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To the sorry bitch who actually thinks that feminism is the proper guise for allowing everyone who bullied you into becoming just like them.


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Sorry Domina, only a fool thinks that she can tame a beast using the very tactics that created him in the first damn place.

How does the spiritually advanced know the frailty and flaw of the physical form? How does a title perceived only in the physical world hold any weight when providence and fate decide the setting of the stage that determines the individuals value? ¬†A king is a king in a palace, but on the streets the vagabond who knows how to survive would have the advantage over royalty. Just know this little girl, one who is spiritually advanced feels no need to lie to cover their asses for the frailty of their physical form, and you were the first to lie, to create a phantom, that needed interpretation based solely on what little was provided. The spiritually advanced has no issue explaining how little they fit with this world, rather than place their own judgement through actions meant to confuse one into acting in a manner that would justify those judgments. If you are trying to tell me that all the shit you have faced has made you so spiritually advanced that you don’t recognize how flawed you are it and that is why you choose to not use words or have anything the resembles a real interaction with someone, it may be time to reevaluate the notion that using the words of another can do anything to justify your bullshit. You hide not because you are spiritually advanced because a spirit does not need to mask themselves and their true intent. What IS, IS and needs no fake identities. You hide because you are a fucking coward, plain and simple, that is truth behind your lies. I AM, a fighter, a lover, an asshole, a helping hand when needed, a person who knows fear and anger and sorrow and happiness, and faith in myself and beyond and I AM as all of these things Shayne Workman and I have no such need to hide anything that I AM. Check yourself girl before you go trying to convince me that we are anything to one another other than you a pest to me and I a source of entertainment to you and your scarred up perception of the really real world that you hide from behind your little characters.

The one day special of My short story on 3/17/15 is going to be the first of a new push here on The Unspoken Ethic, a push that will see more news of my future writing, a return to the narrative that began this blog, a possible return to the world of acting for me, More guest writing, a price list for advertising that will fund my non profit organization that I have been laying out for a few months now in between everything else and coming sooner than all of that we will be adding Polls to the blog I will be periodically putting up questions on varying topics and seeing how the thousands of my readers from all over the world views certain ethical arguments and writing a post explaining my views on it and why. The first topic we will cover will involve the concept of titty shows with kid themes.  Because I never do anything half way. LOL Keep reading folks I got a lot more on the way. РLove BIG CAT