This is meant to be a lighter post than normal, but ironically I seem to have put it off until again I have to inform you that ten hours ago crowds were being broken up on Bourbon Street in New Orleans as the restrictions tighten up in the interest of squashing this bug that has swept in and taken the world by storm. Everyone knows it’s serious when Twitter, which is normally a political battleground between “Conservatives” and “Progressives” has seen most of everyone turn their attention to a far bigger enemy to the world than a reality TV star public official and on some level for that I am grateful. It’s almost like this thing is forcing us to break down certain barriers that have kept us going at each other nonstop for almost four years. As of yesterday it’s been reported that Louisiana has had 77 cases of Corona with a single death resulting from that. Bourbon Street being shut down makes things seem far worse than they are, but I feel it’s important to remind people that these are preventative measures at this stage. I wanted to note this because getting this information out there as fast as this virus spreads is likely to be as important a factor in bringing this historic mess to a close as making a vaccine. Here is the link to that recent news story. Cantrell Tweets Big Crowds Being Broken Up, Hash Tags Bourbon Street As Restrictions Tighten.

That’s it for the spooky news of current affairs. How about something a little more fun? A few weeks back I had decided that it was time to make my presence known on YouTube as I am getting back into the swing of things after a long hiatus and I had a little performance piece in mind when it was brought to my attention that Mardi Gras was happening the following week. Now I don’t know how many out there are aware of the term busking or what it entails, so I will tell you that it is the act of either performing on the street or posing with people for pictures that garner tips from those who appreciate giving them a memory to take with them. New Orleans has always been one of the biggest places for this type of activity and it was my thought to go during its biggest celebration of the year and try my luck at something I have never done before.

Setting out at 6am.

Getting in touch with an old work friend from one of the times I was down here before moving, I managed to get a ride all the way into New Orleans on Lundi Gras, The Monday before Fat Tuesday during the Mardi Gras celebration. Both as I entered the downtown area and I was left, I was met with the very sobering sight of the collapsed Hard Rock Cafe Hotel that’s debris still harbors the remains of two of the workers since there has been no safe way to retrieve them without putting even more lives in danger. It was quite the sight and not exactly what I would have wanted to see first thing as I was rolling into the biggest celebration of the city. I know I said no more spooky stuff, sadly it is unavoidable in life, but I promise, the rest is just good old fashioned fun…..After a while anyway..

By 9:25 am I was on Bourbon Street where I came to realize there were not many people at all. I had forgotten that, between the night before and the early morning clean up of the street and alcohol restock trucks that I would have a bit to wait. My intent in coming here was to make a little money, but not five minutes in I had already given a homeless lady a dollar she had asked for and another twenty minutes saw me cave into the restrooms for paying customers only stipulation of the few places opened that actually had one. Thirty minutes in I was already down thirteen dollars, it was not looking good, nor would it for the rest of the day. My mission failing, I decided let’s just take in the whole experience and not worry about the business aspect. From there the day went pretty well.

Near empty streets during Mardi Gras was not what I was expecting.
New Orleans bookstores remind me of Diagon Alley. They also remind me of what a fire hazard looks like.
Look Ma! Fake White Castle!
The Rarely captured backside of the St. Louis Cathedral, Where artists come to draw inspiration.
The fine window shopping fashion of The Trashy Diva. LOL
The world-famous House of Blues.
There the people are finally. From about 11 am onwards the streets started filling up.
But then I found it. The house in New Orleans, they call The Rising Sun….And that was it, I was RUEENED!!!!RUEENED I SAY!!!! Like the song tells us.
It’s not every day you get to watch a brave elderly lady celebrate her birthday……By riding a mechanical bull. It’s a good thing it was happy hour and I had a few Corona (The Beer of our Neighbors in Mexico, not the virus.) to adjust to what I was witnessing.
One of the many parades.
I could have sworn I had a better shot of the plastic five-gallon bucket drummer. Everyone has a gig in The Big Easy.
The face you make at the end of your half-successful day when an older lady who was a spitting image of Talia Shire grabs your backside and pretends to talk on her phone. Yo Adrian! What the Hell?!?!

So that was my day in a nutshell. I went with a dream of making some cash, left with far less than I came in with, but I saw a side of things that I don’t usually get to see. All in all, I can’t complain. It was a much-needed change of pace to my normal too quiet life. In afterthought, I could have done far worse, I could have come out of it far worse if what happened last night was any indication. And I think it will help to show everyone an idea of the normal we are seeking to get back to. It’s always good to know what you are fighting for.

Hey It’s been, I don’t know, a week or two since I last posted? Want to look at that post that includes petitions regarding Children’s Healthcare click here BURN IT DOWN! An All Out Assault Against Society Weakening Ideology. Before I get into today’s topic I’m going to need you to do something. I need you to believe in something that more and more these days seems IMPOSSIBLE. Can you do that? πŸ˜€ Good. You ever have those moments when you feel the need to ask yourself what would John Quinones do? For those who don’t know who this is, he is a journalist who did a show called “What Would You Do?” It was the perfect mixture of prank show and genuine social experimentation. Actors were hired to go out in public and create scenes, depicting acts ranging from race bashing, to abuse scenarios. They even had someone go out twice both as how they really are and in a fat suit with kick ass make up to see how people reacted differently between the model and the fat person. I mean you name it they were running a scenario for it and sometimes doing the same one in different places. Noting from hidden cameras, both the people who ignored what was happening and those who stepped up to act against it. They would always interview the ones who reacted to find out why they did. As far as reality television goes, this to me was one that had real educational value to it.

Well I think we have seen just about every real world scenario there is to be seen, whatever “What Would You Do?” hasn’t covered Tom Green certainly did back in his early days and while that was comedy it did push the limits of seeing how everyday people react to just ridiculous circumstances. That said Debate is a Lost Art, and I know there are going to be people out there who will read that and scream Debate Teams, Election Debates, The one’s you have seen between scientists and Christians and the thing is all of these are essentially COMPETITIONS and the Winners are determined by others viewing it’s very STRUCTURED RULE SET. I’m talking REAL DEBATE what we want to call debate today when compared to it is like the difference between Kendo and Genuine Sword fighting. First off in REAL DEBATE it is NOT about winning. When both sides are RECEPTIVE ENOUGH it is about each expanding their ideology through the EXCHANGE OF IDEAS. There is such a resistance in this age to the notion of exchanging idea’s. It’s like everybody wants to believe THEY ARE RIGHT. Let’s look at some of the reasons. First: It’s a matter of having a fixed and set belief system, this is something people cling to even during the times it does not make sense or even apply to the situation. It’s just easier to stick to your guns than adopt an idea from another person….especially if you disagree with most everything they say. Second: FEAR of anything that goes against your grain. FEAR is one of those things that exists to trigger Survival mode in our minds to make it easier to overcome obstacles, but it can also be it’s own obstacle when left unchecked.When we fear the result of being “WRONG” we become resistant to ACCEPTING the idea’s of others. Third: I have basically already covered in saying that we have twisted the idea of what debate is into being a COMPETITION, when you think DEBATE you automatically go into defense/offense mode in the belief that it is something that you can or have to WIN. When we do this we forsake accepting the ideas of others in the belief that as opponents their ideas are something to be BEATEN, not adopted.

One more thing before I go into the particulars of my little social experiment. In light of it being the holiday season and a time of gifting I will leave a few links to where you can find the albums of the band whose music played a key role in it. As you will see I give them Hell, but everyone is has the right to FORM their opinion and honestly my Biggest reason lies in the fact that you can’t run a social experiment without openly stirring the shit pot to get the ball rolling on it. If my results are any indication of the type of people this bands music inspire, believe me when I tell you I would see it all go triple platinum.

It started with just the right search of words on Youtube about a week ago. I happened across the EP Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit by an emo band called Snowing.  2 minutes in and I’m shaking my head trying to discern the lyrics over the cacophony of sounds that just bombard you when you are listening to this. SO I Google the lyrics and what I found was some fairly smart points regarding the sort of things that both cause strong emotion, but also beat people down into a state of emotional numbness. Okay, so for me it was sort of like Nirvana. Some of their songs you could follow what was being said some of it I had to wonder if there was even real words in there when I listened, but if you look at the songs as they are written it is exactly what everyone says it is…Genius. So naturally this is what I commented. (Click Images to see in full size)


With the open challenge issued all I had to do was sit back and wait for the responses, if there would be any, to come in. The first did almost immediately and I was impressed by what was actually just a fan who stated his own opinion and that was it. No fight, nothing more than a trade of opinions. So I’m thinking, Alright there are people who get it. People who don’t take such things too personally. I’m cool with that.

The second response came the next day and truthfully it was of a type that I expected, because it is  a very common type of response when someone says something that someone else does not like.

The Third response came the day after. this was one that I had expected sooner in the chain, more like first or second, because it is becoming more and more common a response in this day and age. It is the response I call The Care Bear response and I know if you have read much of anything I have written in the last four years then you know my take on The Care Bear response. And not to my surprise this one actually became an exchange. Because I am a Debater and as such I push the envelop, this makes me like oil to this type of person’s water. They tend to be the ones I ultimately rub the wrong way the most. This is also one of the best type of responses to start switching gears on to show a different side to the argument that you present.

Things went eerily quiet after that for a few days and for a moment I allowed myself to think that my little experiment had run it’s course with little real success. I was wrong. The fourth response was exactly what I had been most expecting and I was glad that it was actually the fourth in line because I had already sewed the seeds for changing up the argument altogether. As you will find what came AFTER this response was EXACTLY the thing that had made this a success. What you see here is the ANGRY RESPONSE. You will note that mine comes back even more harsh. The reason for this was so that if he looked back over how I responded to the others he would see a distinct difference in my demeanor versus how I mirrored his own. Keep an eye on this guy because he will show up later as well.

Remember when I said that I have a way of rubbing those with The Care Bear response the wrong way? Well guess who popped back up. and with that a new exchange was begun until it was suddenly stopped cold……Not by me and not by the guy with The Care Bear response, but by the one who initially had The ANGRY RESPONSE. Check it out.

There, RIGHT THERE was the moment my whole reason for stirring the shit pot. Suffice to say from this point forward My responses to others took on a different tone altogether. It makes no sense to continue being the person who stirs the shit pot once you found someone with a sense of reason who is capable of listening and learning from what others have to say. Doing so would then become COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. So it was when the fifth type of response came around The Innocent of any real insult, but questioning of how someone can stir that shit pot so willingly I honestly found how the girl put it hilarious and so I decided to take the path of adding to the comic relief.

Last came the type of response that I actually had hoped for but had not expected at all. This one came out swinging with an actual argument against my original statement, and a fairly well thought out argument at that. It all comes down to what a person takes personal, and in my own response I point out a lighter side to taking criticism and an appreciation for the thought put into coming back at my arguments.

Now for the point where I ACCEPT a few things of my own. Admittedly it I still find this music a bit of an acquired taste, but if we are being honest there are MANY reasons to come to really like something. For me I have to say this music offered an experience for me that I was not expecting through just the pure diversity of the people and their mind sets who listen to it. They are cool people. And this band are some real bad asses for bringing that together, I haven’t yet listened to the rest of what they have done, but knowing myself…I have Taylor Swift songs that I like…….I can’t STAND Taylor Swift, no offense to her. LOL It is very unlikely that I will not find something of theirs that I listen to repeatedly. With that I became the 873rd person to like their video…You know, the one I bitched about.

….. Why did I do all of this? It’s simple. Get online, any social media outlet, watch the news…..All 15 versions of it, listen to the people around you. What have we heard lately? A mess of LABEL THROWING, Left wingers, Right wingers, We protest this, we’re boycotting you because you protested it. It seems like we are living in a society that is dead set on being divisive, with a lack of OPENNESS that can’t help but make you wonder if there is truly ANY HOPE of repairing the rift. and you can say, at least Americans can, that it’s our current President’s fault and while he has been a huge factor, we were getting that way for a long time already, even before he decided to run for office. Partisan politics, are only a symptom of the REAL PROBLEM. Hell I have a page on here thanking Eminem for his music and what it did to keep me motivated and moving forward, but I don’t really listen to that much now and the reason is because he recently chimed in with a freestyle rap against the president. I agree with most everything he said in that freestyle, I laughed about a lot of it and then he did one of the dumbest things. He laid out an ultimatum to the people who listened to his music……. You can’t side with one and the other, you can’t walk the fence. In that moment the DUMB SON OF A BITCH BECAME THE SAME PROBLEM AS THE OTHER GUY. He essentially fed into the DIVISION of our people and THAT I am SO NOT COOL WITH. If your idea of fixing the problem is just setting people up like chess pieces for a battle you refuse to find, Hell to even bother to LOOK for an alternative path to, it’s on you too. I did this because with as IRREPARABLY DIVIDED as people seem intent on staying in this day and age it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to show, even in such a small form, that  as UGLY as OPEN DIALOGUE can be in it’s beginning stages, when people are OPEN ENOUGH the EXCHANGE of IDEAS is integral to our GROWTH, both as a person and as a people. Happy Holiday Season to All.




I say Goddamn, Face Book is WAY TOO fucking colorful theses days. I might as well throw my two cents in and piss a few people off at the Negative NIlly who is actually just a realist.

First off congratulations you guys have ONE less thing the government tells us we can’t do. Fuck, no matter what you believe that’s about a Goddamn victory for everybody. πŸ˜€Β Way to go U.S. for finally giving in a little you cheap bastards and allowing everybody to share in the same business transaction you endorse instead of just Group A. That said, you do realize that was all it was EVER really about right? Do you really think a bunch of big wig politicians with a hidden taste for prostitutes and thievery was ever taking a MORAL STANCE against gay marriage? NO my friends that was JUST what the right wingers were telling the bible thumpers to keep the election funds coming in. You see the U.S. government has NEVER given a FUCK about who you LOVE or who you HATE. What they did give a fuck about was whenever you filed your W-2 whether or not you marked it SINGLE which allowed them to take more and give back less, or MARRIED which made them take less and give more back. πŸ˜€Β The CONTROL of who could legally marry and who could not was never about belief, it was JUST BUSINESS. Oh and the whole Love WINS thing, it was just a tactical trade off for the government also recently deciding to once again try to erase a part of our history that covered a war that killed more Americans than any other over a Survey says…. Church shooting. WOW so like THE BIGGEST opposition, to gay marriage JUST got hit, in a fashion that draws attention to the RACE FACTOR, making folks jump up down and call for TAKING DOWN A FLAG, right BEFORE THIS MILESTONE decision gets passed by appointed officials, NOT elected ones. This had JACK SHIT to do with LOVE winning anything. Just as, if the Civil War was truly fought for the RIGHT REASON African Americans wouldn’t have STILL been fighting to be treated like everyone one else well over a century after the final shot was fired. Not saying it isn’t a win, just cautioning not to read TOO much into it being ALL ABOUT LOVE AND PROGRESS.

Now I’m HAPPY for you, but I am NOT celebrating this, NOT out of hate, but rather out of experience. I’ve been down that isle once already, it proved ONCE TOO MANY. I simply DO NOT believe in marriage PERIOD. I do not believe that it is a necessary step for COMMITMENT, commitment is being able to leave at any time and CHOOSING not to. The moment you see it is necessary, you limit the value of that bond to a ring and a piece of paper that allows the government all up in your personal shit. That’s another thing, yeah Welcome to our world guys. You just went from having the government tell you, you couldn’t do something to having them all over you for paper work to LEGALLY DOCUMENT your union. Now what does it mean to have the U. S. government in your personal union? Well it’s the polar opposite of what you had to face before being allowed to marry, NOW if you decide you can’t be with the person you are with, it’s A LOT harder to get away. That’s why you can get married in an hour but if you are LUCKY, a divorce will only take a month.

Well that’s just too early to even think about that, we were just finally allowed to get married. πŸ˜€Β Yeah, that’s me, THE REALIST. In a perfect world you will show us ALL HOW IT IS DONE RIGHT. Honestly I hope you DO. HOPE, but I know better, I’ve seen enough gay couples to know that they are indeed JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. So here is what’s going to happen A SHARP increase in marriages, which will temporarily decrease the divorce percentage over all. A couple, three years tops and then it will start making it’s way right back to where it is NOW and then INCREASE there after. That’s just life, that’s PEOPLE, especially PEOPLE in the fast paced American culture, where no matter your sex, race, sexual orientation, so many have grown up in an age where it is ALL ABOUT INSTANT GRATIFICATION. But, but, this is about LOVE. I HOPE so, I hope that all this fighting for the RIGHT to be allowed to do something you were NEVER ALLOWED to do before has not OVERSHADOWED the very CORE REASON for fighting for it in the first place. I HOPE, but I also DOUBT. I see, well most people as equal, those who I don’t EARN IT through lack of character. I simply DO NOT have the FAITH in people in general to believe otherwise. Love wins, only when it’s ENOUGH but it NEVER IS, is it? – Love BIG CAT

Most of the month of July is going to be mainly narrative, because if anyone out there has ever Face Book battled a peer or group for that matter it ultimately looks incoherent because it is often one sided unless you are connected with both parties or know who it is being directed against in order to get the bigger picture. This month saw the beginning of my reign as king of what I was calling the Lonely Mountain.Β  The last few days of June saw things start to get bleak, actually they were starting to get bleak since my last injury that had kept me down for a whole week. Communication can be a double edged sword especially when your only real way to connect is through anything like social media because there is simply no real way to avoid seeing or learning how the world you were once a part of continues. No way to avoid the memories of what you once had. No way to not compare it to where I was stuck and it had a way of bringing the stark reality of what I was facing into focus. Homelessness alone can put a person under, every victory counts and it was made even more so by the fact that they could only be half victories until I faced my final judgement at my trial in August. I could have fought my way back from Hell and there was still that looming prospect that it would have been for nothing depending on how things went at my trial. Many days and nights I sat by the train tracks contemplating becoming the fourth in the last few years to meet their end on those very tracks. I learned a couple hard lessons in those days, I felt like a cat that was going off to some unknown location to die. Lesson one: There is a fate worse than death or dying alone, and that fate is being forgotten on top of it. Lesson two: Suicidal thoughts are never more frightening than they are when it is not depression or manic discontent that causes them, but rather when they are driven by logic. You see it in the zombie shows and movies, the person who sticks the gun in their mouth because it is a better alternative to being eaten alive, but there is a huge difference when you are actually faced with what looks like a lose, lose situation all the way around making an end to it appear a more viable solution then trying to keep fighting a losing battle. Enter the assholes, in a normal mindset their dumb ass little jabs would have been a minor inconvenience, easily ignored, but when you are fighting a downward spiral as it is on top of the above mentioned thoughts on the the world I came from it starts becoming more, it is no longer just A THING it is ONE MORE THING and ONE THING TOO FUCKING MANY. If they had bothered to even say Hi once in awhile, they might have had an argument on my unreasonable point of view. Sitting here now I remember a line in a movie spoken by another former homeless underdog who would go on to rise above their station in life, Sylvester Stallone, going through my mind as the month of July progressed. “They drew first blood, not me.” It was all fucking retarded looking back on it now, but for me it was a matter of principle I had to face enough fucking indignities in my position without letting a bunch of dicks with low self esteem and over inflated egos convince me of what my value was just because of my current standing. Maybe they believed it, maybe they just wanted me to be the asshole villain because it would make them feel less like shit for knowing someone who their little politics and way of operating almost fucking killed, everyone does it, fuck I’ve done it, it’s the little things we tell ourselves to assuage a guilty conscience “It was probably going to happen like this anyway.” That sort of thing. Whatever it was they were quick to make me the bad guy of the piece. Fury became my saving grace against the logic and before Summer was out they would learn just as another wise man once said. “Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it and if you get it then you might not know what to do with it, cause it might just come back on you ten-fold.” – Eminem


July 1st

Holy shit! Sunburn and sandstone do NOT meet well. < This was not bullshit exactly, it just was not major enough to even post about. The only reason I did was to continue gauging the reaction of certain parties who continued to insist on only liking posts like this. I will quasi reveal the identity of the little bitch in time and it was one from the past but for now I will just let it stand with this.


NC: I am not sure if like is the right word. FB should have a Yikes button.

TCH: πŸ™


July 2nd

πŸ˜€ You’re all so damn cute when you’re angry. LOL
Especially when you take the stuff you see here on FB so personally. Come on Yall….only UPTIGHT people do that. < This was in reference to a conversation I had with the main culprit a couple months prior , Did I mention how much I love throwing a persons words right back in their fucking face? Holy shit, maybe I am more of a politician than I thought. πŸ˜€


I cry your pardon all. It seems I’ve forgotten my Sweeney Todd. There’s a price to be paid for getting lost in a monster created by injustice. < This would be my final attempt to get them to stand down. Just block them. Many would say, fair enough. I don’t operate that way, the first thing I would do is give them a few chances to just simmer down and if they don’t, well, to every action states the law of physics. Karma comes in many forms, I like to think the type of asshole that I am is one of them. At least I’m honest.


Diary of a vagabond king: So the other night I’m laying up on the river bank, watching the new 300 movie.( Back when I got my phone card to reactivate my phone I discovered some left over Google cash from back when I was working. grin emoticon I had been using it for music because it was too much of a pain in the ass to keep stopping what I was doing for YouTube.) Three guys, came up on me, one was Kenny, clearly shitfaced drunk, the other two I did not know, but they confessed to being fucked up on Norco and weed.

Now they were just checking to see if I was alive ( maybe, considering what happened next, that may have just been a bullshit line.) They did not know I had my blade in hand, like always at night and I did not know the fuckers would be stupid enough to get that close without stating their purpose. What happened when I shot upright COULD have ended badly. They fell back quickly, Kenny, who I only then recognised almost went down on the rocks he was so fucked up.

Everything cooled down as quickly as it happened, the unrecognized two went their way, Kenny who wasn’t making a fucking bit of sense passed out on the fishing pier. I was left to think about what ALMOST happened. If I stay, I will either end up dead, or end up having to take someone else out, neither is an option I’m willing to deal with.

The following night I go on a scavenger run to Kanawha City, did not want to go back to the riverbank. The scavenger hunt is fruitless accept for getting me out of town for a few hours. I sat down on a rock and dosed off, maybe an hour. I can’t remember what I dreamed only the last thing said before I woke up “Hey man, get up here.” I notice it’s dawn and decide fuck it I’m going topside, where I plug in my phone and collapse across the table top of the bench, grin emoticon not two minutes later there came a torrential downpour.” Saved by a fucking dream, I thought.

Shit changed after that. Something out there still wants my ass alive. I don’t get it anymore than the rest of you. I left that riverbank, that town, those fucking drunks always trying to entice me into becoming like them, content to piss my last in a drunken state in some forgotten fucking corner of civilization. I went into a new spot in the wilds, now this might sound fucked up, but it is true. I stumbled blindly into a landscaping job.

Work, the almighty stabilizer, the one thing that creates a desperately needed sense of NORMALCY. At the moment it’s all good in the hood, it’s time for me to go away for a while, try to build funds, take this moment of stability and focus once more on my legal shit, not afraid to say between principle and the fact the bastard may have killed any chance I did have of getting out, I wouldn’t mind five minutes alone with the fucker from Ravenswood who made that damn threat.

At the end of it all, I’m still not sure if there is any going home. This may be something I can come back from, moments like this give me a reason to hope that I can, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never be the person I used to be again. Good or bad I won’t really know the answer until I get set up for the life that comes after, there is no point in trying to figure that out now. Until next time I get a wild hair up my ass to say something….fuck it I’m gonna go look for that turkey I hear.

The preceding took place between Sunday June 29 and Wednesday July 2


NC: Here’s to hoping for light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong. < She would know better than anyone, as it was her who came and saved my ass from the riverbank and put me up on top of the Lonely Mountain. Though with the situation involving my being hunted by my ex wife, and because of what happened the last time she found out I was there, as I was staying about 200 yards from where I was arrested, it was agreed upon to keep it under wraps. A factor that would pay off in the long run. With a place to stay and a job that I was not expecting I wasn’t exactly lying when I said I stumbled onto it…. I was simply telling the truth, from a certain point of view.

Shayne: I’m trying and I hope that light isn’t the C train.

EOS: Any chance u know the fucker from ravenswood name… I could arrange a 5 minute meeting. ..

Shayne: I didn’t read past the point where I knew I was fucked to be honest.

TCH: I saw that too. I thought of you and thought, “Damn!”. Glad u found a job and a new spot. Shayne Workman, I’ve been through a lot of tragedy in my life. I don’t know about Physical evolution but do know, we evolve mentally through life, never to be the person we were before. That’s part of the purpose of the journey. The hope is to learn and grow. I hope you will achieve this.

Shayne: Mentally I have grown to learn that the element of surprise can give ONE person a Hell of an advantage even against THREE. Lol I know I shouldn’t laugh. They REALLY were not expecting me to suddenly go from prone to standing and coming at them snarling like a fucking animal. Have to say I’m grateful for Kenny, the moment we figured out who each other were was the moment and reason the situation defused so fast.



Diary of a vagabond king side note: You know those fucking scared straight programs for troubled youth? I think we should go one step further, I think we should take law makers, judges, cops and corporate leaders strip them of outside assistance, cut them off from their bank accounts, give their asses one nickle and two pennies and tell them to live for three days in the world they help make.

Maybe they’ll learn the truth. There is no wisdom or intelligence in politics, no real strength that comes from standing on the shoulders of ass kissers that can’t sulley their hands to stand for something that really MATTERS because doing so would mean they would have to stand AGAINST something or someone else. No CONTROL that does not turn a solid foundation into a house of cards just waiting to be blown over. No case where one LITTLE thing can undo so much, that there isn’t more than ONE little thing that will undo it. Maybe they and everyone else would actually see, they are only human and not the gods among them that they are often mistaken for.

In the words of Audrey Hepburn “Wouldn’t it be lovely?” LOL No worries brother I will NEVER SELL OUT! < I was sent a message from one of my people telling me to never sell out.


RN: Brother I’m proud of you! Welcome to the true realities of the USA.
Please checkout a post on Russia and the dollar I posted just now? THIS IS the trouble ahead that I told you would be what put everyone in same position. It’s like a train coming head-on at the USA and there’s nothing government can do to stop it- since we charged the costs of the last three wars in mid-east.


July 4th

Diary of a vagabond king:
Happy 4th of July to all, and in light of that fact, this will be a rather unusually upbeat edition. Ever since my legal ordeal began I annoy the shit out of myself by getting “soft” for lack of a better term whenever a holiday comes around. LOL Yesterday I had my first real day on the job clearing debris and weeds in such from a clients yard. Checking fire wood to see what was good and what had rotted in the weather. It felt damn good to have a PURPOSE again. The job took me in the direction of Alum Creek and out towards Lincoln County, which I haven’t been to for awhile so it was a nice change of scenery. My supervisor David gave me an advance in light of my situation. Landscaping bosses seem to be some of the coolest fucking people to work for in that regard. I had a friend once who had worked for a couple different crews and he tended to get the same kind of treatment.

After stopping at Walmart at the end of the day for provisions and an important wardrobe upgrade, I headed back to camp. That night I hear the howl of a coyote, there in lies the trade off with moving your camp further out from society, the wild life is more varied and some things are bigger than a raccoon or opossum. Still better than being trotted up to by a fucking pillhead in the middle of the night.

I get a call this morning, the crew ain’t working today, holiday and all. So I walk about two miles to my nearest neighbor Roy, who owns the land I stay on and is how I got my job. Take a shower, charge my phone, help him put a manifold back together, stayed for a cook out and then headed back to camp.

Found me a damn good stick on the way back. grin emoticon Don’t gotta worry no more about preserving 15 dollar shoes that have reached their damn end in the last three days after God knows how many miles, some of which over mean ass terrain. I do something I have not done in a long time, Dragon’s Fang. That was the name I gave my self developed sword kata, that I used to do at night using a lightsaber, it’s a form of exercise and meditation. It starts slow, utilizing some modified stances and movements from Tai-Chi and as I get warmed up the speed and techniques change and pick up and then it slows again towards the end bringing heart rate and breathing back to normal and everything into stronger focus.

Feel better now than I have for months. The weekend is here again, but hey, I have work tomorrow, ain’t it cool? Next week I need to make some calls to check up on my other shit, everything that helps…helps even if I’m not as dependant on it at the moment as I was when I had nothing else going for me.

The preceding took place between Thursday July 3 and Friday July 4 < The location of the job and the crew were all fabrications to keep my true location a secret.


TCH: Glad it’s getting a little better. Hang onto that job and hang in there in general. You are tough and you will survive.

Shayne: πŸ˜€ No one will ever get fortunate enough to be rid of me. Even if I do get locked up, I am making backlogs now. You can bet your ass, if I have to have a midget with access to my account, that I write to periodically, as long as there’s a breath in my body and a thought in my head I will still annoy the Hell out of everyone with it……God sometimes I can’t even stand my damn self. LOL

TCH: Without determination you and we humans in general would not make it thru hard times. Use it.. Even if you annoy yourself and others…

NC: Glad you had a great holiday. It is nice to hear the job is working out for you.


July 5th

Now we come to the fun day, the day I officially started letting fly my first volley. I would start pissing off many people this day and looking back, even though I was not breaking any terms of the DVP I had on me, let’s face it, it’s Face Book, word gets around and when that word is letting fly with dirty little secrets while taking pot shots at everyone else….. Welll… There is no law against telling the truth, Savvy?

Faster than your average Charlie Westian, More fun than an EXECUTIVE decision to get stoned and knock a giant hole in the wall that will never get fixed. IT’S MEEE!!! on a riding lawn mowey.Β  AH HA HA HA HA !!! πŸ˜€ < First off Charlie West was the new dumb ass travel ad jargon for people from Charleston West Virginia . Secondly, I added a link to the Geico commercial of the street luge pig for the Hell of it and third,Yeah I just told everyone that the executive branch of the board of my former theater got high one night and thought it wise to remodel without funds or intent to actually work on it, just sort of satisfy a curiosity about a sealed room. It was a shot, but it was also my way of starting to let people know, who were told just how terribly dangerous I was that the truth of why my wife was going out of her way to eliminate me from the picture was because I knew shit. πŸ˜€
TCH: I think I know the hole you’re referring to πŸ™‚


Since once more I have fallen asleep at the damn computer after a long night, and because it is Memorial Day and I really don’t want to get deep into the dumb ass hate mongering on a day people spend with their families and honoring the memories of their loved ones I will break it here until I return to finish the month of July.