7 comments on “A Little More Truth from My 30 Days Of Medicine

  1. Hey “Big Cat” I guess that means you are a big fucking pussy! Because only a scared, backward, fucked up little twat pretend to actually have balls. What do I mean by that? Well you want to talk shit, and call out “someone” commenting on your article, but yet you moderate your replies. Are you afraid for people to see the real truth behind your disgusting twisted words?

    You are a joke, and not the funny kind. The sad kind. Your failure to launch has caught up with you, and now you are stuck on the landing pad with a pencil in one hand and your other one busy with your thumb in your ass.

    You whine and complain about the system, and about society, and do nothing about it but exist. You will never better yourself, because you are not capable of it. Whatever little life skills you possess can be counted on a couple fingers, and face it, if it weren’t for the kindess of strangers, or your family swallowing their own vomit to let you stay with them, or “the system” which has been so cruel to you, giving you a place to sleep, you would still be laying in the ditch under a bridge where your wife dumped you.

    There are millions of other bums like you – who feel entitled or like they are owed something. Let me tell you bitch boy, there aint no one that owes you shit. You play the role of a victim, and that’s because you wrote yourself as one long ago.

    So come on you old useless fuck, stop being a coward and take the moderation off your comments.

  2. And I was beginning to think you had a limited vocabulary, good for you little boy must have hit you pretty close when I said your daddy beat you for for being honest about yourself instead of a prick like everyone else. As for moderation, let me explain something to you in a fashion even a fucking half wit who wants to claim someone else whines when you are the one LOOKING FAR AND WIDE across the internet for things to cry about yourself, in order to feel important can understand. If you actually looked at any of my responses which I doubt a real pussy like you even bothers doing, trolls just like to spit shit and hide under fake names like R U Serious? which you did after the first time I bitch slapped you for coming here with your tired limited retardation, Yeah same IP Address, a Michigan boy huh? That is if you aren’t hiding on a proxy as fake as you yourself, you would see that everything you have written to here has been approved by me as will this be. You see it’s not the trolls I keep out, it’s the spammers, THEY are bad for business, you are just entertainment. A joke that is attracted to shit you don’t like while ignoring every other LITTLE DETAIL, like the fact that I have LET ALL YOUR COMMENTS THROUGH UNTOUCHED, IN ALL OF THEIR PATHETIC NON THOUGHT, ONE LINER GLORY. That’s why you KEEP COMING BACK, and helping me with my numbers and again I thank you for that, at least your stupidity works to my advantage. 😀 Your argument however is not without merit, like I said, DAMN PROUD OF YOU LITTLE BOY, you finally took the gloves off. I did indeed fuck myself into a corner long ago, and that is why this little hit I took was able to do the damage it did. I’m NOT ENTITLED TO SHIT, the system, well I doubt anyone like you bothers to actually look up facts, but uh OUR WHOLE FUCKING GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN JUST LAST YEAR, Because Dicks in suits who can NEVER be wrong COULD NOT PULL THEIR OWN heads out of asses, I see by your lack of following or commenting on ANY of the posts where I actually point out taking responsibility for my own position, that you can relate to just such TWATS, You want to matter so much,I GUESS MOMMY REALLY DIDN’T LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO KEEP DADDY FROM BEATING YOU FOR BEING HONEST ABOUT YOURSELF AND NOT PRICK, so you zero in on what ever makes you think you can be righteous about, ignoring everything else and PROVING YOU ARE STILL JUST AS RETARDED AND PUSSIFIED AS YOUR PREVIOUS ONE LINE COMMENTS. Valiant effort really, I never would have thought you had it in you, STILL, Try harder next time FAGGOT, I STILL PUT MY REAL FACE AND NAME TO MY WORDS, CAN YOU? Little Miss R U SERIOUS? LOL

  3. Awww the poor little delicate flower got stepped on. Grow up bitch, grow some balls, get a real job, make something of yourself and stop blaming shitty circumstances for a shitty life. Stop being a bitch. Stop trying to imitate others. Learn to English also, that would help.

    I really hope you are on medication, big pussy, or do you even read over the things that you write? Stop relaying your mommy daddy issues on others, seek counseling, I hear they have it for free at the shelters. I am sure you are good at finding those now.

    Me personally, I have worked since I was 16 years old. Everything in my life I have earned, and I worked my ass off for. My parents loved me, I’m sorry yours didn’t. So when I see some whining little middle aged bitch complaining about how the whole world just shits on them, and now they are an angry homeless hero, kinda makes me sick. You sir, are the purest definition of White Trash.

    I like how a critical opinion sets you off so easily. You don’t like being judged do you? For someone to not treat you like the special psychotic flower you portray yourself to be. I do apologize if this is hard for you to read, without periodic lettering in caps. But I guess if it makes you feel better as a “writer”, and it works for you, that’s cool. But well written words don’t need to be capitalized to get the point across. You are kind of pointing out the obvious, which shows how amateur your writing really is, well it helps, since your lack of understanding when it comes to simple grammatical and sentence structure already points that out.

    Have a wonderful evening, I look forward to reading whatever comical self-important rant that comes next. By the way, you are welcome for the numbers. I always did like being charitable to the less fortunate and ill-equipped.

  4. 😀 And again I let you through, If I feared being judged so much, I would just delete your shit and act like you don’t exist. Again I put a face and name to my shit, I notice you addressed nothing of your own fucking show of cowardice, yeah that goes back to that whole being honest about yourself thing I mentioned. I even said how proud I was of you for finally having enough balls or brains to actually think about your response this time. Still again, I notice too, it takes a self important twat to smell one, you’re still so fucking quick to spout shit like you’re something special, without paying attention to the details. I make you sick, so you come here. Really, the joke who there is a million of in this world, and you are just such a sparkling light on Earth to choose one to hound like a little bitch. As for you actually thinking that you are setting me off, Hell I thought this was debate since you bothered to let me know what you really thought, all I did was point out your issues too, like the half-wit one liners, the going through all the trouble to come up with some fake shit name after the first time I responded to your one liner. Lets face it we, as in you and I are nothing to each other but amusement, and I goaded you into your own little rant by calling you out, because I just love how easy it is to jerk the chain of self important fucks just like me. 😀 I have a real job too, two of them in point of fact, I couldn’t afford my equipment for this otherwise.That too is a little way of pointing out that, what I have put down so far is already history. You know yesterday in layman’s terms. Still can’t grasp it, because like most impetuous little shits like you, are too damn quick to think you are something worth getting worked up about. Son the difference between you and I, is simply this, I’m the one writing the blog, you are just the little bitch popping in occasionally to comment, thus following my lead and you are only allowed to have your say, by my good graces. That’s the extent of your value here. As always I love hearing from fans, which you clearly seem to be enough of one to keep coming back. You have a wonderful evening yourself there, my kitten, you’ve made yourself as much a part of my pride as the rest of my repeat visitors. LOL

  5. Like I said, I like helping out charity cases!

    By the way, I see you took extra effort on your grammar. Kudos, you can teach old dog new tricks.

  6. ……. 😀 If that’s what you have to tell yourself to feel better when you look in the mirror mate, more power to you. Fear not though, keep adding to my numbers and you will actually be more right than even your smart ass could ever know. Oh I did figure you were right by the way. Far be it from a writer to allow their “to English” suck as you so eloquently wrote it. Teaching an old dog new tricks was the foundation of writing this in the first place, glad to see you finally catching on. All that said your entertainment value is up, I let you say your piece and it sounded like the same tired shit that most people who can’t think five minutes in front of their face would say. You see, if you bothered to read you might have actually got that, what happened to me, Hell that’s nothing, that’s just symptomatic of the real issues that are being bitched about. I will take a moment here to use Socratic formula just to make it easy to grasp. If a woman runs to the law for petty vindictive reasons, then it makes sense that it would damage the credibility of a real victim that might actually need that help. That sir is the kind of fucking person who makes me sick. If all it takes in the eyes of the law is titties and teardrops to constitute a victim, then you make it easy for petty, vindictive bitches to use the law in much the same fashion as property thieves used it in the days of the Salem witch trials and that kind of proves that for all of our so called progress over the centuries, we haven’t changed a damn bit where it counts. That makes me sick. If people like, well you for instance, keep living in a bubble where they have to make up lame ass excuses to try to justify doing things like making fake names and trying to get under peoples skin who they in turn call pussies for not hiding behind such shit, then there is reason to believe that there isn’t much of a future when nothing can fixed for a bunch of dumb asses inability to own up to the truth of their own shit. 😀 You keep reading champ, if it entertains you, fuck it, it’s all good, but your fifteen minutes of fame on here is up and you can cry all you want to over that. Facts are facts and the fact of the matter is, I don’t have to answer to you, you can do nothing to stop me, but I have not seen enough intelligence out of you despite trying my damnedest to see fit letting your tired shit through any more. Bottom line, that is power I have here, the day I waste my time coming to anything you do, then you can say the same to me until that unlikely time little boy stew in your frustrations that you had a shot to sound smart and failed miserably.

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