fuck a bunch of that shit. You don’t want me to be negative, here’s a concept, don’t bring your negative shit and rub it in my fucking face and I won’t have to put you in your place and remind you that you truly are worth no more than I am.

Recently I had to drop support for someone because some bullshit where this same little clique of dumb asses wanted to run to them, because I made it public that I supported them. Word to the wise people. The WARNING you get from people who just come to you out of the blue when someone else comes to you in good faith first, is usually PERSONAL BULLSHIT that doesn’t concern you. Do yourself a favor, put these jack asses in their place and say no, until I find otherwise for myself. If you don’t……Well all you accomplish is costing yourself support, letting someone else bring their fight to your door. It’s not fucking rocket science folks. GOOD FAITH vs OPEN SABOTAGE. It really is THAT SIMPLE to figure out. You don’t see me bringing in other people to MY fight, because it is MY FIGHT, and I’m not a chickenshit who would use others as fucking human shields for target practice. If you aren’t STRONG ENOUGH, or GOOD ENOUGH, or SMART ENOUGH to take me all by little onesie just pack your fucking shit and go the fuck home. Because YOU AREN”T STRONG,GOOD,or SMART enough to do it your damn self, it’s a loss, because it would NEVER be anything YOU YOURSELF was ever capable of doing.

Goddamn boy, you done bitching yet? NO. I live for the fucking fight don’t you get that? Have I not made that abundantly clear? You know my sister is a huge fan of  “The Walking Dead” Now, it’s an alright show, but I have a hard time watching it, mainly because I see us living it. The only difference is these zombies have heartbeats and want to be told how to live and what to believe, The rest is the same though, the motherfuckers telling those fucking zombies how to live and what to believe are generally the crafty bastards who will kick down your door and take what you have, or they are the ones who wait on the other side of that door with a few surprises of their own. Taking a Theologist stand point here for a minute, damn near every religion past or present, that has an apocalypse prophesy tells of human beings, being very much like how you see most of us being now. Apathetic, selfish, disloyal to the point that even family doesn’t mean shit to them. For thousands of years, we have behaved in a manner that made it easy for multiple cultures and beliefs to see us come to where we are now. That is probably the most discouraging thing, I think. That’s my word.

“Deep down, Clark is a good person. Deep down, I’m not.” – Batman “HUSH”

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I live for the fight. I have tried multiple times to conform to what society deems “civilized” but I can’t unsee what I have seen, Life is like a magic trick. You see it and you go “Whoa, How did you do that?” Of course then we learn the trick and the magic is gone. When this happens, you never look at another Magic trick the same. The Magician tries to wow you, using the same dramatic lines and hand flourishes, but when you learn the trick, it doesn’t work on you anymore. You see the hype as what it is, Just hype, and you can’t recapture that sense of wonder you had the first time you saw it. That’s life, that is also why I take issue with what I call Care Bears or people who just spew rhetorical good guy bullshit, because it’s the hope people cling to, even when it isn’t the reality. So many use it just to make people nod their heads, or kiss their asses like they are some kind of Christ figure, when they themselves are anything but. You see these people preach accepting others for who they are and then turn around and blast someone for not being what they think they should be. You see them preach about sharing when they are the most self absorbed individuals around. And when all is said and done, the worst kind of people are the ones people end up looking up to. I can’t unsee what I have seen. I can’t unknow what I know, and try as I may, I just really can’t go along with the bullshit of it all. The worst thing about this, is when others try to get me to come around to their way of thinking, they use the SAME bullshit and it does more to incite rage in me than it does anything, because I hear them, but I see them just being the opposite of what they preach. I call them on the bullshit and suddenly I’m the bad guy. So fuck it. Yes I am the bad guy, but while I completely break down your actions and your words and then show how each part contradicts the next, all the supposed good guys have to offer… that same dogmatic crap that everyone says. “You’re negative.” “It’s more important to be kind than it is to be right.” or if they want to half ass seem intelligent about not having a real argument to back themselves up they resort to “That’s just not practice.” To which I say “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I don’t think I would be half as pissed off as I am if I wasn’t expected to buy into the bullshit factor. If you are a sorry motherfucker, be a sorry motherfucker without apology and without trying to insult my fucking intelligence by spewing shit that you don’t hold true in your heart, and hoping it will make me and others not see you for the sorry motherfucker you actually are. Guess what, we’re the same.

I live for the fight. Which also means I am likely to die by the sword. I have had to do a lot of soul searching and I realize. I’m trying to be two different people, and the two types they are, they can’t settle in the same person. I want to make it as a writer, you have a dream, you set out to make that dream a reality. In order to do this, I have to give a little on my militant ways….Only problem is, I see so many doing that same thing and the end result is nothing changes, nothing gets better and I once lived my life, not knowing who I was…. It’s not worth it. I live for the fight, it is just in my nature. I held it back for so long trying to be something else that once I got the taste of it’s freedom, I never really looked back. I still argue a lot of points from a perspective of give and take. of compromise, but I am just as quick to tell someone what I think of them and their shit and I hold nothing back and am quite tactless about it. I don’t care. I can’t help but think that if more people actually felt that way about the fucked up things in this world there wouldn’t be enough examples of that fucked up shit to merit such a strong response from me in the first place. I’ve had people consider me rude for the things I say, what I say however comes from a place of truth. I find it fucked up, that I can be considered rude for saying it, while the person I’m saying it to can get a pass for actually conducting themselves in the manner that I blast them for. Words versus Action or as the old saying goes wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first. This too is another reason I just get fed up with people. Their inability to prioritize for shit and what it boils down to, what so many of these people who claim I am filling the world with such negativity really give a shit about is THEIR OWN comfort zone. They don’t care what the world gets filled with, if they did, they would have as much if not an even bigger problem with the actions of the person I’m blasting as they have with my words, but they don’t. I’m not claiming any high ground here, just stating how it is people butt heads like antelope. It’s just a primal thing. They speak from this deep rooted sense of self righteousness in admonishing me for speaking from that same type of deep rooted sense of self righteousness. The only difference is, I know I’m a bastard about it, but some things just need to hit home.

I live for the fight, and I call everyone on their shit. Lets take a moment here for a bit of role reversal in the hot topic of the current president of the United States. I don’t agree with a whole Hell of a lot the man says and does, but I want to take a moment here and just outright level his competition. Where were all these protesting celebrities during the election? Many have the money and the backing and in some cases the intelligence themselves to run for president, but not a single damn one of them stepped up and did, they just want to whine after the fact. Now you have a few who are just like I’m going to run in four years, Yeah well if this guy is as bad as you are making him out to be four years from now won’t matter, so why didn’t you step up when it counted? When it really fucking mattered? And would we have been any better off in a lot of these cases? Let’s take a look at the “Entertainment World” for a minute. The president puts a gag order on the press…… How much dirty ass, underhanded, elitist shit takes place in the entertainment business, that gets swept under a rug or no one wants to talk about because it will make this person look bad, or speaking out will get you black balled? That’s common policy and it is the same fucking thing as trying to silence people from telling the other side of the story, only they willingly protect one another from it in that world. Let’s talk about the positive things, is their policy it displays class, even if it isn’t the same as having any. and that goes down the line from the majors to the independent minor league ring, now it isn’t everyone but it is enough that it casts a sickening shadow over the industry as well as the decent ones in it who are different. “We made a bully our president.” they cry. Yeah well Disney made an ex convict Iron Man while they torment their own child actors with so many restrictions to keep a squeaky clean image that they can’t even be kids, Hollywood made a child molester an academy award winner, so who the fuck are you people to say shit? I get arrested for making a terroristic threat on a post that wasn’t even a statement of intent to act and yet Madonna can roll up in Washington DC and very publicly say some shit like she wanted to blow up the White House and yet she never got hand cuffs put on her. If nothing can be done to you people, why the fuck should anything be done about what Donald Trump has said and done? Heh heh, See what I did there? Just people butting heads like antelope and in this case it has been a matter of lets talk about this shit over here, but not about this shit over here because this shit over here is in our bedroom closet.

It all comes down to “The Comfort Zone”, the most important thing in the world is to be happy. Happiness in the eyes of society seems to lie in overlooking a lot of shit, but then crying when it comes back to haunt them. It’s that thing that happens almost daily in the projects, but isn’t a problem that gets addressed until it strikes some white suberb in a town where not everything is covered in graffiti. It’s that thing that is okay for me to do, but by God don’t let me catch you doing it. It’s that thing that is okay for guys to do, but girls should be scolded for it. It’s that thing a guy should never do, but girls can get away with, because little known secret, discrimination is in part a form of underestimation and as such can offer both oppression and special privilege and playing up those special privileges can be as detrimental to solving the discrimination issue as doing nothing, but let’s not talk about that part of it.

Damn son chill! I wish I could, but I live for the fight. I have seen so many good people get fucking shafted that I can’t believe just smiling and going on about your business is what will fix things. Positivity  for the sake of positivity without meaning or passion solves nothing in itself. Yet so many want to cling to the idea that it can,  or they just use it as a mask for their own gain. I’m no exception. I by my own nature I see it as having a choice of evils. Be this bastard, or be this person who really could not care less about anything.  Because you can support the best people in the world, but who’s going to protect those people from the bullshit that the worst ones will throw at them? What good does it do, to just do one without the other?

I recently made a big mistake in the process of trying to be that other person. I supported people that I just couldn’t get on board with for the sake of getting a credit on my IMDB page, because I haven’t really done anything in film for over 4 years and I was making this big push of doing all kinds of shit just to have a range of people to generate excitement over what I do. It seemed like a good idea in theory, but the more I saw of these people, the more I looked back into their history and saw. I came to the conclusion that they were just as fucking degenerate as I am, in their own way. That’s where I fuck up, it’s the same as back when I had the epiphany that my kindness and efforts were wasted on this type of person. I found more giving, compassionate, understanding, and decent human beings among the forgotten, than I ever met in the little tight knit art community I had previously bent over backward for. And when I started to really think about what I was doing in supporting these people I got thoroughly disgusted with myself, and my flaw became clear to me when I looked at another person who I was trying to support. The glaring differences. The first I gave 300, to mainly for that producer credit. I realized, that with them it was a matter of going back to what I knew,  Hell I expected everyone in that field to be just like them, and so I will not lie, I had no qualms with using them, to get what I wanted. First off, the self absorption level of these people were through the fucking roof and I saw a lot of the same shit from before. “Share what you love”, so that’s why you’re getting on there after the Academy Awards and talking about the big dogs just pretty much circle jerking each other, even as your little Indy bracket was circle jerking each other for……What? being more caring? Giving? Organized? Original? Decent? What pray tell can the independent horror film community really lay claim for being better than Hollywood for? Bitch, did you come down here after hurricane Katrina and try to help people get back in their homes? Because one of the leading people in that fight was Brad Pitt. You’re going to talk to people about dealing with depression on your web series and then get fucking drunk nearly every episode? Yeah believe me I got as disgusted with myself when I really thought about what I was backing, especially when I saw this other person, who is also in film, but they do other stuff as well. You know what was missing from her stuff? Bullshit. This is a lady who gets as little kid excited over  being able to teach a lesson to a 4th grade class about crystals as the other group was about going to some event to ahem circle jerk. Yeah I fucked up. I will continue to write, because I love doing it, but I got a solid wake up call as to what making it as a writer or anything can turn you into. I don’t want to support people who are as degenerate as me, I want to support people who are actually better. I severely told the first party off and blocked them… maybe not my shiniest of moments, but hey, I live for the fight and I don’t refrain from telling people what I really think of them, regardless of it blowing through that empty space between their ears. It’s what an Indigo Child is, it was our purpose for being here, tear the fucking nonsensical institution to shreds to pave the way for the better people than the rest of us to take over.

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.” – Yoda

I mentioned in the previous entry that the concept of THE FORCE is to grande in scale for someone at a Sith level of understanding. I will repeat, that it was never meant to be a complete idea in itself. In reading The Book of the Sith, one must understand that the philosophy I built around it’s ideals was an evolution of one’s mind set after crashing to the bottom. It was only the start of ones journey, so to judge it in the idea that it is complete, is the equivalent of saying that a house, that is only framed is a piece of shit that can not protect you from the elements. Of course it can’t, it is not the finished product. Some understood what it was, some are trying to and that is good, for even if they do not understand it for what it is, they are thinking about it and forming their own arguments. What they come up with will help some from ever reaching the point where the Sith philosophy is needed.  Why their idea’s would not help one who identifies most with the Sith is because what leads them to the dark side in the first place, are the type of experiences that breaks a persons faith, a persons spirit, a persons mind. No one who has not faced these things, and we must take into consideration that what has deep impact on one person’s life, may not have the same impact on another’s, can understand the path such a person walks. When we do not understand, we can not be what such a person can relate to. They may well come to understand what you say and how you feel, but life has placed before them a different route by which to get there. How can I believe in in God, when I can not even believe in myself? And so the Sith philosophy is meant to rebuild that belief in self first. Many would disagree with this, but I ask this. What is a lack of belief in oneself, but the distrust in the idea that there was a reason for our own existence? It was never meant to be the end, only the means by which we take our first steps towards the end goal.

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, every action, begins first as a thought and to every thought, there is a physical reaction made to manifest that thought into being, not just in terms of saying I am going for a walk and then getting off your ass to go take that walk, but also in terms of how we manifest our personalities to the world around us. What we put into our lives, our efforts, our beliefs, we get back in kind and so KARMA, the law of spirit, or the intangible, non physical, or mental factors  completes the circle. Three ideas, all essentially saying the same thing that encompasses all three aspects of being, BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. To me this is LOGICAL, BELIEVABLE as a UNIVERSAL TRUTH because it does in fact cover every aspect of being.

Let’s examine the concept of KARMA for just a moment though. I find, that even though it is spiritual in nature it is also logical. I can not begin to tell you how many people I have known, think of it only in terms of punishment for evil deeds, or a sort of spiritual justice system. A practice, I have noticed of those who project their sense of MORALITY on the world around them. I find, that it is simply a matter, not of morality, but of common sense, or PRINCIPLE. Take more than you give, and you will grow, but you will do so in the diminishing of others, as we diminish, NEED without GAIN creates DESPERATION that when combined with our natural instincts to survive forces the desperate to become a threat to the ones they resent for taking so much at their expense. You can be GREEDY and you can live a very fat life in that GREED, but you will make many enemies in the process and you will have weakened yourself in the process as well, because only a fool swings a sledge hammer at the knees of the people whose shoulders they are standing on.

I find that just as we are made up of three aspects, BODY, MIND and SPIRIT, life too is made up of three aspects. INNER SELF, OUTER WORLD and GOD or THE FORCE, or take your pick from one of any number of names given to the highest level of existence. That being we were never supposed to question. Religion is dangerous. because just as God supposedly made us in his image, we often make God in our own. It has always been my belief, that a good teacher appreciates a willing to understand from their students and a good father figure relates enough to the his children to get those lessons across to them in the way each can best understand. Religion is often far too rigid in it’s teachings to provide either. God is right, because NO ONE EVER WANTS TO BE WRONG. What if God really wasn’t all knowing? Would that comfort you, or scare the shit out of you? What if God was like Captain Jack Sparrow and it really is not a matter of having a master plan so much as having the ingenuity to pull from the choices we make and the elements of a situation to make a best case scenario? If that were true then it would explain why we have FREE WILL, but it would also show the importance of trusting ourselves before trusting in God. Simply put: If there is a master plan, the only way to see it come to fruition is to trust our instincts and all that was already given us by nature from birth. We shut off others who do not believe as we do, but what if the very reason we were separated and placed all over the world with different skin tones, and cultural beliefs was so that the open minded seekers of the truth could find the various puzzle pieces of the great mystery in each one, so as to finally put it all together? Would that scare you, or make you understand the path of true progression for all of humanity?

THE FORCE, or The TAO is EVERYTHING. E= MC squared which states that even all physical forms are made of energy. And so we make it up, are a part of it, as is everything. Call it God and we find that we are as much a part of Him as He is of us. Does that idea comfort you, or does it scare the shit out of you, this idea that God relies as much on that which He created as all he created relies on Him. Does it show you the importance of trusting your instincts and the STRENGTH you already have inside of you? BALANCE is KEY.