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“The Jedi and the Sith  are similar in almost every aspect, including their quest for greater power.” – Chancellor Palpatine

The above line was part of a conversation between Chancellor Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker and was followed by Anakin’s response: ” The Sith rely on their PASSION for their STRENGTH. They think inwards, only of themselves.” It is here the path of The REAL SITH continues as we see how it starts to bleed over into the Light side, the side of The REDEEMED JEDI.

When you have been driven deep into the ground and something fundamental inside of you snaps like a twig, there comes a point when you realize that it only gets fixed from INSIDE, and so as I have stated. The path of The REAL SITH is a necessary starting point for the very observation that Anakin points out. FACT: One can not worry about the world around them so much when they themselves are in shambles. When their emotions rule their every move and almost everything sparks those emotions. In this train of thought one realizes that the philosophy of The REAL SITH deals with mastering the fundamental “Animal Side” of the individual and so in the strictest sense is a very BRICKS AND MORTAR philosophy, through it we gain control over a single brick in a very large wall, that brick being oneself. From there we have a CHOICE, for in it we gain all that we need to maneuver in life as we have made it. We can hold to that and the label of the REAL SITH and make a life in the civilized, chaos of the world, or we can continue to adapt and expand on the philosophy. This becomes the crossroad. On one hand, we find that the principles of the philosophy allows for a former victim to achieve beyond what they have previously done and so you may question why fix that which is no longer broken? On the other hand , to linger, unchanging causes complacency, which is weakness and so doing so flies in the face of the REAL SITH whose goal is to overcome personal weakness  to fulfill ones potential.

The crossroad is just that, the point that all belief systems fall victim to, the point where it begins to contradict itself. God creates a means to corrupt us and then forgives or condemns for the choices in his all knowing omniscience already knew we would make. Lao Tzu wrote a book of words to explain something that he states in the book that no words can explain and it became the center of Taoist belief. The REAL SITH is no different. Consider where spiritual growth begins, and it begins with mastering oneself as it exists in this world. Consider that control over emotion and how to use it, that maintaining a balance of self in knowing that as animals we have the same basic instincts and so it becomes imperative to be able to distinguish actual need from desire so as not to fall into the self damaging trap of mistaking the two. The outcome of all of this inevitably leads the REAL SITH who continues to gain knowledge and wisdom and thus the means to great POWER to crossover into the Light or the JEDI train of thought. This is not a turn from the original philosophy, as the core RESULT of the REAL SITH philosophy is the same as that of the JEDI, it was simply of matter of finding another way there, when nothing else makes sense to you. All of the principles adhered to by the REAL SITH apply to a JEDI mentality.

Understanding the difference between a JEDI and Care Bear is key for the REAL SITH in continuing their journey of enlightenment. Care Bears have a laundry list of sayings and ideas that they believe are “Positive” and they are unrelenting and monomaniacal in their views. There may be truth in the things they say, WHEN IT APPLIES, however they will use their cookie cutter concepts as if it applies to everything even when it does not. They will judge based upon this. They are the dark, disguised by light. It is their lack of understanding when something applies that make them so. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi. This line was a response to Anakin’s complete disregard for all ideology that opposed his, not based on principle, but based instead on his pride and lack of control over his emotions. The Care Bears often have this same problem, many will preach things like  the value of being kind to those who are not because they need it more than anyone else and then turn right around and tell people to cut “negative” people from their lives Ostracizing the very people they would tell you to be nice to because they need it more and they will STILL  call themselves “Positive” in the face of their own contradiction of morals. The JEDI deal in absolutes, like the REAL SITH based on PRINCIPLE. “Try not. DO or DO NOT. There is no try.” – Yoda Words spoken in the wisdom that no matter intent, or effort put into an action there are only ever two results. You fail or you succeed. These are RESULTS and they are what truly shape the world and life as we know it, you can give an effort in half measures, if you wish, but that will also ensure failure is the more likely of the two. In truth on film we have only ever seen the Jedi at their weakest, between forgetting their place and allowing a corrupt government make them their slaves, to the fall of the remaining two Jedi leaving only a half trained boy to begin anew. we have seen glimpses of where their wisdom comes from, through learning from their mistakes. Yoda told Luke that if he honored what his friends fought for, he would accept their sacrifice to ensure he became the one thing that could stand against the Sith. This was learned from his own mistake as we seen in Attack of the Clones when he had a chance to stop the Clone War from happening had he just dealt with Dooku he could have caused a major set back in the Sith’s plan, he instead let Dooku escape just to save the lives of two Jedi, one of which would go on to nearly wipe them out. We never got to know what the view points of Anakin were after his return to the light, it would have been interesting to see how he balanced it. BALANCE is key to both The REAL SITH and the JEDI and so it is only natural that the Light becomes the continuation when you are ready to see the common ground the dark has with it.