The Unspoken Ethic was created by the idea of facing the hardest time you have ever come up against and showing an honest account of it, the purpose being to shed light on what works or does not work. As it was based on my personal experiences it told a story of two years of my life, as I faced many trials, one literally as these events took place and so carried with it much raw emotion. It also told of finding a way of out thinking your problem. The Unspoken Ethic would also, along the way, breach barriers of ideology, things many of us either don’t want to think about, or simply haven’t bothered to think about. The Unspoken Ethic would also be used to preview my other work as a continuation of where I am going.

These are all well and good. My story is not the only one. I have tried in the past with guest authors to introduce a new element beyond my story. These experiments have not always panned out. Awhile back I posted a petition to help a sick young girl keep her dog and get a breed ban lifted, that petition was successful and I be adding a new page to show the result of that. I have since added three more These are the stories of other people. Some are people fighting for a cause, some going through their own nightmare and doing what they have to, to try and bring light to issues while facing those very issues. Some are simply trying to make parts of government better functional. Being that these are petitions it also gives my American readers the ability to aid in the fights carried out by these people.

This new segment is meant as a way of making the readership more interactive and to show more than just my own struggles. It is meant to show the victories and the losses and tally those. It is meant to show how much CHOICE plays a factor in what we pass off as meant to be, or that’s just how things are. It will show how often things work and it will show when they don’t and hopefully make you understand better when they don’t. This is also done in light of the fact that a donation button has been added to my blog and I do not like asking for shit. So as long as I am, I might as well make myself useful through spreading the word of other people that can be helped. Balance is key to every thing, give and take, it is how you attain your need while aiding others with theirs to maximize growth and strength of community overall, as such the new segment is literally called The Unspoken Ethic.

Below is the link to the petition started by the group Rise. It is meant to help gain support for legislation now in congress designed to recognize certain overlooked infringements on the rights of rape survivors. Each petition tells the story behind it’s creation and reason for existing.

Next is a petition started by a mother who has been faced with knowing her new born girl is in need of a heart transplant, only to find that the doctors took her off that list because she may have development issues. She was essentially told by doctors that her little girl is going to die, because the doctor’s think she may end up being a little slow.

I know in light of the other two this next one may not seem like much to you, but let’s be honest here. We have the right to push a government backed group into doing their jobs, when those jobs are meant to keep us safe from harmful products.

In an effort to push these petitions, You will get daily updates on both of my Facebook pages.


These will also feed my daily updates directly into both of my Twitter accounts. You can see Twitter updates on my side panel along with the donation button, but also Polls are going to start up now the my readership is picking back up again. I believe in pushing to get the word out for people to effect change not only in their own lives but in society in general. I think the latter gets over looked way too much. As with all things, everything I do is for the benefit of those who WILL LISTEN, not those who don’t.

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