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ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! This is the one you have been waiting for and the time to give it to you is RIGHT NOW. At over 200 pages into the final draft, I can now tell you beyond doubt that the official release date for it is now August 31st 2015. Good now lets finish this bastard and go Home. 😀 Oh and more announcements pertaining to it and it’s cause will be released the closer we get to the date. This will include details on The Blue Purity Fund and all the places it will be available for download.  – Love BIG CAT




The BIG CAT is back folks, with an all new battle to carry forth. This one I have hinted at repeatedly, and in my heart it has been burning for some time, but I held back. I held back for as long as I could, but I have seen and heard far too much from dumb asses and I just can’t sit back and let this shit slide anymore without giving my definitive point of view on the topic. I look like a sexist, I know, I have said things that might suggest I am, but the truth is I NEVER had a problem with women, only stupid ass little girls who try to play at being real women and now I intend to give you what I see as the difference between the two. And no I’m not the kind of guy who thinks a real woman is the one whose place is in the kitchen or any of that ignorant shit, The TRUTH of the matter is, there are no principles that determine what a real woman is, just as there are no principles that determine what a real man is, there are only principles that determine what a REAL HUMAN BEING is. So right off the bat let me state this because the real women who would read this have the sense to know that I am leading this charge with a cry of EQUALITY, and that is something a REAL WOMAN can respect.

FEMINISM: Okay, yeah I know some will get rubbed the wrong way with this one, but then when I have something to say I never seem to give a fuck about that so….. Once upon a time a “flaming fag” was a campfire or the cigarette you are smoking depending on where you come from. It is safe to say that definitions change with time and loud mouth motherfuckers who wave a banner or LABEL of any sort. I feel for the ladies who fight for rights and really do care about EQUALITY getting lumped in with the rest and more vocal half wit man eater crowd, I do. The thing is the LABEL of FEMINISM can be applied to any female with a reason to have felt oppressed or put down, or looked over, even when that leads to them carrying their argument with that particular chip on their shoulder. So the argument of what a real FEMINIST is ladies, I’m afraid can not exonerate you by defining what you personally stand for because the others technically have every right to wave a banner that encompasses their reasoning for feeling the way they do. You see that is the curse of LABELS, no matter how noble the intent behind their origins may be. Your only options now are to go the route religion took and add a new label defining the TYPE of FEMINIST you are, by creating your own denomination or begin taking the power away from that LABEL by dropping it altogether. And the argument about it does not stop there. Have you ever wondered why it is that when you fight for the basic rights you deserve here it is called WOMEN’S RIGHTS, but say Hilary Clinton goes overseas to some third world country during it’s elections to be an advocate for women to vote, because lets face it every citizen deserves the basic right to have a say in who makes the bigger decisions for a society as a whole, but when this happens somewhere else it is called HUMAN RIGHTS. You preach EQUALITY when I ask you which term defines EQUALITY best? FEMINISM as a term in itself is GENDER BIAS, it stands to separate the genders by drawing attention to a particular set of problems, yet it does so from the female perspective. As such it inadvertently or on purpose depending on the person fighting the battle SEGREGATES women fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS. The problem then, now lies in a reminder of words spoken by a man many years ago who fought for the same thing on a different front. You may remember these words “I HAD A DREAM”……. Feel me now? Segregation, even self induced, NEVER led to anyone being EQUAL, and we here in America should have learned that lesson in the 60’s and 70’s. I believe in much of what you fight for ladies, but I also see the pitfalls that you dig for yourselves that are doing as much to hold you back as anything a man or a woman could say or do to down play your struggle. As someone who has been homeless and pushed to the brink in life myself believe me, I get the need to find ways to empower yourself, hence BIG CAT. Just know where the line needs to be drawn, it’s hard to move towards real progress when you say. ” I AM A WOMAN, I am going to CELEBRATE being a WOMAN” When being a woman is the very thing you would have everyone look past in order to see you as the same as everyone else.


Okay, ladies I hope you understand where I am coming from so far, I hope, because now I’m about to set the other halfs asses on fucking fire. Little Misses “The Independence of The BITCH.” You really think that earns you RESPECT? HA HA Let me tell you something EQUALITY is a door that swings BOTH WAYS. If you are a decent hardworking person, I will treat you with the RESPECT and kindness you DESERVE. If you are a BITCH, Know that in my eyes a BITCH is just another SORRY PIECE OF SHIT to me, the same as any other SORRY PIECE OF SHIT, regardless of race, religion, social standing or what they have or lack between their legs and I will treat said person the same as I would any other SORRY PIECE OF SHIT. Cry about that if you must, but I see the TRUTH of your kind, you don’t really WANT EQUALITY, you want SPECIAL TREATMENT. You want people to tell you that two wrongs make a right when it doesn’t. You want to cry about people accepting you for who you are while in the same breath you will piss and whine about everyone else that YOU can’t accept and then talk about people not RESPECTING your views because you’re a woman? Nah Darlings there is a reason people don’t RESPECT your point of view and you being a woman has jack shit to do with it. It has to do with the fact that you open your fucking mouths without a single thought to what is really coming out of it and that signifies a FUCKING DUMB ASS, PERIOD and no one with any sense can RESPECT  a DUMB ASS. Take the whole bullshit line about “Rape Culture” Seriously? It happens, and it is NEVER a good thing when it does. We wear LeBrons with laces that tie, we tie our shoes, man FUCK THIS SHOE TYING CULTURE, and you know why I have more reason to say that than you have to scream “RAPE CULTURE”? Because you can walk down the fucking street with your shoes untied and I bet my ass that you will have more people who will tell you that you need to tie your shoes, than you will have people saying that RAPE is an okay thing. Just because something happens, DOES NOT mean that is is accepted by enough fucking people to call it a culture. But you have girls getting naked in clubs with drunk fucking pervs screaming profane things at the naked chicks, so fucking what? I would bet the same drunken perv motherfuckers would scream shit at a guy getting naked in front of them too, THEY ARE DRUNK for starters, secondly if you really think a guy would be any safer stripping in front of that crowd as a woman you’re fucking nuts, okay, What the guy will have screamed at him will be different, but you’re stupid if you don’t think the pervs did not just suddenly click animal switch in their heads they did, they in their minds just became Emilio Esteves in The Breakfast Club sports taping this poor bastards ass cheeks together and the catch is they are more likely to act on that mentality when it’s a guy. Then it becomes an affront to their “man hood” because some fucking dude is swinging nuts in their presence. SEX IN GENERAL IS STILL FAR TOO TABOO IN OUR SOCIETY FOR ANYTHING LIKE RAPE TO BE ACCEPTABLE.  Don’t believe me? Then tell me why it is if you dare to show a detailed account of a blow job in a movie you risk an NC-17 rating, but you can eviscerate the fuck out of someone and only get an R? Anyone? Anyone at all? Hey ladies ever hear of the stage play or the 1986 film based on it called “Extremities”? I fought to get that show produced by my theater back when I was on the board, it got passed and was put on in March of last year. While I was looking into it and reading about it, I got caught up in the foreword by the play wright William Mastrosimone as he described where his inspiration for writing the play had come from. The following is not the Directors notes which can be found in the front of the Samuel French copy of the play, but it covers everything the man wrote in them.

Mastrosimone wrote this play in the span of one day. In the back part of the script for Extremities are the director notes simply entitled the Making of Extremities. In this section he explains his motives for writing the play. He had met a woman in 1978, he gives her the name Mary, who had been raped and beaten by a 19 year old burglar turned rapist, and she was 55. She talked to him about what had happened and he left her, and went home. He followed her case. The prosecutor was able to prove there was a rape, but they were not able to prove the guy, who Mary identified and they caught the next day, was the one to do the crime. They let him go. Mastrosimone serendipitously ran into Mary again later on, this time at an airport. She was leaving for the other side of the country. Again she confided in the author. She told him that the day the trial ended she stood on the courthouse steps, the perpetrator walked up behind her and said, “You think that was bad, wait until next time.” This ruined her life. She lost her friends, her job and could no longer stay in her home and city. She also confided one other detail. She told him that there was one moment after which he had already raped her, he reached for some cigarettes on the side table. In that moment she could have done something to try to escape, she did nothing, and he came back and raped her again, grabbed a lamp and then beat her with it. Mary admitted she wished she had done something instead of lying there petrified. She also said that, “If she had five minutes in a locked room with him…” Mastrosimone wrote Extremities to fill in where she trailed off (Mastrosimone 65-66). A startling account at the least. Very few rapes are reported and even few are talked about in this detail outside of the police stations and courtrooms. Not very many people want to talk about this subject, not the victims and not the public. This is precisely why Extremities is such an important play.

A great deal of research was done in order to create a fitting setting and give proper justice to the play. Mastrosimone spent time following cases and in courtrooms, reading actions and watching reactions between all parties involved (Mastrosimone 67). He even asked a defense attorney how he would get a rapist off, the lawyer responded that he would put as many women on the jury as possible because they will tear the victim apart in order to protect their own sanity, while men will become the white knight and the hero (Mastrosimone 67-68). Everything Mastrosimone did while writing this play was in order to create a play that honors the victims of sexual assault with an accurate look at this crime.

My argument, YES it is terrible, it is an atrocious act that should not happen. YES it happens, and the ones who do it as far as I am concerned need to have their genitals cut out and hung up in times square, but then I was always a Vlad Tepes fan. But if there is a “Rape Culture” it exists for, is comprised of, and is perpetuated by the ones WHO ACTUALLY COMMIT SAID CRIME and the JUDGEMENTAL nature of females toward one another, doing more to allow the fuckers to walk, than it is a staple of life in society like it constantly gets portrayed as by these loudmouthed bitches just trying to justify screaming about something and blowing it out of fucking proportion just to get people riled up.

Am I under your skin yet?……. Good, because I have kept this bottled up far too long to even give a fuck. Moving on to the reasons this type cries wolf. No, guys don’t generally have a problem in the work place, but I have myself experienced it and I have had it overlooked because I was one of only three guys in the whole damn office including supervisors who were all three women. It happens to us too, in a reverse case scenario, for those who REALLY give a shit about EQUALITY, they know this flies in the face of what they fight for just as much as when it happens to them, for those who just want to say well how do you like it? Like what? I wouldn’t do that shit, so keep carrying that chip on your shoulder and wondering why people don’t take your ass seriously. But, but WOMEN, WOMEN HAVE BEEN OPPRESSED FOREVER!!!!!!………. Forgive me for being blunt, but so fucking what? Cry that river to someone it will gain you sympathy from, I’m not one of them. You think the female gender holds some kind of corner on the market of discrimination? Bitch I’m a generally poor, pagan, who is 1/8 Cherokee, I never dressed or acted in a manner that won points with the ignorant rednecks I went to school with, and that’s personal, let’s broaden the span here, You got the African Americans, The Native Americans, The gay bashers, The “Good” Christians who like to tell everyone they are going to Hell for not living by the same restrictions they do. The rich who look down on the poor, the poor who are just as quick to judge someone with money. You name it as long as people walk the Earth there will always be some stupid ass reason that people will find to judge each other. That’s life, it can change, in time and with proper care to the cause of invoking change, but know that neither I nor this world OWES YOU SHIT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A WOMAN. Get over your fucking selves. I wrote my story down at the risk of being judged to get my own, not because anyone owes me a fucking thing. Be Barbara Walters, which is to say, BE SO DAMN GOOD AND USEFUL IN WHAT YOU DO THAT IGNORING YOU IS NOT AN OPTION REGARDLESS OF GENDER. POINT: Do your damnedest and if you are STILL getting screwed I will be the first to stand up as a brother-in-arms, but I WILL DO IT FROM THE PERSPECTIVE THAT YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING NO DIFFERENT THAN ME, NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE A MEMBER OF A GENDER THAT HAS BEEN HELD BACK. That is EQUALITY, but I REPEAT, EQUALITY is a door that swings BOTH WAYS that not only means you get the support you are willing to GIVE, that also means that while I treat you with respect and kindness, if you are a decent human being, it also means that A piece of shit, is a piece of shit, is a piece of shit, and I treat all of the above EXACTLY THE SAME AS I TREAT ANY OTHER PIECE OF SHIT man or woman. I won’t pull punches on the poor wittle girl who should have never got in my face over stupid shit in the first place. Fuck her if she gets in my way or goes out of her way to be a pain in my ass.

In closing lets review. There is indeed a difference between REAL WOMEN and STUPID ASS LITTLE GIRLS. FEMINISM is a LABEL that has reached that point all LABELS reach where they do as much harm to their cause as bearing the LABEL slut because of how you dress. RAPE is REAL, RAPE CULTURE is some outright HORSESHIT. EQUALITY is what you get with me, but it is a double edged blade, If you are a good HUMAN BEING I will BE GOOD TO YOU, if YOU are a PIECE OF SHIT I will PULL NO FUCKING PUNCHES WITH YOU. In the words of Helen Slater in The Legend Of Billie Jean” “FAIR IS FAIR” – Love BIG CAT