Hey It’s been, I don’t know, a week or two since I last posted? Want to look at that post that includes petitions regarding Children’s Healthcare click here BURN IT DOWN! An All Out Assault Against Society Weakening Ideology. Before I get into today’s topic I’m going to need you to do something. I need you to believe in something that more and more these days seems IMPOSSIBLE. Can you do that? 😀 Good. You ever have those moments when you feel the need to ask yourself what would John Quinones do? For those who don’t know who this is, he is a journalist who did a show called “What Would You Do?” It was the perfect mixture of prank show and genuine social experimentation. Actors were hired to go out in public and create scenes, depicting acts ranging from race bashing, to abuse scenarios. They even had someone go out twice both as how they really are and in a fat suit with kick ass make up to see how people reacted differently between the model and the fat person. I mean you name it they were running a scenario for it and sometimes doing the same one in different places. Noting from hidden cameras, both the people who ignored what was happening and those who stepped up to act against it. They would always interview the ones who reacted to find out why they did. As far as reality television goes, this to me was one that had real educational value to it.

Well I think we have seen just about every real world scenario there is to be seen, whatever “What Would You Do?” hasn’t covered Tom Green certainly did back in his early days and while that was comedy it did push the limits of seeing how everyday people react to just ridiculous circumstances. That said Debate is a Lost Art, and I know there are going to be people out there who will read that and scream Debate Teams, Election Debates, The one’s you have seen between scientists and Christians and the thing is all of these are essentially COMPETITIONS and the Winners are determined by others viewing it’s very STRUCTURED RULE SET. I’m talking REAL DEBATE what we want to call debate today when compared to it is like the difference between Kendo and Genuine Sword fighting. First off in REAL DEBATE it is NOT about winning. When both sides are RECEPTIVE ENOUGH it is about each expanding their ideology through the EXCHANGE OF IDEAS. There is such a resistance in this age to the notion of exchanging idea’s. It’s like everybody wants to believe THEY ARE RIGHT. Let’s look at some of the reasons. First: It’s a matter of having a fixed and set belief system, this is something people cling to even during the times it does not make sense or even apply to the situation. It’s just easier to stick to your guns than adopt an idea from another person….especially if you disagree with most everything they say. Second: FEAR of anything that goes against your grain. FEAR is one of those things that exists to trigger Survival mode in our minds to make it easier to overcome obstacles, but it can also be it’s own obstacle when left unchecked.When we fear the result of being “WRONG” we become resistant to ACCEPTING the idea’s of others. Third: I have basically already covered in saying that we have twisted the idea of what debate is into being a COMPETITION, when you think DEBATE you automatically go into defense/offense mode in the belief that it is something that you can or have to WIN. When we do this we forsake accepting the ideas of others in the belief that as opponents their ideas are something to be BEATEN, not adopted.

One more thing before I go into the particulars of my little social experiment. In light of it being the holiday season and a time of gifting I will leave a few links to where you can find the albums of the band whose music played a key role in it. As you will see I give them Hell, but everyone is has the right to FORM their opinion and honestly my Biggest reason lies in the fact that you can’t run a social experiment without openly stirring the shit pot to get the ball rolling on it. If my results are any indication of the type of people this bands music inspire, believe me when I tell you I would see it all go triple platinum.

It started with just the right search of words on Youtube about a week ago. I happened across the EP Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit by an emo band called Snowing.  2 minutes in and I’m shaking my head trying to discern the lyrics over the cacophony of sounds that just bombard you when you are listening to this. SO I Google the lyrics and what I found was some fairly smart points regarding the sort of things that both cause strong emotion, but also beat people down into a state of emotional numbness. Okay, so for me it was sort of like Nirvana. Some of their songs you could follow what was being said some of it I had to wonder if there was even real words in there when I listened, but if you look at the songs as they are written it is exactly what everyone says it is…Genius. So naturally this is what I commented. (Click Images to see in full size)


With the open challenge issued all I had to do was sit back and wait for the responses, if there would be any, to come in. The first did almost immediately and I was impressed by what was actually just a fan who stated his own opinion and that was it. No fight, nothing more than a trade of opinions. So I’m thinking, Alright there are people who get it. People who don’t take such things too personally. I’m cool with that.

The second response came the next day and truthfully it was of a type that I expected, because it is  a very common type of response when someone says something that someone else does not like.

The Third response came the day after. this was one that I had expected sooner in the chain, more like first or second, because it is becoming more and more common a response in this day and age. It is the response I call The Care Bear response and I know if you have read much of anything I have written in the last four years then you know my take on The Care Bear response. And not to my surprise this one actually became an exchange. Because I am a Debater and as such I push the envelop, this makes me like oil to this type of person’s water. They tend to be the ones I ultimately rub the wrong way the most. This is also one of the best type of responses to start switching gears on to show a different side to the argument that you present.

Things went eerily quiet after that for a few days and for a moment I allowed myself to think that my little experiment had run it’s course with little real success. I was wrong. The fourth response was exactly what I had been most expecting and I was glad that it was actually the fourth in line because I had already sewed the seeds for changing up the argument altogether. As you will find what came AFTER this response was EXACTLY the thing that had made this a success. What you see here is the ANGRY RESPONSE. You will note that mine comes back even more harsh. The reason for this was so that if he looked back over how I responded to the others he would see a distinct difference in my demeanor versus how I mirrored his own. Keep an eye on this guy because he will show up later as well.

Remember when I said that I have a way of rubbing those with The Care Bear response the wrong way? Well guess who popped back up. and with that a new exchange was begun until it was suddenly stopped cold……Not by me and not by the guy with The Care Bear response, but by the one who initially had The ANGRY RESPONSE. Check it out.

There, RIGHT THERE was the moment my whole reason for stirring the shit pot. Suffice to say from this point forward My responses to others took on a different tone altogether. It makes no sense to continue being the person who stirs the shit pot once you found someone with a sense of reason who is capable of listening and learning from what others have to say. Doing so would then become COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. So it was when the fifth type of response came around The Innocent of any real insult, but questioning of how someone can stir that shit pot so willingly I honestly found how the girl put it hilarious and so I decided to take the path of adding to the comic relief.

Last came the type of response that I actually had hoped for but had not expected at all. This one came out swinging with an actual argument against my original statement, and a fairly well thought out argument at that. It all comes down to what a person takes personal, and in my own response I point out a lighter side to taking criticism and an appreciation for the thought put into coming back at my arguments.

Now for the point where I ACCEPT a few things of my own. Admittedly it I still find this music a bit of an acquired taste, but if we are being honest there are MANY reasons to come to really like something. For me I have to say this music offered an experience for me that I was not expecting through just the pure diversity of the people and their mind sets who listen to it. They are cool people. And this band are some real bad asses for bringing that together, I haven’t yet listened to the rest of what they have done, but knowing myself…I have Taylor Swift songs that I like…….I can’t STAND Taylor Swift, no offense to her. LOL It is very unlikely that I will not find something of theirs that I listen to repeatedly. With that I became the 873rd person to like their video…You know, the one I bitched about.

….. Why did I do all of this? It’s simple. Get online, any social media outlet, watch the news…..All 15 versions of it, listen to the people around you. What have we heard lately? A mess of LABEL THROWING, Left wingers, Right wingers, We protest this, we’re boycotting you because you protested it. It seems like we are living in a society that is dead set on being divisive, with a lack of OPENNESS that can’t help but make you wonder if there is truly ANY HOPE of repairing the rift. and you can say, at least Americans can, that it’s our current President’s fault and while he has been a huge factor, we were getting that way for a long time already, even before he decided to run for office. Partisan politics, are only a symptom of the REAL PROBLEM. Hell I have a page on here thanking Eminem for his music and what it did to keep me motivated and moving forward, but I don’t really listen to that much now and the reason is because he recently chimed in with a freestyle rap against the president. I agree with most everything he said in that freestyle, I laughed about a lot of it and then he did one of the dumbest things. He laid out an ultimatum to the people who listened to his music……. You can’t side with one and the other, you can’t walk the fence. In that moment the DUMB SON OF A BITCH BECAME THE SAME PROBLEM AS THE OTHER GUY. He essentially fed into the DIVISION of our people and THAT I am SO NOT COOL WITH. If your idea of fixing the problem is just setting people up like chess pieces for a battle you refuse to find, Hell to even bother to LOOK for an alternative path to, it’s on you too. I did this because with as IRREPARABLY DIVIDED as people seem intent on staying in this day and age it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to show, even in such a small form, that  as UGLY as OPEN DIALOGUE can be in it’s beginning stages, when people are OPEN ENOUGH the EXCHANGE of IDEAS is integral to our GROWTH, both as a person and as a people. Happy Holiday Season to All.




I have been promising this entry for awhile now, but have found myself getting hung up on many other things in the interest of catching up on my other writing and getting my other pages back up and running. With this entry I want to take a moment to go a different route than most post election thoughts have gone, which is a Trump bashing party. I did not support Trump, in fact I signed a petition to get the Electoral College to side with the popular vote, that was me doing my part. Even so I want to steer clear of bashing our next president, because, for starters, there is more than enough of that going around so I would not be covering anything new, and also there are things that I feel “We the People” have been over looking for a really long time in the interest of putting all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak.

I predict, that within the first 90 days of Donald Trumps presidency, a lot of the people who voted for him and most of the ones who did not, are going to be trashing his term, and I say this, because guess what? The same thing happened to Obama. The same thing happened to GW Bush. Now while all elected officials make mistakes, there is something to be said of UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, when it comes to these people that we vote into office. Only one percent of Americans can afford the type of lifestyle where you are not generally having to devote so much of your time and life just trying to make ends meet, because of this I think we have this issue of WANTING to think that these people are like shiny golden gods and maybe, just maybe they are going to get in there and fix things from the top of Mt. Olympus on down……. Problem is much of what ails this country is not anything that CAN BE FIXED by some long winded list of government made rules, It is things that the government, in reality can’t nor should be expected to handle. We are a democracy and what that means is, where we see our government fail, is where WE THE PEOPLE need to take up the slack.

The free thinking people who came up with the concept of democracy many millennia ago, did so with the working knowledge that putting the needs of the many into the hands of a few is a fools errand. An example of the meaning of this would be one of the big gripes people have had about the Obama Administration and that is Obamacare. Healthcare reform. Sounds good doesn’t it? Sounds necessary doesn’t it? One of the strong points made to justify it, was to ensure that everyone could have affordable Healthcare, and we got government funded insurance on the idea that it could force the private insurance companies into lowering their premiums. Sounds good in theory, untill you realize that the greed of the private insurance companies, is in part caused by the greed of other sectors of healthcare that Obamacare did not even address. One of these is the unethical practice of doing unnecessary tests and treatments, just because the doctor knows they can get the money for it. Obamacare got hit with that, but what we don’t think about is that the private insurance companies have always been hit with that as well. I’m sure that uncalled for back surgery that the insurance company got hit up for, for over eight grand works wonders for keeping those premiums down…..Not so much. Then you have what we call BIG PHARMA and the fact that when one of these companies make a patent on a new drug, no one else can make a knock off for two whole years, meaning in the beginning they can put whatever price tag they want on their product and if there is no substitute the patient has to pay that 800 USD for seven little pills in a bottle. What you did not see Obamacare do is try to regulate that by having a government based drug company. So in the end most of what makes healthcare cost an arm and a leg was left untouched. Is that all the fault of Obamacare? No, it is isn’t, because the reality is, in order for government to enact healthcare reform and be perfect, you would be looking at a book of laws and programs, that written in legal terminology, would be roughly seven times the size of the Holy Bible and if you were lucky about an eighth of it could even be understood, and if you were divinely fortunate one sixteenth of it would actually get enforced to any degree of efficiency once it made it’s way down the levels of healthcare. Our problems, CAN NOT be fixed from the top, down. From 1998 until 2000, one of my three jobs that I held at the time was as a janitor for a private owned doctors office. On three occasions while emptying the trash in the phlebotomy room I almost got stuck, by used needles that were wrongly placed in the regular waste paper basket rather than in the plastic biohazard container where they belonged. On all three occasions I went off  on the doctors who ran the place to do something about it, but alas it happened again. That was NOT on any government agency to do anything about, it was on the doctors who ran that private practice to fix and they failed. See where I am going with this? Before we have the right to expect more from our elected officials who come from American families and American towns, we HAVE to be able to expect better from ourselves, because “We The People of The United States of America” ARE the BOTTOM LINE, WE always have been.

Every election whether it is treated like UFC 200 Main event, like this last one was or not, is ripe with ads where candidates talk about what they believe and other politicians with known faces come on there and talk about how much this person or that person cares for our nation and it’s people and it is all to the inspirational and patriotic orchestra music playing in the back ground. I swear I don’t think I have seen a single profession where more people go out of their way to create larger than life personas to get the support of people than politics….. Oh wait a minute, professional wrestling comes to mind. With this being the case how can the people hope to believe that they can do as much for themselves as these shiny golden gods of Olympus that we feel the need to punch a ticket for once every four years? Well let me challenge you with a little piece of history that took place here in 2016 amid the desperate struggle for presidency. You might have seen me post here about a movement called Rise which was founded in the interest of protecting the rights of rape victims. The movement gained such support from people in general that they created an Act to take to the federal government to get passed into law. Now the fore runner of this group is a 24 year old girl named Amanda Ngyun and from start to finish the Act she took to Washington, with the backing of her supporters, went through each section of government with UNANIMOUS votes and government support. A girl, backed by the people, a girl twelve years too young to even be able to run for President of the United States, by law and without a political title of her own, did more to cut through the same old partisan politics that have been a stopper to many things attempted for the common good of the people than ANY president has been able to do for decades. We have power. Our problem comes from either not knowing how to use that power, or simply not believing that we have it in the first place.

Now before I close this out to the appearance of being just another know it all who specializes in complaining about an issue rather than trying to come up with a way to fix it, I want to revisit a point I made in one of my earlier entries. I talked a lot about my time living on a river bank in the small town of Marmet in West Virginia after my divorce. In that time I met many challenges. No room in shelters. No transportation other than walking because I had to keep every penny I found for things like water especially because this was in June of 2014. When you are placed in this type of situation, you have a choice to make. You can either cave to the despair that every single one of the numerous set backs cause, or you can really take stock of what is creating the issue, why some of these programs do not work, or do not work to the degree needed to really move towards solving homelessness as a problem. In the process of documenting my every move via Facebook I really was able to look at the situation and say. PROBLEM: I don’t have transportation, but I have to go to multiple places, JUST to get an idea of what all is out there that can help me get through this and come back into being a productive member of society, I then have X number of places that need to go to just to get the ball rolling. I have five days a week that any of these places are open to make use of them. THIS IS DOUBLE THE LEG WORK, DOUBLE THE TIME, and being on the streets, is no different than any survival situation where time is of the essence. SOLUTION: An easy fix would be to inform and provide the information to all of these programs to all of these organizations, since they are all essentially there to fix the same problem. What this would allow to happen is for someone of limited transportation to only have to go to one place in order to get informed themselves of all that is out there to aid them and cut down the leg work through giving them the tools to figure out a plan of action rather than go off of trial and error. I bring this up, because I believe that if we collectively had this same type of mentality, we would find that there really is so much more that we can do towards fixing our problems ourselves, instead of relying so heavily on elected officials just to turn around and blame them for EVERYTHING. And truthfully, if you are already feeling the negative effects of something that you are complaining about, then it stands the reason that you are already in that mess and it really will not take anymore of your time to examine it and see exactly where the problem is occurring and have an idea that can be shared on how that problem can be reduced if not eliminated. In short as a former president once said. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”



“Anger is not an end only a means to an end. In the end ALL things come full circle.” – Darth Venomous

12341029_967399219992494_9115843128713558730_n  jedi

The REAL SITH knows that while some are fortunate others are not. The path of The REAL SITH is laid for those who have experienced the darker side of life and for whatever reason can not hold to the standard Care Bear like beliefs that so many present in the world today. The primary reason for this is the recognition of how many cases this is a do as I say, not as I do belief system, of how many inadvertently or not, are hypocrites to the very things they expect everyone else to follow. Some however walk the path as much as talk it. That leads to reason number two the path of The REAL SITH might call to the lost. They understand their own darkness and the darkness of the world enough that there is a need to find things they can relate to the most to allow them to find the STRENGTH to handle that darkness and control their own so that it can not control them. This does however present at a certain point the contention that is found in most any philosophy there is.

You can take damn near any thought and stretch it from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the end what you are left with is the realization that, that thought is simultaneously wrong and right.

PEACE is a lie. There is only PASSION.


Through STRENGTH, I gain POWER

Through POWER, I gain VICTORY


But then what? If you have achieved some sense of transcendence from the point you once were, have you not achieved the very same thing through another path, that others have found through theirs? I always believed that the title of Episode 6 Return of the Jedi was not referring to the Jedi Order, and Heh heh as we have recently learned in Episode 7, that return never happened.  I believed it referred to Anakin Skywalker’s resurfacing from the pit of Darth Vader. Ironically, he did the very thing ALL SITH apprentices eventually do, which was take out their master to assume the role for themselves. Once more he acted out of LOGIC. For to save the life of his wife and unborn child, he became a SITH, and again to save his family he remembered the person he had once been. The boy who was born without a father figure, into slavery, taken from the person who had given him his center by the Jedi, who usually take them at a much younger age so that their center lay in the Jedi philosophy. struggled with conformity while being told how special he was, that he was THE CHOSEN ONE. Dealt with the one person who had been his root center dying in his arms when clearly if he could take out the whole village of sand people in vengeance, he could have stopped the raiding party that took his mother in the first place if he had been allowed to act on what he sensed was coming. Lied to by the Jedi, who were forced by circumstance created by the Sith to become something they were not when the peace keepers were forced to become soldiers in a war. Lived in agony for years over his losses, discovered he was lied to so long ago by the Sith master who took him in and faced with the choice of watching someone he was once willing to become a monster to protect die at the hands of the master who lied to him or be the father he never had and never was, came full circle. Unlike the other Jedi who come to know the Jedi way before going out into the galaxy, His preexisting knowledge of the cruelty that existed beyond the ideology of the Jedi kept him in constant conflict with himself and the order. To reconcile with the darkness inside of himself and the darkness that exists in the galaxy as he knew it, required him to walk the path of the Sith. But what happened next? You saw Jedi getting cut down left and right, but you never saw their ghostly images watching the rise of the empire. It was Qui Gon who found his way back and Obi Wan learned from him and so when Yoda and Obi Wan later died their bodies became one with the Force and vanished….. Anakin never learned this from the Sith and yet we see him as the Jedi he never had the chance to be in all his ghostly splendor at the end of “Return of The Jedi.” Ironic, and it leaves you to wonder if maybe by KNOWING both the light and the dark as he did, made him a far stronger Jedi even in death than he was in life.

Many who have the happy life, have not or may never know a time when despair and hopelessness threatens to consume them. I can vouch that when you do, HAPPINESS can not penetrate it. The fire of ANGER is the only thing that keeps it from consuming you. My friend who I had many philosophical debates with in my time when I was faced with that despair even concurred that in times of survival, ANGER and EGO can be necessary tools, just to keep going. He was right.  You have to have the fire to burn out the SORROW and you have to believe against any and all odds you may be facing that you can make it to tomorrow, even when the evidence of both what lies ahead and what has led you to that point shows something different. The path of The REAL SITH is not for everyone, is not necessary for everyone, but for those who have seen what rock bottom looks like and can not buy in to the rhetoric spoken by many who have not even thought about the meaning of it, those who see what makes things as they are in the world around them and can not unsee it, the ones who struggle with having to unlearn the useless habits and and blind devotion to things that DO NOT WORK or make things worse, it is a path that can help bring them around when nothing else helps and no one else seemingly understands.

As someone who was brought into the world paying the price of a father who can not love and a mother who loved someone who could not love. Who always thought about things in a light others did not. I grew up knowing violence, intolerance, judgement. In the face of this, there was the love of grand parents and that of my mother who ensured that at least there was unity among she, my sister and I even in the worst of times. I carried the rage of my mothers death into the house of my father who thought I was too young or too stupid to know what it meant that he and “the maid” slept in the same bed just days after mom was buried. I was taken from all I knew to a place where I was a complete outsider. Told there was something wrong with me as I stayed locked in my room reading books while listening to a step family talking shit because I did it. Finally broke free and found myself in a relationship, where in the process of trying to not be my father, I became my mother instead. Gave 16 of my life to this person, 5 years of community service and left with nothing to show for any of it, but a bullshit criminal record, a life on the streets, nothing to my name and a heap of betrayal from people who I supported. Some know less, some know worse, but none can really tell me anything about how they feel that I don’t understand full well. The bottom, is the bottom, no matter how you fell to it. Ultimately there will come a day when no human walks this Earth and years after that another little fish will crawl from the deep to take our place. One day the sun will blink out and nothing will walk this Earth again, Look into the night sky and see how many possibilities of this happening elsewhere or beginning to happen elsewhere and the reality sinks in, that LIFE WILL GO ON REGARDLESS of unfairness or how we ourselves will feel. To treat how you feel as an end, is to allow it to own you and is WEAKNESS. As I have stated before, The REAL enemy of the REAL SITH is WEAKNESS. Know it is NOT A RELIGION, but a philosophy, a system that acts as a means to an end, but when that end is met, You are presented with another CHOICE. To limit yourself with the LABEL and continue walking a path that is no longer necessary for the position you have reached, or take the BALANCE won, and integrate yourself into the fray, well, like Anakin Skywalker, with that greater understanding and control of both the LIGHT and the DARK. Ironic isn’t it? That the path of the REAL SITH can lead you to be THE STRONGER JEDI.

Darth Venomous Meme

You have no doubt found that I have repeated, constantly, certain words throughout the posts that cover The REAL Sith philosophy. These words are ones that I have constantly bombarded myself with. They are the KEY WORDS of The REAL Sith and the corner stone of the philosophy’s structure. Many of these words are within the code itself. PASSION, STRENGTH, POWER, VICTORY. Others are not as contained, INTELLIGENCE, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALITY, LOGIC, NATURAL ORDER, BALANCE, PRINCIPLE, TRUTH, CHOICE. Many of these words are used along with examples of the points that are being made of how these words and their meaning play a factor, in the lesson or situation you find yourself in. Moving forward, this will not change. These are the words of guidance, the words that when taken to heart allows one to begin self transformation, and most importantly ALLOWS THEM TO DO SO ON THEIR TERMS, and NOT the terms of others who would convince them, that THEY KNOW what is best for THEM. It is not the aim of The REAL Sith, to force belief of the way, but rather to give them the tools to open the doors that best suit them for themselves, for this is the path to true FREEDOM and fulfillment of ones greatest POTENTIAL as an INDIVIDUAL. The way of The REAL Sith is not one that requires you to follow MY exact path, but to forge your own. It is in the TRUE mastery of the self, that we learn to be of the most use to the WORLD, to SOCIETY, and to OURSELVES. In planting these KEY WORDS, The REAL Sith strikes at the primary causes of our One TRUE  enemy, WEAKNESS. – Darth Venomous