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“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.” – Yoda

I mentioned in the previous entry that the concept of THE FORCE is too grande in scale for someone at a Sith level of understanding. I will repeat, that it was never meant to be a complete idea in itself. In reading The Book of the Sith, one must understand that the philosophy I built around it’s ideals was an evolution of one’s mind set after crashing to the bottom. It was only the start of ones journey, so to judge it in the idea that it is complete, is the equivalent of saying that a house, that is only framed is a piece of shit that can not protect you from the elements. Of course it can’t, it is not the finished product. Some understood what it was, some are trying to and that is good, for even if they do not understand it for what it is, they are thinking about it and forming their own arguments. What they come up with will help some from ever reaching the point where the Sith philosophy is needed.  Why their idea’s would not help one who identifies most with the Sith is because what leads them to the dark side in the first place, are the type of experiences that breaks a persons faith, a persons spirit, a persons mind. No one who has not faced these things, and we must take into consideration that what has deep impact on one person’s life, may not have the same impact on another’s, can understand the path such a person walks. When we do not understand, we can not be what such a person can relate to. They may well come to understand what you say and how you feel, but life has placed before them a different route by which to get there. How can I believe in in God, when I can not even believe in myself? And so the Sith philosophy is meant to rebuild that belief in self first. Many would disagree with this, but I ask this. What is a lack of belief in oneself, but the distrust in the idea that there was a reason for our own existence? It was never meant to be the end, only the means by which we take our first steps towards the end goal.

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, every action, begins first as a thought and to every thought, there is a physical reaction made to manifest that thought into being, not just in terms of saying I am going for a walk and then getting off your ass to go take that walk, but also in terms of how we manifest our personalities to the world around us. What we put into our lives, our efforts, our beliefs, we get back in kind and so KARMA, the law of spirit, or the intangible, non physical, or mental factors  completes the circle. Three ideas, all essentially saying the same thing that encompasses all three aspects of being, BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. To me this is LOGICAL, BELIEVABLE as a UNIVERSAL TRUTH because it does in fact cover every aspect of being.

Let’s examine the concept of KARMA for just a moment though. I find, that even though it is spiritual in nature it is also logical. I can not begin to tell you how many people I have known, think of it only in terms of punishment for evil deeds, or a sort of spiritual justice system. A practice, I have noticed of those who project their sense of MORALITY on the world around them. I find, that it is simply a matter, not of morality, but of common sense, or PRINCIPLE. Take more than you give, and you will grow, but you will do so in the diminishing of others, as we diminish, NEED without GAIN creates DESPERATION that when combined with our natural instincts to survive forces the desperate to become a threat to the ones they resent for taking so much at their expense. You can be GREEDY and you can live a very fat life in that GREED, but you will make many enemies in the process and you will have weakened yourself in the process as well, because only a fool swings a sledge hammer at the knees of the people whose shoulders they are standing on.

I find that just as we are made up of three aspects, BODY, MIND and SPIRIT, life too is made up of three aspects. INNER SELF, OUTER WORLD and GOD or THE FORCE, or take your pick from one of any number of names given to the highest level of existence. That being we were never supposed to question. Religion is dangerous. because just as God supposedly made us in his image, we often make God in our own. It has always been my belief, that a good teacher appreciates a willing to understand from their students and a good father figure relates enough to the his children to get those lessons across to them in the way each can best understand. Religion is often far too rigid in it’s teachings to provide either. God is right, because NO ONE EVER WANTS TO BE WRONG. What if God really wasn’t all knowing? Would that comfort you, or scare the shit out of you? What if God was like Captain Jack Sparrow and it really is not a matter of having a master plan so much as having the ingenuity to pull from the choices we make and the elements of a situation to make a best case scenario? If that were true then it would explain why we have FREE WILL, but it would also show the importance of trusting ourselves before trusting in God. Simply put: If there is a master plan, the only way to see it come to fruition is to trust our instincts and all that was already given us by nature from birth. We shut off others who do not believe as we do, but what if the very reason we were separated and placed all over the world with different skin tones, and cultural beliefs was so that the open minded seekers of the truth could find the various puzzle pieces of the great mystery in each one, so as to finally put it all together? Would that scare you, or make you understand the path of true progression for all of humanity?

THE FORCE, or The TAO is EVERYTHING. E= MC squared which states that even all physical forms are made of energy. And so we make it up, are a part of it, as is everything. Call it God and we find that we are as much a part of Him as He is of us. Does that idea comfort you, or does it scare the shit out of you, this idea that God relies as much on that which He created as all he created relies on Him. Does it show you the importance of trusting your instincts and the STRENGTH you already have inside of you? BALANCE is KEY.

“Don’t defy the council master, not again.” – Obi Wan

“I will do what I must Obi Wan.” – Qui Gon Jinn

In The Book of The Sith I showed how the Sith mantra had very real and practical application in everyday life. It is clear and concise. The mantra of the Jedi however is abstract and requires more to be taken on faith rather than understanding. Let’s break this down. Old Obi Wan said that Vader was more machine than man, The very first line of the Jedi code states that there is NO EMOTION there is only peace. HUMANS know this to be bullshit, so this is like the pot calling the kettle black. An example of the DOUBLE TALK that actually drove Anakin to become Darth Vader in the first place. Let’s give the boy shit for not conforming, but put into his head that he is special THE CHOSEN ONE. Lets not trust him to follow the way of the Jedi and when he does in an effort to make Mace Windu arrest Palpatine rather than out right kill him, he gets the same line thrown at him by a SENIOR JEDI MASTER as the Sith had told him in the beginning. “He’s too dangerous to be left alive.” The is no ignorance there is only knowledge, but it takes WILL POWER to seek that knowledge to transcend from the natural state of ignorance, or The BLANK SLATE. There is no PASSION there is only serenity, but without passion to fuel the seeking of knowledge, one can not hope to transcend beyond the point they are at. It is the idea that what happens, happens and a persons own FREE WILL and ability to CHOOSE plays no factor, in essence stripping them of ACCOUNTABILITY for those choices. We have seen the pitfalls of those who accept no responsibility for their actions, haven’t we? There is no Chaos there is only harmony. but chaos is a part of harmony, we have this idea that chaos is all death and the actions of stupid people and while this is a form of chaos, it can also be as simple as the conflict that arises when confronted with an obstacle to a goal, in this we see that the role CHAOS plays in NATURE is that of the catalyst for CHANGE, EVOLUTION, PROGRESSION. There is no death there is only the force, okay this one makes sense, even at a scientific level. LIFE is ENERGY, it can not be destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed. The Sith code remains the most sensible, the most practical of the two mantras. The Sith control their emotions as well, Vader didn’t because he was torn, but consider Darth Maul who was an out right stone cold motherfucker, it is not a lack of control over emotion, but rather the allowance of using them as a source of power amplifiers, that’s all, not even as directing the course of action, their minds did that. If they had no control over their emotions, they could not hide in the face of an enemy they hated to build the complex network of spies and business contacts over 1000 years that became the structure of there power in government over the galaxy.

In light of this, how does a Sith adopt a Jedi mentality? It really is not as hard as one might think. What you have to understand is that the principles of the Sith are NOT NATURALLY EVIL, in themselves and while you can apply them in the process of rebuilding yourself from a crippled state, they do not even have to be egocentric in their application. Understand that the difference between the Sith and the Jedi, the path to becoming one from the other is applying those principles on a grander scale. You are no longer focused inwards, so now is the point that you begin to look at your place in the world and seeing it in terms of THE BIG PICTURE. You came to this from a different path and the Jedi mantra still has no real use to you. This is where you realize that the Jedi you become is a different type of Jedi all together. One that understands that Luminous beings we may be, but we are also puppeting  meat sacks in a physical world that has it own rules, as such the must important of the Real Sith ideas to carry on your continuing journey is that BALANCE is KEY.

Look to the third mantra, the GRAY JEDI mantra and you will see a practical graduation from the Sith mantra.

There is no Dark side, nor a Light side

There is only THE FORCE.

In this statement we see an understanding that the COLLECTIVE of the two sides really is a kind of entity in itself, a living thing that is made up of the intangible, the ideas and actions generated and performed by living beings. This is life as we know it, made up of everything from the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, The sacrifice one being makes for another, the sacrifice to nothingness some make of themselves. It is everything. This is why I never really mentioned “The Force” in The Book of The Sith, it is far too grande a concept to focus on when rebuilding oneself.

I will do what I must to keep the BALANCE

There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish.

Again BALANCE is KEY. if everything was “Good” we would dwindle into nothingness, for “Good” would no longer have meaning in it’s commonness. “Evil” is a far faster path of destruction, but when both are in BALANCE, We understand that we take the bad with the good, so that the good can have value. Evil, conflict, chaos, these things are a constant in our world and because of this, they are the control factor by which we measure the value of everything we hold dear to us.

There is PASSION, yet PEACE

To the Real Sith, Peace is a lie, because the Sith has known life only through their struggles. It is still in it;s strictest sense not entirely untrue, but then, just as we define things differently from one another, it may well be a matter for a Sith to redefine what peace is to them. I wrote of control over ones emotions to harness the energy they provide us to ACHIEVE A DESIRED GOAL, a PASSION , in this control there is stillness in the moment, a calm preparedness, a kind of PEACE.


This is the calm and control over that which exists and can easily take over our sense and reason, and as described above it can BE, as much through the harnessing of EMOTIONS energy, through the acceptance of our animal side as many think it can only be attained through forcing an absence of a naturally occurring phenomenon.


What encompasses ALL is actually BOTH and therefore ABOVE either individually. This I do believe is the basis for the understanding of God  being infallible, even when our understanding of things are not. We understand that CHAOS can be the ultimate in destructive forces, and so we seek to make ORDER where we can in the face of it, in this way CHAOS can also be a tool of GROWTH. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

I AM the wielder of The Flame, The PROTECTOR of BALANCE

I AM the holder of The Torch, lighting the way

I AM the keeper of  The Flame, soldier of BALANCE

I AM the guardian of BALANCE


This last is a declaration of intent on the part of the GRAY JEDI. A statement to oneself to drive into their mind a sense of purpose beyond themselves. The Natural Order of GROWTH beyond the base of The REAL SITH.