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Ahh Summertime, June 2014. As you recall I ended May with a false account of relationship status just to get some sorry ass bitches off my back, I took me a trip to Parkersburg for a couple weeks to lay low while I waited for the next step in my legal proceedings. The previous two years had finally caught up with me as I sat, mainly in a daze, from everything I was facing. There was still no way out from under any of it in sight and I started realizing that it really did not matter. I counted the days until my next step in court and when that was finished, I made the choice to return to the streets, true square one. What happened next was brought on from a mixture of depression with the need to occupy my brain in some fashion to stay on track, disgust at the world I left behind when I realized how much of myself I wasted in it, revelation at the things and people I found in my strange new world and fuck it, lets call it, sheer boredom. And so we continue the tale as it carried me into a rather fateful Summer.


June 1st

You all know I was just kidding about selling my soul…right? You know I was JUST kidding about selling my soul to you..RIGHT? You pointy horned bastard.

grin emoticon I felt the need to clarify that, considering that the last 36 hours of my life could have come right out of a fucking movie. A face I’ve not seen in over 18 years, an exact opposite of my ex wife, in that I met her when she was a senior.

So much has changed for both of us in that time, I got crippled by life, she owns a business and her daughter who I only met once when she was a toddler just turned 21 and is going to school in Virginia….Damn, I just made myself feel fucking ancient again.

grin emoticon Lesson to everyone, sometimes that geek, the one your crazy ass meets by standing up to three steroid burdened assholes, might just come back to return the favor one day.

We have a lot of catching up to do, so you won’t be seeing my ass on here for a couple weeks. grin emoticon That’s a good thing, we’re heading to her house in the country side, see where this goes.

Wait….please God tell me it’s not a cabin. Ahhh FUCK!! You know I was just kidding about selling my soul…..RIGHT? Son of a bitch. grin emoticon


RN: Prayers can be answered in many ways Shayne Workman. Will continue to pray for your rising.


June 5th

I won’t say how close I am to the next phase of legal bullshit, but looking back I can honestly say, I am coping better now than I have so far. Maybe there will be light at the end of this abyse after all. At least this part of it, or maybe I’ve just become desensitized to life……Fuck it, if it works


RN: Brother, what did I tell you from the beginning? Oh ye of little faith!!!

Shayne:  I know, I wasn’t ready for my inner stillness to look past the agrevation of the situation, the fact that I’ve had more help against me, rather than for me aided in that. I couldn’t open a fucking bank account without bullshit getting stirred, you’ve seen that.

It takes awhile, but I do come around, because despite what I still face, it’s still better than having the bulk of it all up in my face like I did in the early going.

It’s not important, what I’ve faced, what I still have to. What matters is, I’m STILL STANDING. What matters is after all this time, I’m finally losing all reason to doubt myself. < ( This was either bullshit designed to trick myself to keep dragging my ass forward or a beginning enough phase that it could be called the truth “From a certain point of view.” I still can’t really decide.)

RN: AHO! Brother you are finally seeing the truth. What you have been going through has been a learning lesson for you- in who you REALLY ARE – and who they really are. Know what I mean now? lol


June 6th

If there’s anyone I put in tight spot……sorry about that from a personal stand point, but technically it’s not like I didn’t get thrown under the bus myself, so we can all agree for the last time, tough shit. < ( This was in regards to the theater I use to volunteer for. You see, at that point I was pretty much tossed regardless of any personal effort made to help out, by their president, my ex wife. The next and most prominent example of how the more things change, the more they stayed the same. Not foolishly superstitious, even I had to admit with way things ran it was like there was a sickness that came with that position. Because I refused to be the dirty little secret swept under the rug at this point, I’m sure I added to the already tarnished reputation of the place. My take?………Well the post kind of speaks for itself.)


June 7th


Ugggh nice fucking beginning I’m already changing my mind worse than a woman.

Don’t worry brother, it takes a bit to get back into the swing of things. <( i thought about changing the look of my page up a bit, you know, a morale booster…….Well.) 


JWH: You can do it !!!

Shayne: You can do it all night loooong!!!

JWH: Lol cut his fu…. head off

RN: Failing your way to success is the way mankind has done everything brother Shayne Workman lol- why should you be any different then the rest of us ? ROFL

Shayne:  It was a decorating issue though….damn I had just changed my cover photo 3 times when I caught myself. How mundane is that shit?

RN: OMG!!! You definitely need more woodland time- or at least in the outdoors!!! Keep it up and you’ll be afraid of rooms with mirrors and bright lights !!! ROFL


One week later. My souvenir from my time in the wilds looks like I should have done more passes with the ember on the vertical line.



Lets get cultural for a moment. Every warrior has a diety,this one is mine, she also happens to be my Egyptian astrological symbol and the inspiration for my email keeperofthefates, as one of her main tasks as a warrior goddess was to protect the tablets of fate. Terrifying in one aspect, but nurturing in another she was a patron symbol for physicians with the capacity to heal as much as tear you a new asshole. She defended Ma’at the goddess of justice, fiercely loyal to her own, she detests all evil. Her name is used in many spells of both creation and destruction in the Egyptian book of the dead. She is Sekhmet warrior goddess with the head of the lioness. <(And I say again. What? You don’t think I’m called BIG CAT for no reason, do you? 😀 )




June 8th

DAAAAAAYSSS, every hour on the hour, I have to hear cheap clock version gospel music……Do you think now is good time to mention that I can only handle Amazing Grace when it’s played on the bagpipes?


Alright so I can cope with the legal shit, still have 2 problems and one of those is new. grin emoticon Still have a big issue with that part in the planning process when you have a course of action set but you still have to sit on your hands for timings sake. The new problem I discovered a few days ago, when I realized my time in the outside world has caused a bit of claustrophobia when I’m indoors.

grin emoticon On a brighter note, it’s proof that I’m alive again, the last time I had this issue I was also working two jobs and pulling in good money. That other one I’m just gonna have to push through.

The plan is still the same, only now there is one difference, that being that I will return after someone else’s shit finally blows up in their face, or more people become sensible, I learned my lesson this time, that there is no point for me to be here, without that, or unless I can buy my way back, which ever happens first.


Sentimental moment. Some of you might remember seeing this item in a few pictures over the span of months since I have been on my own.

This is what I have come to call, The First Possession because essentially that is exactly what it was.

It was Valentines Day, my ass got booted out the door with the clothes I was wearing and 32 dollars. I’m trying to think, you know. What the fuck do I do now, I didn’t even have any numbers to reach anyone. But I knew where one lived, it was a gamble, would he be there, fortunately he was, I caught him getting ready to head out. I asked if I could get online real quick because my sister had sent me a message a while back that had my brothers number.

Try to be as unobtrusive as possible, especially when you’re needy. grin emoticon I got my number signed out and was ready to leave, when the the man handed me this little rare golden figure, because as a fan of a little sarcastic shit in red and blue tights, he knew I would appreciate it.

And so this little golden thing became my First Possession after the fall. It has been literally everywhere I have been everyday since. Last week was the only time in that whole time that I even briefly entertained the thought of checking its value as I passed gaming and toy shops, never did it, couldn’t do it. So I sat in an underpass playing Captain Caveman with a piece of slate a rock and a found can of Wolf chilli. (I have a whole new appreciation for pull tab cans believe me.)

Some might think, that was dumb, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna lose even one more thing over this bullshit, I will fucking die first.

The point is, I still have it, as I look to better things, better moments on this path of recovery and it will be there for that too. So you were right LH and it is still in good hands. Thank you for rallying point. < (Have since used that fucker for kindling, but I’ll get to that too eventually.)



I’m pretty sure God Himself would be fucking insulted by the sound of that clock. I swear it deserves the Thor like hammer treatment. Me thinks it’s about to….lose a battery. grin emoticon Heh heh yeah I’m a bastard….sometimes


June 9th

Oh nooooo, they found symbols on the floor under the bed. (Sigh) I remember when these paranormal shows were actually worth a damn, but nooo ever since it became coool with the influx of bullshit investigator reality shows every shit hill with a phone cam is out there right now playing Ghost Facers. < ( Television just isn’t what it use to be. 😀 )


June 10th

I just saw a commercial for Summers Eve that reminded me of when I was 8 years old and accidentally used it as shampoo….it could be tough sometimes growing up a boy living with their mom and older sister < (But sometimes television can still remind you of how things use to be…..:D Fuck you in advance for laughing. shakes head )


Never fear the dark, or what’s in it. Fear what isn’t in it…that’s the emptiness that can swallow you.


June 11th

“I need a holiday, a very long holiday and I don’t expect I shall return, in fact I mean not to.” -Bilbo “The Fellowship of The Ring”


I went on another long walk, while there was much humor and semi rest in that time I spent where no one knew me. I was still restless and stirring and not sure what the fuck to even do with myself. It was all still too much at the time and it needed processed. I would not post again for three days. Only after my court date where upon return I was dropped off in the rain with all of my belongings to walk a soggy path to an old underpass that was part of the main highway until the interstate was built above it. Waiting out the rain I walked on until I found a patch of asphalt to call bed and I would lay that night looking into the light of the full moon, contemplating my next move. That was June 13th.


June 14th

And to think, this used to be a highway, before the world moved on. The word ruins comes to mind.

10455366_689709224428163_4169251936341417044_n 10443430_689709271094825_1893052272312687249_n



It was the beginning, no matter how much it felt like an end. It would encompass a battle with the vain and shallow of my former world, at least one I think has resurfaced both as my troll and a bitch that connected to me just last week on Face Book, more cowardly acts since I bitch slapped them good and proper even before my come back. Some people just don’t want this story told even though, no one the world over will ever really know who these people are, which would prove a later point I would make. It’s not about what others find out, it’s all about what you already know deep down and can’t face that eats you, that’s why some who I honestly forgot about once I kicked them to the curb thought they could come back with any more success than they had the first time I put them in their place. 😀 You might not believe I deserve my rise from the pit, but there still is not a damn thing you can do about it but be a minor annoyance at best. Good luck with that. – Love BIG CAT

Trolls are a part of the game here in blog land apparently, they are most unfortunately unavoidable and can range in shape and size from the angst ridden teenager to those with personal issues of insecurity, all the way to people who might have some real problem with the person they are trolling and feel the need to get back at them. Despite the various shapes and sizes, they all seem to share one thing in common, that being, they are, all of them, cowards who hide behind the mask of FALSE IDENTITY. None are more hilarious in my mind however than the ones who try to take the stand of a moral high ground when attacking their STALKED prey.  😀 This post deals with a back and forth battle I have recently had on here and while you can go to the various posts in order to get the full course of what transpired, I will make it easy and put it all right here in this post. Now this is not an invite, and this person, like I stated will no longer be allowed through, I just felt compelled, since it all happened in the first place, to give everyone a first hand look at the pit falls of coward mentality. Because I can. Because this is my world here at this domain and that gives me home field advantage. Most of all, my loyal readers with all of my own angst getting spilled all over this page, I felt you deserved the benefit of a good laugh like I had at someone who thought that theirs was any less pathetic.

I still don’t know for certain the exact size and shape of this person and frankly don’t need to. I know enough to know that they are either a depraved child, or a ghost of one of the many I have pissed off by not holding back the truth or dying off like I was expected to back when these people believed they had the upper hand. One thing however is certain, that being a simple truth. People who HIDE behind fake identities actually believe they have something worth protecting by doing so. Maybe it’s his or her ass because they know they are out to piss someone off. Maybe it’s a political position that could be jeopardized by people seeing the truth behind their lies. Maybe it’s because they have a reputation as a cheap 5th rate performer and like the political position, that too could be jeopardized should anyone find out the truth about how they really are. Whatever the reason, please allow me to reiterate a simple truth. That picture you see tied to the blog account, that’s me in April of 2013, my name is SHAYNE A WORKMAN and I approve this message. 😀


Jesse <(They claimed….The first time) 10/29/14 6:43pm

You sound like a bitch. < ( And that was it, THAT was the grande statement that they bothered to put up.)


Shayne <(Me, always has been.) 10/29/14 8:18pm

…. :D Give me a second, I’m too busy laughing….. One more…. (Ahem) I’m sorry was it the words or the figures that was too damn big for you grasp. I say what I say, I even have a Picture cause I don’t give a fuck who knows it. Common sense dictates that I while I may sound like a bitch, the only one visible is the FACELESS LITTLE PUSSY SPRAYING SHIT AT RANDOM CAUSE YOU’RE BORED JACKIN OFF TO PICTURES OF GIRLS TOO HOT FOR YOU TO HANG WITH. If that tired ass “you sound like a bitch.” line is the best you can muster, suck it up princess, buy you another box of tissues, and go back to gawking at girls faking orgasms. < (I figured what the Hell, a cheap comment may not merit a response, but then what would it hurt to throw one out just for the humor of it, I doubted at the time they would even come back anyway making their ONE ingenious comment.)


R U SERIOUS? <(The second time around, Checking later on I would find that the IP Address matched Little Jesse’s Now whether it is genuine in terms of location or as pussies like to often use for these things a proxy server I do not know.) 11/17/14 6:21am

What is this load of shit?

Are you retarded?


Shayne 11/17/14 9:49am

I’ll just tag you on the SECOND POST that you read, you know, after deciding you ALREADY hated it after reading the first. :D Yeah I’M RETARDED.


R U SERIOUS? 11/17/14 6:23am

Yeah you are definitely retarded.


Shayne 11/17/14 9:47am

I guess my response to yet another gutless,faceless sprayer of shit who gets mad when they read things that are over their heads, would have to be in the form of a question: As retarded as the person who read a second entry AFTER having a problem with the first they read? :D Yeah genius THINK before you hate on me, all you did was prove you’re just another one who got bored looking at pictures of naked chicks that are too HOT for ya. Ahh that damn little boy angst, it might be cute if it wasn’t pathetically sad. but thanks for upping my numbers anyway. :D  <(I don’t mind what some might consider constructive criticism, but I fucking hate stupid people, not ignorant, not handicapped, I’m talking people who are outright stupid by choice. The kind I consider anyone who fucks with me after I give them every chance in the world to turn back for instance.)


Jesse 12/24/14 5:18am


You are such a fucking tool. <(There is that same “I can’t come up with a damn thing even though I have read your personal shit and have all kinds of ammo to come back at you with” mentality AGAIN, but that’s about to change, as I twist the knife a little differently with my next response. 😀 )


Shayne 12/24/15 5:55am

:D The first faceless pussy returns, I suppose I should take it easy on you, since you know, you are helping me up my numbers here and all, which is funny since you seem to have some sort of fucking problem with me. LOL Let me guess your daddy beat your ass for being honest about yourself instead of being a prick like everyone else? Maybe mommy didn’t love you enough to stop him huh? NAH I tell you what I think, I think that box of Jizz wipes ran out again and came knocking on my door since you seem to love me so much. You do swing that way….right? You seem the type, or maybe it’s just that you never grew past the grade school mentality of being mean to the person you actually want to fuck and don’t know it yet. Anyway, thanks again for the assist with my numbers and all, I guess I’ll be seeing you the next time you get bored whacking off.




Hey “Big Cat” I guess that means you are a big fucking pussy! Because only a scared, backward, fucked up little twat pretend to actually have balls. What do I mean by that? Well you want to talk shit, and call out “someone” commenting on your article, but yet you moderate your replies. Are you afraid for people to see the real truth behind your disgusting twisted words?

You are a joke, and not the funny kind. The sad kind. Your failure to launch has caught up with you, and now you are stuck on the landing pad with a pencil in one hand and your other one busy with your thumb in your ass.

You whine and complain about the system, and about society, and do nothing about it but exist. You will never better yourself, because you are not capable of it. Whatever little life skills you possess can be counted on a couple fingers, and face it, if it weren’t for the kindess of strangers, or your family swallowing their own vomit to let you stay with them, or “the system” which has been so cruel to you, giving you a place to sleep, you would still be laying in the ditch under a bridge where your wife dumped you.

There are millions of other bums like you – who feel entitled or like they are owed something. Let me tell you bitch boy, there aint no one that owes you shit. You play the role of a victim, and that’s because you wrote yourself as one long ago.

So come on you old useless fuck, stop being a coward and take the moderation off your comments. <(I think I rubbed the troll in a sore spot wouldn’t you agree? :D)



And I was beginning to think you had a limited vocabulary, good for you little boy must have hit you pretty close when I said your daddy beat you for for being honest about yourself instead of a prick like everyone else. As for moderation, let me explain something to you in a fashion even a fucking half wit who wants to claim someone else whines when you are the one LOOKING FAR AND WIDE across the internet for things to cry about yourself, in order to feel important can understand. If you actually looked at any of my responses which I doubt a real pussy like you even bothers doing, trolls just like to spit shit and hide under fake names like R U Serious? which you did after the first time I bitch slapped you for coming here with your tired limited retardation, Yeah same IP Address, a Michigan boy huh? That is if you aren’t hiding on a proxy as fake as you yourself, you would see that everything you have written to here has been approved by me as will this be. You see it’s not the trolls I keep out, it’s the spammers, THEY are bad for business, you are just entertainment. A joke that is attracted to shit you don’t like while ignoring every other LITTLE DETAIL, like the fact that I have LET ALL YOUR COMMENTS THROUGH UNTOUCHED, IN ALL OF THEIR PATHETIC NON THOUGHT, ONE LINER GLORY. That’s why you KEEP COMING BACK, and helping me with my numbers and again I thank you for that, at least your stupidity works to my advantage. :DYour argument however is not without merit, like I said, DAMN PROUD OF YOU LITTLE BOY, you finally took the gloves off. I did indeed fuck myself into a corner long ago, and that is why this little hit I took was able to do the damage it did. I’m NOT ENTITLED TO SHIT, the system, well I doubt anyone like you bothers to actually look up facts, but uh OUR WHOLE FUCKING GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN JUST LAST YEAR, Because Dicks in suits who can NEVER be wrong COULD NOT PULL THEIR OWN heads out of asses, I see by your lack of following or commenting on ANY of the posts where I actually point out taking responsibility for my own position, that you can relate to just such TWATS, You want to matter so much,I GUESS MOMMY REALLY DIDN’T LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO KEEP DADDY FROM BEATING YOU FOR BEING HONEST ABOUT YOURSELF AND NOT PRICK, so you zero in on what ever makes you think you can be righteous about, ignoring everything else and PROVING YOU ARE STILL JUST AS RETARDED AND PUSSIFIED AS YOUR PREVIOUS ONE LINE COMMENTS. Valiant effort really, I never would have thought you had it in you, STILL, Try harder next time FAGGOT, I STILL PUT MY REAL FACE AND NAME TO MY WORDS, CAN YOU? Little Miss R U SERIOUS? LOL <( Because once I have them….. :D)



Submitted on 2014/12/28 at 3:06 AM

Awww the poor little delicate flower got stepped on. Grow up bitch, grow some balls, get a real job, make something of yourself and stop blaming shitty circumstances for a shitty life. Stop being a bitch. Stop trying to imitate others. Learn to English also, that would help.

I really hope you are on medication, big pussy, or do you even read over the things that you write? Stop relaying your mommy daddy issues on others, seek counseling, I hear they have it for free at the shelters. I am sure you are good at finding those now.

Me personally, I have worked since I was 16 years old. Everything in my life I have earned, and I worked my ass off for. My parents loved me, I’m sorry yours didn’t. So when I see some whining little middle aged bitch complaining about how the whole world just shits on them, and now they are an angry homeless hero, kinda makes me sick. You sir, are the purest definition of White Trash.

I like how a critical opinion sets you off so easily. You don’t like being judged do you? For someone to not treat you like the special psychotic flower you portray yourself to be. I do apologize if this is hard for you to read, without periodic lettering in caps. But I guess if it makes you feel better as a “writer”, and it works for you, that’s cool. But well written words don’t need to be capitalized to get the point across. You are kind of pointing out the obvious, which shows how amateur your writing really is, well it helps, since your lack of understanding when it comes to simple grammatical and sentence structure already points that out.

Have a wonderful evening, I look forward to reading whatever comical self-important rant that comes next. By the way, you are welcome for the numbers. I always did like being charitable to the less fortunate and ill-equipped. <(Notice how suddenly, they try to prove some form of hidden intelligence, if only to save face after having their initial onslaught, bashed for what it really was, a lack of the very intelligence that they are now back peddling to rectify. Too little, too late is a phrase that comes to mind here.)



:D And again I let you through, If I feared being judged so much, I would just delete your shit and act like you don’t exist. Again I put a face and name to my shit, I notice you addressed nothing of your own fucking show of cowardice, yeah that goes back to that whole being honest about yourself thing I mentioned. I even said how proud I was of you for finally having enough balls or brains to actually think about your response this time. Still again, I notice too, it takes a self important twat to smell one, you’re still so fucking quick to spout shit like you’re something special, without paying attention to the details. I make you sick, so you come here. Really, the joke who there is a million of in this world, and you are just such a sparkling light on Earth to choose one to hound like a little bitch. As for you actually thinking that you are setting me off, Hell I thought this was debate since you bothered to let me know what you really thought, all I did was point out your issues too, like the half-wit one liners, the going through all the trouble to come up with some fake shit name after the first time I responded to your one liner. Lets face it we, as in you and I are nothing to each other but amusement, and I goaded you into your own little rant by calling you out, because I just love how easy it is to jerk the chain of self important fucks just like me. :D I have a real job too, two of them in point of fact, I couldn’t afford my equipment for this otherwise.That too is a little way of pointing out that, what I have put down so far is already history. You know yesterday in layman’s terms. Still can’t grasp it, because like most impetuous little shits like you, are too damn quick to think you are something worth getting worked up about. Son the difference between you and I, is simply this, I’m the one writing the blog, you are just the little bitch popping in occasionally to comment, thus following my lead and you are only allowed to have your say, by my good graces. That’s the extent of your value here. As always I love hearing from fans, which you clearly seem to be enough of one to keep coming back. You have a wonderful evening yourself there, my kitten, you’ve made yourself as much a part of my pride as the rest of my repeat visitors. LOL   <( Now that I bitch slapped them into really coming out like they are something relevant to the world, notice I start off by poking holes in that very last ditch show of intelligence before once again moving to solidify the point I was making about how only a fucking dumb ass keeps coming back to something they hate, especially when doing so is a matter of lowering themselves to following the leader, you know, the one who is a joke, and the purest form of white trash? All while claiming a moral high ground. :D)



Like I said, I like helping out charity cases!

By the way, I see you took extra effort on your grammar. Kudos, you can teach old dog new tricks. <( The equivalent of “I’m not stupid, I’m not……..really I’m not. Here let me give you credit for something in a fashion that can allow me to save face while not invoking your further response.” Or as I like to call it, waving the white flag.)



……. :D If that’s what you have to tell yourself to feel better when you look in the mirror mate, more power to you. Fear not though, keep adding to my numbers and you will actually be more right than even your smart ass could ever know. Oh I did figure you were right by the way. Far be it from a writer to allow their “to English” suck as you so eloquently wrote it. Teaching an old dog new tricks was the foundation of writing this in the first place, glad to see you finally catching on. All that said your entertainment value is up, I let you say your piece and it sounded like the same tired shit that most people who can’t think five minutes in front of their face would say. You see, if you bothered to read you might have actually got that, what happened to me, Hell that’s nothing, that’s just symptomatic of the real issues that are being bitched about. I will take a moment here to use Socratic formula just to make it easy to grasp. If a woman runs to the law for petty vindictive reasons, then it makes sense that it would damage the credibility of a real victim that might actually need that help. That sir is the kind of fucking person who makes me sick. If all it takes in the eyes of the law is titties and teardrops to constitute a victim, then you make it easy for petty, vindictive bitches to use the law in much the same fashion as property thieves used it in the days of the Salem witch trials and that kind of proves that for all of our so called progress over the centuries, we haven’t changed a damn bit where it counts. That makes me sick. If people like, well you for instance, keep living in a bubble where they have to make up lame ass excuses to try to justify doing things like making fake names and trying to get under peoples skin who they in turn call pussies for not hiding behind such shit, then there is reason to believe that there isn’t much of a future when nothing can fixed for a bunch of dumb asses inability to own up to the truth of their own shit. :D You keep reading champ, if it entertains you, fuck it, it’s all good, but your fifteen minutes of fame on here is up and you can cry all you want to over that. Facts are facts and the fact of the matter is, I don’t have to answer to you, you can do nothing to stop me, but I have not seen enough intelligence out of you despite trying my damnedest to see fit letting your tired shit through any more. Bottom line, that is power I have here, the day I waste my time coming to anything you do, then you can say the same to me until that unlikely time little boy stew in your frustrations that you had a shot to sound smart and failed miserably. <( The nail in the coffin. Once weakened, then I blow away their argument while continuing to strengthen my own by pointing out that I allowed it and it wasn’t good enough.)



Too Long, Didn’t Read. <( This is it folks, the last thing the troll wrote after the waving of the flag and it’s where the bully realizing they have been out matched, out classed and out smarted in every way, collapses in a pool of their own tears in what I call, the last stage of asshole denial, where they have the equivalent of a four year old break down and flop in the floor with their fingers in their ears going LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA…..LA :D)


There it was in it’s entirety, in one place folks and I could have let it all go, God knows I have enough on my plate keeping me busy, but first off, I’m an asshole too, just a better kind. 😀 Secondly, if it was going to happen in the first place, why not make a lesson of it on handling bullies? I do call this the unspoken ethic for a reason. Unfortunately people like this are everywhere in life and unlike this particular occurrence, you are not always in a position to, or have the luxury of, ignoring the dumb asses you encounter. Unless you are dealing with one in particular you don’t always get to see what makes them up as people, so you may find yourself letting what they do have greater impact than it should. In my experience they are not much different than the one you see above, they are as I have said, all of them, cowards at heart and more often then not, they will cave at the first real sign of opposition. Even when it does not appear like they are. Some may have a better skill set or ranking  than others, but the base line principle is the same, they cave when they are not certain of victory. Read it and laugh boys and girls, for if Jesse here is not completely full of shit I’m sure he would be flattered to be used as an example of why you have nothing to worry about when you are targeted by stupid people, as long as you keep your wits about you and your head held high. Some of them may not just go away, like my ex wife. Just know that as long as you keep your wits about you, even the skilled ones have nothing that can really touch you. This is why, despite everything that had put me on the ropes for over a year, this last time she tried dragging me into court for some stupid bullshit on 12/09/14 The judge all but laughed her stupid ass out of the court room and I left with a major victory under my belt. This is also an example of what I do to those who try to fuck with me, I give them what they think they want and then make them wish they had been more careful of what they wished for.  I couldn’t let it go, after all that loyal reading I figured they deserved better than just a comment, so this is for you.  ?”Jesse”? Once again in closing, I am your joking, psychotic flower, whose real name is SHAYNE A WORKMAN Otherwise known as BIG CAT and I approve this fucking message.












I was half joking when I came up with the name for the little tid bits of wisdom that I was picking up along my journey. A little comic relief to help poke fun at my own position in life as I was coming up with them. These, in their own right became the founding principles that I would relate to myself in order to up hold them. There was 10 in all spanning from April 1st 2014 to September 2nd 2014. They are as follows.


New Ghetto Proverb #1
Don’t have the problem with what I relate to, have the problem with the reason I relate to it.

New Ghetto Proverb #2
How you face your end is a CHOICE that no one can take from you.

New Ghetto Proverb #3
Only a damn fool beats a dead horse until it’s heart starts again.

New Ghetto Proverb #4
All anyone really has to worry about is their own stupidity and the PARANOIA of others.

New Ghetto Proverb #5
There is no greater weapon than the TRUTH, and no bigger pain in the ass than the ONE with the balls to wield it.

New Ghetto Proverb #6
There is nothing worthwhile that does not require AUDACITY, and no AUDACITY that does not pay the price of being looked down on by those who know only how to reap the benefits of a price already paid by another.

New Ghetto Proverb #7
Never FEAR getting mauled, just because SOME wish to see Tigers, where there are only Kittens.

New Ghetto Proverb #8
The TRUTH is all the MAGIC anyone needs to move mountains.

New Ghetto Proverb # 9
Limited vision will be the death of us all. No matter what the limit of vision is.

New Ghetto Proverb #10.
Cherish each day you have for exactly what it is, ONE more opportunity to make a CHOICE to do something worthwhile. WITHOUT that everyday is nothing but the passing of time.