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Hi guys, I have been told in a couple comments in reviews that because of the language and because this has been a story told from more of a personal stand point that the name The Unspoken Ethic holds no real relevance to the content. First off I don’t believe in the concept of profanity, words are words. Now I’m not going to just go into like a church or some place where people don’t generally speak that language screaming FUCK THE WORLD anymore than I would walk through the streets of Guatemala speaking only English. That said, this is my world here, even though I get that I live in a country where if someone overheard me say that I was going to go smoke a fag, even as I was going off for my cigarette break, well I could suddenly be in hot water with the law all over again for making “threatening” statements in what would then be a hate crime. Isn’t it intent anyway that determines the meaning of the word? Take FUCK for instance, now that can be used in an insult, but it can also be used to express surprise, or humorous joy. When it comes to it, Fuck is a very versatile word. Don’t tell that to the substitute word users though, because apparently they believe that saying Oh FUDGE in place of FUCK really changes the context in which it is used, but then isn’t that how the future of “profanity” is formed? Isn’t that why I could get in trouble for saying that I’m going to go smoke a fag? Isn’t that why  blow means suck in sexual terms? Words are words, get over it, and don’t give me the whole, you sound so uneducated bullshit, you pompous ass windbags, because I could sit and take the time to explain to you about how the fecal matter is mere millimeters from striking the pivot jointed, rotating, oscillator, but chances are I’m just going to tell you the shit’s about to hit the fan. The Unspoken Ethic is about tearing down the bullshit barriers that  do not make any fucking sense by shedding light on the the basis for these ideals we hold so dear and bringing them into question. Especially because we are taught not to think about them, or determine if they in fact make any damn sense or serve any real purpose to people as a whole. So I would say that what I write here does indeed hold relevance to the name, because even when we know something to be true we keep our fucking mouths shut just to keep from rocking the boat and painting that target on our backs.

My story may be from a personal perspective, that does not change that it was written because I refused to do what everyone is EXPECTED to do and just go quietly into the night another silent casualty of the ignorance of people. I was born of controversy but the good thing about that is, it has allowed me to incorporate my insanity into what I am doing to get ahead, so unlike most who find themselves constrained by the bullshit politics of their little paper worlds, I don’t have to hide, and many times have those who thought they were hot shit had their asses handed to them because they thought their position changed anything where handling me was concerned. You might be the hot shot baseball player, or queen of the four grand budget indy horror flick world, but this is ideological pit fighting you fucks and the rules are different here.

In the coming days you will see more of a change in direction here though, I intend to finish my narrative of last year, but more and more will I start tackling other issues and ideologies head on. I am sure many out there will not like everything I have to say, I respect your right to have a different view and the intestinal fortitude it would take to bring it to my world and challenge me head on, but know I will fucking lay your ideas to waste and show you for a fool if you don’t bring your A- game. 😀 – Love BIG CAT

I know I said I was taking a break, but I’ve been reading about the earthquake in Nepal here lately, and just now I read that the death toll is expected to hit 10,000. I’ll be honest here, I don’t know for sure what I was expecting when I started this blog, but last year when it first started hitting me that I wasn’t just being read here in the U.S. but in 56 countries world wide, I was shocked. That number has went from 56 to 71 countries in just the last few months and it still never ceases to amaze me that something I said or wrote reached people so far away, I know this to be true because over the past few days when I pulled everything down I noticed I was still getting views without them being referred by any other sites or search engines and most of those were from countries other than my own. Now something else has shocked me, because it means that I am finally opening my eyes to a much larger picture. when I read about the death toll, I found myself wondering if any of them had been people who read what I have said here, I wondered if some of the people who are still looking for loved ones are anyone who has made a connection here with what I’ve wrote. That’s when I decided to put this up, because I want the world to know that it is starting to open my eyes beyond my own little world here. And I want the people of the world and especially those who are suffering from this tragedy to know, that I’m thinking of them and I am hoping for the best for their sake. My heart goes out to the people of Nepal in their time of pain. – Love BIG CAT



It really is a beautiful place.


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This is pulled directly from posts on my Writers page on Face Book. I figured that I have promoted all these stories that I have written in the same series with different genres yet I have not really explained the purpose behind this or how they fit together, until now. Oh and if you like what read on this and want to get updates that I don’t post here, swing by and give the page a like at   Now on with the entry. 😀



Jordan Davis was a skeptic who thought he knew it all, but he is about to discover that something evil lurks in the dark corners of a realm he never believed in. Trapped in a place where nightmares and reality intertwine, Jordan must find his way back to the waking world before his family falls prey to a malevolent Trickster. This modern day horror fable full of twisted irony is sure to leave you wondering just what is hiding in that place beyond all dreams? Just as Jordan Davis finds that it isn’t what can’t be proven, but rather what can’t be dis-proven that can get you when you let your guard down.

The first published story in the Spirit Realm series was written with a few things in mind. First I wanted to introduce what would be a recurring creature in the series with style, by showing you just how much of a threat it could really be. The reason I chose self publication was because a publishing company would not generally put out something that is just too hard to promote because it has no genre that really defines it. I know that while this story was a horror story that some of the other stories that the trickster appears in would not be. I had no wish to get pigeon holed into the horror genre because of this one story. Take a classic like “The Lord of The Rings novels, because it was an epic adventure tale it could only hint and suggest just how terrifying the Nazgul was. Choosing this path allowed me to show a gruesome demonic presence in it’s prime element so that in the next story when you see a pack of them chasing a twelve year old boy even though that story does not go into the same graphic detail, readers familiar with this creature can still have an Oh Shit! moment and it allows me to add that horror element without having to go into the same graphic territory. Also nothing scares the Hell out of people like the unknown, But how can it be unknown when it is as in your face as it is written in this story? The answer to that is in the concept itself, skeptics can look at this story and say yeah that’s ridiculous, but can you really say that? When you think of all the surprise suicides and murders, and when you think about the fact that it is a concept that can not really be proven false, because if a person faces a situation like the one in the story and they snap out of it, well that was just the most realistic and frightening nightmare they ever had, but if they don’t………. Well take that in consideration the next time you hear of someone dying “peacefully” in their sleep. That is the real power of the horror element in this tale, it’s the What if factor.

It is available now on however when the next story is released, the novella “The Druids Son: A Historical Fable Of The Spirit Realm” on 5/5/15 I am hoping that I can get it formatted to fit the requirements for availability on Barnes and Noble, as well as Apples IStore for Ipads and such and when the day comes that I get my actual website up it will become available there as well.


The Journey To The River


When twelve year old Todd Grayson is left in grave condition after an accident, he finds himself trapped in a strange and dangerous world. Now Casey his Spirit Guide/Guardian must help him find a way to The Great River to continue the life cycle or lose him to the evil forces that lurk below the surface of the waking world.

Bonus story: Last Night On Earth – A young man acts on a plan to commit suicide in the middle of a secluded forest, only to find there is more to this world than he realized.

Some of you may remember “Last Night On Earth” as the one post story that I put on this page, way back in October of last year. I wrote that while I was laying out “The Journey to The River: An Adventure Fable Of The Spirit Realm” and so I was already laying the groundwork for some of the concepts that were introduced with “Journey” The Great River and it’s function is mentioned to the protagonist Kevin by the Elves who we later are recognized as Nature Spirits or Spirits that have a direct link with the Spirit Realm, but were in fact created by the life energy of the Earth itself. Again huge LOTR fan, I love Elves and I really wanted them for the Spirit Realm series. My Elves are very similar to Tolkiens Elves in a lot of ways. They too, left the world of man when humans in their fear and ignorance began viewing them as oppressive overlords when they in fact were only trying to help us develop, and so they, like Tolkiens Elves harbor a sadness for the break in that connection. In the modern world they get very few human visitors and so they cherish every connection they acquire. We find they even planted the seeds of belief in them through the fictional tales we read and hear in hopes that one day people would come to believe in them again and accept them back. They are real good at planting seeds in peoples minds and in both “Last Night” and “Journey” we see how they use this to aid people, they are themselves lost in a way and so they view themselves as keepers of that which is lost.

“The Journey To The River:An Adventure Fable Of The Spirit Realm” was written with a question many of us have asked in mind. What about people whose bodies are being kept alive through machines in hospitals, I can think of few things that really make people wonder about the existence of the soul more so than this concept. Are they just meat? Is anything left of who they were? And if there is anything is it trapped or has it already moved on? The fact that the Protagonist is a child was not only meant to make exploring this concept a little more poignant, it also played better with how the relationship between Todd and his spirit guide Casey develops. It really is sort of a buddy adventure tale set against the back drop of a tragic situation. The Tricksters return to the series again as the main threat, but like I said before if you read the HORROR story that featured the being, then it added to the fright factor they represented without me having to go into the same graphic detail in a story that it really would not have fit that well. I have said that Stephen Kings Dark Tower series has been a huge inspiration to the Spirit Realm stories and it’s influence really is shown more in how I am tying all of these stories together in one world, I can have the “Adventure” story that happens to have creatures from my “Horror” stories and to me that builds a depth to this world I am writing and makes it more tangible, more real. It’s a world where Horrifying shit wanders about, but so does good things, things that care and are helpful, Bad shit happens to good people, but even though it does, there is a sense of a grand scheme to things and even the worst situation can open a persons eyes to understanding and hope. Some people are lucky, some people shit out of luck and often times whether any of us realize it or not our own choices do tend to play a factor maybe even more so than spiritual influence most of the time. We have free will for a reason.

“The Journey To The River: An Adventure Fable Of The Spirit Realm” is available now on Like “The Trickster: A Horror Fable Of The Spirit Realm” it too is currently in the process of making sure the formatting is suitable to be able to have it offered on other sites as well.








When the Druid Cathasach and Lady Adaryn are summoned to aid a small village, they fall prey to the fear and ambition of a local councilman. Wrongfully accused of murder, Lady Adaryn must flee from the villagers with Cathasachs help. Now the Orders to which they belong, having to choose between exciting the growing misgivings the common folk have towards their kind or hunt their own, have sent agents to help find them. The two find comfort in a forbidden union to one another as they stand against the hatred of the people and the wrath of their own, but they are not alone, for the goddess Nantosuelta and her mate Sucellus have set the stage to ensure the continued existence of the magic users in a world that would seek to wipe them out and humanities connection to the Spirit Realm with them.

“The Druids Son: A Historical Fable Of The Spirit Realm” marks the arrival of many firsts in the series. It is the longest of all the stories to date breaching short story length into novella territory. It also introduces, for the first time ever, the human magic users of old and many new types of Nature Spirits to join the Elves. The first time that the primary threat to the main characters are not spirits or demons at all but rather humans. The first time we meet one of the old gods and the birth of the Twin Flames. The Twin Flame in the Spirit Realm series is the combination of Spirit Guide and Soul that are born at the same time, The Spirit Guide keeps watch over the soul throughout however many lifetimes until the incarnation of that soul is born that makes contact with the spirit guide and from there the connection between the two sparks the flame within both and together they start unlocking their full potential. This is what you know, now for the behind the scenes stuff that most of you are not aware of. In August of last year I was facing a trial for a bulllshit felony charge, having already dealt with divorce and homelessness while in the process of most of the legal proceedings I was on the verge of folding. It was during this time that I started reflecting more and more on my life up to that point and as a way of dealing with it I started writing a story in chapters. It was a story that incorporated many actual events from my life, about me and my spirit guide the Raven Natasha. This story was like self help to put things from my life into perspective, but this story became the basis for the entire Spirit Realm series and the base line for the full length novel to be released on 11/30/15 now titled “The Tale Of The Twin Flames: My Experiences In The Spirit Realm” I went from being someone who squandered most of their time to someone who actually finishes what they start. In truth the closer I get to putting all of it behind me I started feeling compelled to go back to the story, but I did not want to just do a short story that would come after or have to be thrown in the middle of the novel so using another source of inspiration Yu-Gi-Oh! Yeah I’m a geek through and through, I’m also an asshole and as such I am a huge Seto Kaiba fan. The story line from the shows final season Dawn Of The Duel where Kaiba learns about his former life as an Egyptian Priest and how his connection to his trademark Blue Eyes White Dragon began, spawned the idea of giving “The Tale Of The Twin Flames” a historical beginning. No I am not saying I was a Druid in my first life, I do have a lot of Celtic heritage in my family , particularly on my mothers side and I got the idea to set the story around 500 B.C. in the British Isles. and like I said it covers the BIRTH of the twin flames. I will say no more than that so as not to spoil the whole damn story, just give you an idea that it really is more of a love story than anything and if you read the opening that I put up on my blog as a preview and wondered if it was a coincidence that the Druid Cathasachs Spirit Guide, Nuallan is a blue eyed dragon, it isn’t. I like to pay my respects and give little nods of gratitude to the things that keep the gears in my own head turning to keep coming up with these stories. If this tale has a moral it is simply what love must endure for the sake of keeping those connections we cherish from slipping from us, set in the back drop of the question, is it more important to be Religious and rigidly set in your ways or Spiritual and more open to changes for the sake of adapting as the world around you becomes something you no longer recognize.

“The Druids Son: A Historical Fable Of The Spirit Realm” Will be Available on multiple sites for multiple devices on May Day 5/5/15