ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! This is the one you have been waiting for and the time to give it to you is RIGHT NOW. At over 200 pages into the final draft, I can now tell you beyond doubt that the official release date for it is now August 31st 2015. Good now lets finish this bastard and go Home. 😀 Oh and more announcements pertaining to it and it’s cause will be released the closer we get to the date. This will include details on The Blue Purity Fund and all the places it will be available for download.  – Love BIG CAT




I would continue to milk the punchline for a little less than a week before it had run it’s course with me, but quickly turned focus to another opportunity that presented itself, a nail in the coffin move so to speak. Occasionally through out the Spring and early Summer I would run into someone or other every now and then who would volunteer information on what was happening at the theater. I had tried first to make use of that to aid them from afar, that was until the DVP was raised against me and I ended up out on the streets. Even then I would catch people here and there who would volunteer that information though at that point I was in no position or mind set to even really give a shit, but given the counter measures I was now pursuing I would find the latest tid bit quite useful. There were talks behind closed doors of what the season opener was going to be, however behind closed doors does not exactly mean out of ear shot….. as such, it would certainly raise the question of how I knew. Considering I had been letting on as though I had someone on the inside I had found the one thing that might cause an implosion. The strategy was sound, piss enough people off that news of me was frequent make sure that news included rumors that I might have someone inside, use the knowledge I would gain from randomly running into those who tell things to give those rumors teeth. My ex wife in losing trust of those around her in her paranoia would lash out more at them pissing them off enough to leave or retaliate against her actions against them. By attacking her support, in this fashion it was my hope to either keep her too occupied to even worry about me, or cause enough of a rift that I would have less to worry and look over my own shoulder about. More importantly than the final strike that was followed by my deleting another 40 + people from my list there was my trial that was coming up in a matter of a few weeks on the 19th.  Small town court, I was an outsider, my case had already been shuffled to two different Public Defenders and before all of it was over with that number would be bumped up to three. I expected the worse case scenario, but in the midst of it all, I would dedicate myself to getting at least one thing published before I was finally swallowed by my circumstance.


August 1st

Oh and here are the guided instructions, I have already demonstrated my ability to use this feature, but I just get so damn sick of doing the dirty work myself. I noticed that SOME just wanted to linger and NOW they have a problem with the shit I say. It’s an easy fix, it always was. < A link to the Face Book FAQ page on how to unfriend a person was added to this. There seemed at that point genuine malcontent among everyone as it stood, I was no exception, I felt the darkness inside growing.



TRUTH- The only person who has ever really handed me my ass on a silver platter, was the one person I freely gave my ass to like a good little lap dog.
Not saying to this world, that I am the baddest motherfucker around and THAT is why I’m unbeatable.
I’m unbeatable because there is nothing anyone can do to me at this point, that isn’t going to make me giggle my motherfucking ass off and say “That’s nice, come back when your balls have dropped.”

You wish to tell the whole world that I am truly an asshole, well FOX NEWS beat your ass to that punch already when my arrest put me on blast nationwide.

Take my dignity anyone? 😀 I was handed a book written by the author who was my fathers favorite when he was in prison, by my cell mate on my first day in lock up. I have scrounged 50 cents for a can of Van Kamps from the local Dollar General. I have no dignity to take.

Beat my ass? I have shown the pictures of how well I have done that to myself.

Get me locked up? Been there done that, am fully expecting to go back soon enough with what due process looks like in small towns with banners that read “A community of family and friends”

Get me rooted out from the place I live? Bored now.

Alienate and isolate my ass? Motherfucker you DO know who you’re looking at, right?

There is NOTHING that anyone can threaten me with anymore. It’s been done. My ass has been driven so deep in the dirt and left alive, that NO ONE from that fucking fake ass CANDY LAND I came from could possibly fathom the world I have made home.

“But, but you’re on the edge, you could flip out at anytime.”……Nice theory, but the truth is I don’t give enough of a fuck to bother. I’ll survive, by my will and the help and support of a caring few that I claim as MY people. Everyone else is nothing but the ass end of a joke, meant for my amusement. And why shouldn’t they be? They linger when I have stated that I have no real way to tell friend from foe. They smile through their teeth, lie out their asses, to themselves especially. Care about nothing enough to really fight for it. Many are proven cowards that can’t really take up for themselves or each other for that matter. ( snicker) Not even against cream puffs. I’m so MEAN I’m so JUDGMENTAL. All I can say to that is reap it, clearly my value was judged first. If you don’t like what I say….leave, because there really isn’t anything else you can do.


RN: Tell me how you really feel? lol
Motherfucker of a Supermoon( this is the true Supermoon of 2014) coming up soon. Moon of confusion. Must be THEIR MOON- I’m not confused and you sound reality based. Must be theirs.

Shayne: I feel like I have nothing to lose. And I’m realizing that’s not a bad thing, it just means more room for the good I will see happen.

RN: You’re right! Negativity and destruction only show weakness to predators and they’ll move in for the kill! When it doesn’t cause you to respond to their taunts- they realize you’re stronger then they are. You see it’s different rules and readings then it was as a kid. Kids rules don’t apply anymore.


August 2nd

Diary of a Vagabond King.

One Ziplock baggie AH HA HA HA
Two Ziplock baggies AH HA HA HA. 😀 And why? It’s never smart to put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how well you hide that shit.

Yeah folks,I hate to tell ya….but uh, I could get my own place right now. Two things, first and foremost, it would really just be kinda fucking stupid to lay out a deposit that I couldn’t get back if I get my ass convicted in this stupid legal shit. Two, it would eat the stack and then I’d still have to worry about transport to and from work. Fuck it! I got a good thing going I might as well gut out this whole outdoorsy style while I still have the war…well semi-warm/ cool summer ( remembers hoody, need now, damn storm made shit chilly again) weather on my side to buffer my Goddamn security, so that when or if I get my NOT GUILTY nod, with legal bullshit behind me, I will fully have the means to take THIS FUCKING HOMELESS ISSUE, turn that sumbitch sideways and KICK IT straight down at the end of Jabroni Drive, to the Smackdown Hotel…. 😀 In case you didn’t notice, I’m happy, also a little tipsy but hey, GENUINELY FUCKING HAPPY.

For this, is what I have actually been doing in (whisperz) “The really real world.” (Normal tone again) You know, outside of this fucking fantasy FACEBOOK land……..lol I swear to God, grown adults…lol..You have to admit sometimes it IS like a Goddamn nursery school up in here. 😀 ….LOL Oh shit, good times. Just thought you might want a real update from the frontline, soooo…I gabe ( no wait) gave it to ya. LOL Til next time kiddies, and hopefully with more good newd ( news) LOL


Okay so I was figuring what good was it really to bitchslap people if I wasn’t showing them that I had been making strides to get ahead even as I did so. Like I said it was becoming it’s own drug and somewhere between seeking to put them in their place for their judgement and using them to keep my ex wife guessing and occupied, I started feeding the hatred, but I would soon bring it all to close.


August 3rd

 Arachniphobics have it wrong, usually when a spider bites it’s a matter of wrong place wrong time. Ticks actually hunt your ass down, they WANT to attach themselves to you, and they’re a Hell of a lot harder to kill compared to spiders. They’re like little eight legged, blood sucking, terminators. Think about that. 😀 (Just found two more.) < I started noticing another watching at this point, or rather the amazing coincidence of their sudden appearance at the same time as one of the others on the chat list suggesting communication that just so happened to occur when I would post. That one I had not only left alone but had actually supported pretty much the whole time, that again would not matter as once again an epic display would ensue of what sheer fucking stupidity can come from a LACK OF REAL COMMUNICATION. That is all that ordeal even needs to be mentioned for. So ladies and gentleman if you ever find yourself in a situation that you are not sure about, well do what I was too stupid to do and follow the simple logic, If someone follows a need to mask their communication, they really are not making any REAL attempt to communicate at all and have nothing genuine or of any real value to convey. I may look crazy and like I am talking to myself half the time, but at least I make my fucking points in a straight forward non ambiguous fashion.  TRUTH, HOLLA 😀


August 4th


“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he doesn’t become a monster.”

I got my victory, I proved my point. You got stunned and shut the fuck down by a hobo, who USED to be a force on your side. All who are left lingering, go ahead and linger. Know that stands for those of my former world. Not the newbies or long distant, they have no part in this. Linger, pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, watch what I do WITHOUT you. The power I leave in your hands is the choice to reconcile or depart. You have that power until the day it is clear that I’m not JUST surviving but actually THRIVING. On that day if you have not made that choice I will. You don’t get to come back AFTER I’m worth something.


RN: Shayne Workman you’re worth something regardless of what you posses. Those that come only in good times are the ones you throw back. But please remember this profound words. Prisons come in many forms.


Shayne: I….am not throwing anyone else back, they have been properly bitch slapped and shown that my CURRENT position is no REAL indication of the STRENGTH I wield. They have also been shown, that just because I fought for me, this time, doesn’t change that it was the same battle I fought for them, inclusion, respect as people. At the core neither me nor my arguments changed. Those who cheered me on before either stopped agreeing with that argument, or was so damn caught up with the false notion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend who fights for me and as a friend would never dream of bitch slapping me over the same shit. Ass kickings take time to process. I’ll give them that, and it’s a damn bit more then they would ever get from some of their own, so is the mercy to back off when I could easily keep dogging them. < The next day I again felt the darkness inside edge towards striking at them more and before the end of the day I would remove them all, all but 37 of the loyal. Always watch yourself when walking a razors edge. For instance with me. Putting them in their place after fucking with me was one thing, using them in a plot meant to break the power of a psychopath is on thing, Continuing on when you have already made your point, allowing the fear of the upcoming trial to add to the hatred of those who actually had not played a part in that, was something else. Know when to draw the line, or you risk becoming the very thing you hate most. Now I would like to make another point about this statement one that went along with the plan. I wonder if those from this time period who were on the receiving end of this shit or the ones who would go on to stick their fucking noses into the fray afterwards ever really caught on to the fact that I have been open with sharing the tactics that I find work as I build myself back up, to where even the ones I left can see it. Consider this if it was just about rubbing my continuing success in anyone’s faces I could just point out that I’m getting ahead, I would not even have to mention HOW.  What they or anyone takes or finds useful is for them to decide as is allowing the grudge to keep them from making use of something just because it came from me even when it is workable. Where I had once been ignored and was of little consequence, I GOT THEIR ATTENTION BY TELLING THEM THEY WERE WRONG IN THE MOST LOUD MOUTHED FUCK YOU FASHION, It was time to go into the next phase which would be showing them I was right, it was that phase that would see me start to be more giving again. 


August 5th

😀  Knowledge is what changes the world, and it’s rules.


LOL…… 😀 The few know, some actually get it. MY people. The ones who want their cake and eat it too in a manner that keeps me at a disadvantage…….. They were right, time to focus a little more on people who matter. Fuck monsters, I find myself falling into the same damn trap with those….who may not be monsters but aren’t really human either. It’s costing me.< And it was with these words that I removed most of my already meager list, it was best to get them out of the way for everyone’s sake, theirs for obvious reasons, mine so that I could cage the beast and start to focus on the next part of the plan. I would mope for a few days as I struggled to put that beast back in the cage until I sat down one night in the same mindset that I had been in at the beginning of June when I had wrote the first real poem I had done in years. The story would reveal itself over a course of six days one post per day. That is a big chunk of why  August has so few posts, for one thing, there was really no one left to talk to and secondly ……..Well you have seen part of it here already, and will see the rest of it when “The Tale Of The Twin Flames” gets released later this year. Before I go on to the trial I would like to take a moment of recap, for those who have forgotten but mainly for those who have failed to see the BIG PICTURE and still don’t get it. This recap can be seen in entries already here but I will line them up for the sake of letting you know the truth. I have always known where I was going, the how and the when, now that is what has been in constant flux and has caused me to have to be both the General, the Strategist and the Field Commander or the Tactician who has to interpret the unfolding of the situation in order to figure out and forge the path that best carries out the overall strategy.


August 25th 2013


Keep being scared to death over spiders, snakes, rats, death, heights. The only thing that truly terrifies me, is what would become of me the day the wrong Wolf gets fed for the last time, because it’s a beast that understands that a sadness, a doubt, a truth, or a fear can be twisted in a persons heart as effectively as any blade, and the ripples from that twist while slow burning, can be spread just as far as a tactic as common and cheap as a 5 cent romance novel in a thrift shop, that is grabbing a gun and clearing a class room. and would leave me alive and free to continue my work. What you never knew was that every good thing I have ever done, from simple to grand was done to keep that beast that everyone on here has got a taste of recently at bay, or what that struggle has cost me just to keep believing that the good is worth it. I’m not going religious here but someone out there likes every one enough to let Karma show me why I should not be that beast every time it gets on a roll. Here’s hoping my fresh start can keep that bitch caged for good this time. < So….. Lets start at the beginning of this little tale shall we, with the post that would land my ass in jail. I can’t help but marvel at just how many examples of the point I was trying to make with this statement that has been shown just in this narrative alone. both from others and myself. Oh yeah and here too are the following comments that were ignored right along with the rest of the post save for that half a sentence that was taken out of context for the sake of justifying the arrest.


DN: most human beasts were created by the world itself. They simply give back to the world what it deserves. If the world calls me a monster just remember, the world helped to create me this way.

Shayne:  I’ve let the world dictate my fate enough, it’s my choice to fight the beast, the idiots of the world will take themselves out in the end, they aren’t worth expending even my diabolical genius on.

JD: So much nicer when my brain reads it in your voice. Nice quote by Hitler there DN.

DN: i quoted hitler?

Shayne:  LOL Damn now I’m doing it by accident. < I was actually referring to stirring up shit with the post, sort of my sarcastic way of saying See words can be damaging too….. Oh shit if only I knew where this was going to lead me.

JD: Oh no. I was just being sarcastic. Like Hitler blaming the world because he’s a monster. Just sarcasm.

Shayne:  😀  mine too

DN: oh ok then. its true though whether anyone likes it or not. most of the terrible people of the world were turned that way by the world itself. but whatever. to each their own < Now I might thoroughly bitch slap some motherfuckers for being stupid enough to cross me, but ultimately it comes down to fucking choice. You can CHOOSE to let the world in all it’s fucked up glory break you and make you just like the worst or the least active or you can CHOOSE to USE IT, Use ALL of it to your advantage. Just as I find a way to USE my situation or the people who cross me to my advantage. For the record I don’t just USE everyone…. only the ones who think FUCKING WITH ME is a good idea. Door mats are so early 2000’s 😀

JD: Oh no. I didn’t disagree I was just going to an extremist level with the quote

DN: its all good either. you wont hurt my feelings trust me. lol

RW: *warm thoughts*


February 27th 2014


I vanished without a trace save for my promoting my store front. That is about to change again, complete with a whole new demeanor. It has taken me 2 weeks to finally grasp that my anger no longer has anywhere to go, as there is nothing left of my former life to even strike at anymore. That in it’s own right can be….a jagged little pill, All pissed off and nowhere to blow. 😀

It’s been kind of like a cheap ass reality show. So why not own it. I have nothing left to bitch about, but what I do have is a perfect scenario to be documented. You have seen the fall you know the situation, now you will see if I can get back up from what could be, the end. If I don’t you will know why, if I do you will see how. There will be something worth knowing either way either for protection or inspiration. Unspoken Ethic is going to be all about realignment of self through beating a chosen set of priciples into my own head. Now you will get the full measure of just how hard I am on myself, and trust me everyone else got off light.  😀 < I repeat, I ALWAYS KNEW where I was going with this. You like the name? Does it look familiar? 😀 


April 7th 2014

Remember when I said; if I fall you will know why and if I rise you will know how? In the coming days you will have the opportunity to see for yourself, the guide lines I have started adhering to in order to regain a personal code and sense of identity. It is called The Unspoken Ethic and it is going through the last stages of development as we speak. It is part of a strategy to build Something of real benefit to everyone, but as such is going to have to gradually build while I proceed with other steps to further secure the ground I stand on. < Ohhhh There it is again, along with a glimpse of what it will go on to be used for. Not long after this post was put up this very blog opened up with a single post that would be all it would see until I started putting in my entries in mid-October. Are some of you getting it now? Is it becoming a little more clear?


June 23rd 2014

Diary of a vagabond king:
I figured maybe I should try a phone call first. The call did not help, I have to go in person, maybe tomorrow I can use this leg without it staying on fucking fire. It was a downer….and proof that I am still a virgin in this new life. Last night I got my ass handed to me, because I broke the first rule, be aware in the moment, to NOT let your mind wander into territory that will do me no good. Should have watched my fucking step.

Got a visitor on my side of town from Hobo Alley. Kenny 😀 we jawed a couple hours about where we came from, to be here. We laughed because he became the fourth person this week that I scared the fuck out of when he happened across me in the dark. You’re good people man, I got your back, you watch. I’m gonna go get me a beer. And with those words he went off doing his thing. 😀 My leg, and what feels like a pinched nerve in my rib cage still hurt like a bitch, but I had to admit it helped seeing that I’m not out here on my own, there are those who know the story, because it’s not unlike their own.

I think of him, the guy in the house at the end of the road around the corner from the park, who offered water as I came back into town the other day, the GAR catcher 😀 who said to me if you need anything man come on over, these are hard days for everyone. The lady who just passed by who said the same thing, after telling me it’s hard living outside, I know, I’m lucky at the moment. She lives in the house on the corner here, with no electric. It dawns on me in that moment, it should have always been them.

Say whatever the fuck you will about those with nothing, or next to it. But from what I’ve seen, from where I sit I can honestly say aside from those who have always stood by me, that I have truly found a better class of losers than I have ever known or been a part of. And it should have always been them that I put my effort into, they deserve it, the difference any help these people get is REAL, not smoke and mirrors, not I give a shit about you but the very mention of you is a conflict of interest……Yeah, you damn right my eyes are open now. I might be pissed at this lot in life, if I didn’t have every reason in the world to be so damn grateful for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bit of forgotten history to burn.

Dated Monday June 23rd < Wow, It’s starting to look to me like all the pieces are falling into place and have been as I have went along. Now I will close this little recap with a couple of far more recent posts that you have not seen.


January 9th 2015

Smile what else can you do about it? Once the idea was formed all the way back in September of 2013 when I decided to make myself felt and heard by refusing to be that quiet casualty of unfortunate circumstance and after my unceremonious booting, the base started getting laid, with the inception of the unspoken ethic in April. I was rather unclear about where to go with it all for certain. Fate it seems and the vindictiveness of another gave me my answer. You see life doesn’t give us the luxury of our best laid plans going off without a hitch, and we through personal fault often times set ourselves back, so the trick begins becoming HOW TO DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. The good and the bad cards in your hand can be flipped if you learn how to use it all to your advantage. I have said before strength and weakness are as much situational as they are personal. Did I always know? No a lot of times I thought about how to use it later whether it was an emotional outburst or a freshly built blog site in the belief that there would come a point that it could all be made to fit what I was building towards. Now I also told you back during my little one man war, that it was a pickle, there was really no way of knowing if I was just hateful over my situation or laughing at the rise I was getting. Either way, whether you hated me for it, or loved it, you have to admit, you lingered for a reason, looking at the train wreck that I had made of myself and that accomplished something I never could in my previous position, that ghosted through life unnoticed. The loudest motherfucker in the room keeps all eyes on them and that would add to the element of surprise later, wouldn’t it. When I kept a childhood promise and a lifelong ambition in becoming published and then moved forward now with a blog that I told you about way back in April, and have begun PUBLICLY showing step by step how I am building my audience using the very things that I was writing the whole time. Savvy?


January 9th 2015

You know that I have lost a lot over the last year, hit rock bottom, somehow managed to survive, and part of it was will power, part of it was support that I forgot I had, part of it was learning the curve of how to make it as I went along. In June I experienced set backs constantly as I even tried to actually move forward, and like is always the case with how my damn brain works I took into consideration all that I was finding wrong with the things that were put into place to aid people who were in my position. For instance I remembered going to shelters looking for information, that I was not able to find AT the shelters, I would then have yet another place to go, to call, to deal with even as I was limited in my means to utilize what was available. Many of the people I found sitting under that interstate exit outside of shelters too full to help them were in the same boat as me, without even bus fare, most times I walked miles to get to where I needed to be, only to find that what I was looking for information wise or actual application had to be dealt with elsewhere and an already uphill struggle was made even worse by that fact. It dawned on me then that it is not always a matter of there not being anything, just a matter that all these groups and organizations that offered anything to help were kind of doing their own thing. When you are dealing with a society issue, this approach fails, because a society issue requires a more concentrated effort where more people are on the same page with knowing and cooperating with the others who are like minded. If I had been able to learn where the best places to go for all these different programs that were available just by acquiring that information from the first shelter I visited, it would have saved a lot of leg work for someone not in the best position to carry that load.Efficiency goes a long way towards solving a problem rather than, well, like I said putting a Band-Aid on a boo boo that actually needs stitches. These were the ideas and thoughts that I started kicking around and recording as I went along on my journey and it became the foundation for outlining the purpose of The Blue Purity Foundation.


Some speak of light, but I do not know if in the process of FUCKING WITH ME they bothered to notice that I have been carrying a torch through this whole ordeal. And what of those whose light have diminished because they have squandered theirs FUCKING WITH PEOPLE and as in my case WITHOUT PAYING ATTENTION to what they were trying to get in the way of? Show me a world where they don’t get in my fucking face over their lack of vision, and I won’t do what is necessary to get them out of my fucking face. As for fame, I would expect that to be the limited mind set for some too use to those who wish to etch their legacies in e data and celluloid, I intend for mine to be etched in the stone foundations of something people REALLY NEED. Now I’m not trying to be mean here, just honest. And this is not directed at those from my distant past as I have stated I have no wish to repeat the battle of last year. and to take me down was NEVER THEIR INTENT. That said please allow me to close this by jumping ahead to a post from October where I would finally explain what happened at my trial on August 19th, I would put off telling the details for awhile as I tried to grasp what it could really mean me facing.


October 12th 2014

I want to come clean with something here. After finding out what I did from my sister I came to realize that if I am still being HUNTED to that degree, then no one here on this list is ratting me out. So I want to level with you on something only a few actually know. 😀 On August 19th I went to my trial, a lot of shit was going through my head at that point. I was an outsider in a small town court room facing a felony with a BIG scary word in it. I had already spent two months figuring out that logic and reason just doesn’t cut it where some people are concerned. Thus I knew walking in that courtroom that I did not stand a chance in Hell. When the SECOND of THREE public defenders that my case has been shuffled around to came up to me and said that the state was finally offering a deal that wiped out the felony which was the mother load that could have fucked my life good and proper I said yes. Fuck it failure is only temporary, I’ll lose a battle to stay in the war. 😀 I say this because if I seem reluctant to launch into certain topics it is because I STILL don’t know how this is going to play out. I now know the extent to which it can, Possible $500 fine and or incarceration up to six months or the procecutions suggestion of probation. Now ultimately it is all in the judges hands at this point, he could say home confinement, probation, one month in jail, Hell it’s possible however unlikely that he could take the fact that I have already been out and about for over a year with no further arrests and say $500 fine and time spent. In all likelyhood I’ll get probation, I DOUBT I will see a cage over this shit again. I went back in September to enter the plea, went back again to meet with the probation officer, and yes my drug screen came back clean, I really am just this damn crazy 😀 In a little over a month I have my sentencing, until then I am STILL stuck under the terms of my bond, which means I am still trapped in this state. This isn’t a haunting nightmare anymore but it is still very much an obstacle in front of my optical to slow me down. Now as for that waste of time DVP which should also come up for review some point next month. 😀 Lets just say that my replacement as ENFORCER, isn’t the brightest bulb, as he has left a trail of bread crumbs that can be documented. If he has no standing restraining orders against me himself logic dictates that he isn’t trying to find me for his benefit and harrassing my family for that information instead of simply asking me shows he isn’t doing it for my benefit. What does the best friend of my ex wife, her VICE PRESIDENT tracking me down tell you, nah scratch that, what do you think it will tell the judge? I am done with this bullshit, I have earned my fucking freedom and as you can see there is not going to be a revenge kick I’m just too damn busy looking good to give a fuck. 😀 – Love BIG CAT







Not quite a year ago, from a remote location on a mountain top…..

War! After being pushed into isolation the former ENFORCER to the Empress of the local art scene in Charlie West sought to go into hiding. HUNTED by the Empress herself and her minions, the former ENFORCER sought refuge atop a lonely mountain in order to ensure his safety and a means to get a foot hold for his eventual return to the civilized world. The Empress perceiving him as a threat to her kingdom in a time that it had already suffered several blows financially would sacrifice true action to heal the damage and pursue her own vendetta. Seizing the opportunity his sanctuary afforded him, the former ENFORCER would launch a counter measure directed at the Empresses failing power structure, a measure that would both utilize those who had written him off as unwitting allies while at the same time bitch slapping them for their betrayal. They would most likely go on to hate him forever after, but having already counted them among the lost as both friends and supporters he went ever forward under the battle cry I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

As July was coming to a close I was getting ready for the climax of my little prank, but the thing that put the biggest smile on my face was a little piece of information that would fall into my lap from someone who had overheard a conversation behind closed doors at the theater. Now I not only had the key to make my point, I also had the means to make it ultra effective on another front as well. From the mountain I really had no way of knowing if my plan was being as effective as I needed it to be or even if I needed it to be at all, so I would be reaching a point soon where I would just have to wait and see how things would unfold. This admittedly made timing a pain in the ass. Some may call me evil for this, but then no one died for starters which is a major mark against that point of view, no one EVER made an effort to bring it to a close peacefully or just leave and you find it impossible to walk down the street in one of the only few pockets of civilization spread out across the valley where you might be able to find a means to start over and see what YOU would do in my position.

July 23rd

Been thinking a lot about what comes next. In light of everything I believe I’m shutting down my actor’s page. Honestly I’ve had enough of that world, if I never see another fucking stage or camera again it will be too soon. Been thinking a lot about the past and writing was always more of my arena anyway. Lol in case you didn’t notice. I liked the idea that you could be famous for your work and still kind of share in the glory of happy obscurity.

I can’t sugarcoat it, I fucking hate the world of so called performing arts, it’s so damn mired in ego and politics, to the point everything and everyone behind the curtain is just as Goddamn fake as what happens on stage. I swear I have not been surrounded by so many shallow ass motherfuckers since high school and I hated that dump too and for that very reason. LOL

I AM an asshole Buckeye, and we always hated this fucking state anyway, it was one of the few things we shared in common with Michigan, all the Goddamn refugees we got from this piss-antville because hillbillies were never able to feed their kids off the dick they made here.

Not sure going home is an option for me, but staying in this place is suicide, for many reasons, most of which is summed up by the fact that it sits at the top of damn near every shit list a sociologist could possibly make a study for.

Here’s to new beginnings in better places, with better people. ( accept in a rare few occasions.) < I got drunk that night, bitterness was indeed in full swing though one thing would stick from that moment of clarity, I would go on to focus a great deal on writing. I get that some people out there may take exception to the statement made here, to them all I can say is, You’re not me, not everyone gets put into a position to question the validity of the world they make home for themselves and knowing what I know I am grateful FOR YOU, it’s not a fate I would exactly wish on someone. If it had only been alienation it’s possible I would not have had this stand point, but it was not just alienation it was imprisonment, and being hunted by the one who sought to alienate me in the first place and seeing how none of that even put a dent in the people I had once supported. There is an exchange in The Matrix that I think sums it up quite nicely.

Neo: I can’t go back, can I?

Morpheus: No, but if you could, would you really want to?

I got my red pill, and to tell you the truth even now thinking back to some of the moments that made my time in that world worthwhile I STILL have those times that I wish I could wake up and find everything from these last few years had just been a dream. Only I know better.


RN: Hate to break the news to you but much of upper ohio( steel/rubber) and a good portion of southern michigan( auto) was all seeded REAL HEAVY during and after WWII BY WEST VIRGINIANS LMAO
I’m glad you are starting to see throu
gh the masks. Not all those in performing arts have the same egotistical attitudes or as delusional as the ones here who are make believe on and off the stage. But REAL LIFE is better without the bullshit and drama weak ppl thrive on. Better to tear everyone else down then actually work on fixing”me”- and they think others can’t see through their mask/lies! It takes a change of attitudes not latitudes to change a persons problems- even though most run like hell rather then stand and face their problems. lol
< 😀 Okay so maybe I could stand for history lesson, at least when I’m sober anyway. As for the second part……….. I would go on to recently maybe find a few who are real…. The jury is still out, but they certainly gained a measure of respect. But as for that third part, to live where people blindly accept and want nothing, or as I have seen from a different angle take a recovering junkie and what good does it really do them in a fucking place where drugs are rampant and the money from them controls the area? That Last may be partially right, but there is STILL  a pretty damn strong argument for changing latitudes as well.

TCH: There is one cure for most problems. Finding happiness from within, happiness with and within yourself. No matter where you go or what you do there is one person you cannot shake or escape… Yourself. Go if you must. It would help you make a new start and get away from old haunts and ghosts but beware. You must like the travel companion you take with you… Yourself. See this is the biggest problem with the human condition. The reason people can’t be alone and always need company. They can’t stand their damn self.. But the problem is, most other people can’t stand them… Or themselves either. (Holy crap, that was deep) and that just rolled out as I was typing grin emoticon!! But true nonetheless . I hope YOU find the happiness YOU seek. Wherever that is. Best of luck. < The greatest resentment I had towards myself was the fact that I had set myself up to make the fall so easy. That was stupid on my part, I had let a bleeding heart blind me to the realities of the world around me, but then those realities make hatred towards them just as viable. Two wrongs may not make a right but a balance must be met and that can not seem to happen so long as the concepts worthy of hatred go unchecked. I have walked the edge of that razor, even slipped a few times. After all this time and much thought I have decided that since there is no unlearning the things I have learned, it is not happiness I seek, it is BALANCE.

Shayne: It’s not about happiness, it’s about finally accepting something inside of me that I have done everything in my power to fight, only to find out…..It was always right.

TCH: Does that bring peace, or despair. I don’t know what you’re referring to, nor do I need to. If it’s not about happiness, could you at least find peace?

RN: I’d advise waiting till after first of August to travel unless you like being wet? August will be another month with below normal temps but nothing like Sept/Oct- and beyond. Cold like we haven’t seen is coming in a very few short months and you wanna go north with no where to go? Legal issues settled? Peace will only come when the Past and all those who betrayed you or turned their backs are buried and forgotten. As long as the past is the focus you’ll find nothing positive will come from it. When we hold resentment, anger or hate and live for revenge we are still hostage to those that did us wrong. The enlightened person walks away from those emotions and releases themselves from this bondage. There is no such thing as getting even or getting back at someone- unless life/future doesn’t matter to you. Children think like this. Adults( real ones) realize today and tomorrow are to precious and valuable to waste on yesterday’s.

Shayne: Revenge is pointless, those of my past are of little consequence. Revenge is not the motivation of my action, using what it all has given me to ensure my own place above them is. I have stated my belief on peace in a world where there is always going to be something or someone in your damn face. What some call peace I call complacency and in it, real growth stops. Peace is for gods who no longer have a higher tier to reach not us, we must suffer in order to learn the truth, that is how we get STRENGTH with our WISDOM.
Asked if my epiphany could give me peace if not happiness my only answer is…Neither, that was not the realization that was meant to. What it will give me is a means to rip down the weakness that got me in this position in the first place, the weakness that had me building the pedastools of others, rather than my own, to the point that all it took to send my ass down into the abyss was JUST a little push.

RN: Place above them? And you say not revenge motivated? Inward looking is one of the directions to seek the knowledge of truth brother? You can do better then this. Tough frigging love bro

Shayne: I will be remembered for what I gain, they will not, and they have no real wish to, and no real wish make a solid enough foundation for anything that can last. You can’t take revenge on people like that anyway. So yeah, I do say My place above them, without regards to revenge. Revenge requires intent, they simply don’t matter enough for me to care about how anything I do effects them good or bad.
I agree introspection is a path to knowledge, but anything that is limited only to self will only carry one so far, and will blind you to the truth of the world you live in without the other, that too was part of what led to my fall. The hard cold truth I got from my introspection is that…..I deserved all of this, because I rendered myself too weak to keep it from happening. All I’m saying is Take no shit and if you believe you have more to offer the world than another, Step on the toes that they aren’t using anyway, it’s a bigger crime to the world not to.

RN: Then why not say your place in the world? Get it? lol
The subconscious mind Speaks volumes when you tune in to it. We all have been programmed by a colonial religious culture that wants us tore-up, knotted up inside. That way we turn to them( governmen
t/church). What you believed that crap about separation? I suppose you think media tells the facts/truth? LMAO
Jokin brother- but you see what I mean I hope? When they no longer enter your thoughts and no longer truly matter then we say- “They are Dead to Me”. And that means they no longer exists at all. THIS- is what destroys these pettyass insecure two face ppl. Then they have no power at all in our lives and they are stuck thinking about us and where they were defeated. And as they dwell upon us- we draw their medicine/energy from THEM! So which way do you wanna go towards the future- gaining or draining?
< We had many such debates over the year. It’s always good when you have someone who will take something from a perspective you haven’t thought of to open your eyes. I will never say I am always right, and in fact when emotion takes center stage and mix with train of logic I can be a fucking rabid Bulldog. People like this can ground you keep you from going overboard. Debate, not argument, sadly so many of us today can not distinguish the difference.

Shayne: We spar well. 😀 Most people just don’t wanna play with me. LOL I get it and I suppose right now especially, it does still occupy a special place in the back of my mind. I fear that’s the curse of having a wound to tend during battle. I am having to baby step around it as much as possible so it doesn’t completely suck me in, once I gain full footing the ability to let it go will fall into place, by then I will have other things, better things to occupy myself and thoughts with anyway.

RN: You have the medicine/power to cure it anytime you choose to see it as a blessing? Yes it’s hard right now. No you’re not wealthy and own a lot of stuff- but those days will be over for everyone before long I’m afraid;economy or weather event- something will break the bank the government spends from and it’s downhill from there. Right off a cliff lol
We can choose to diminish, negate or amplify anything mental we choose to. And usually ppl just preoccupy themselves rather then dealing with it- that’s why they step around that wound years later. Free yourself now and look at all the fake crap you no longer deal with?

Shayne: It’s diminishing slowly, the big dog is yet to come off it’s leash. When it does and I get my not guilty nod. It will all be past, all but that utter waste of rain forest that tells me to do what I was already fucking doing anyway. Now that does bring up a valid point. We said “civil” and my demeanor changed, I thought it was over, then I got booted in the snow. I bitched for two weeks tops before deciding, fuck it, none of that shit I left was worth it. For two months pretty much all I focused on was putting Humpty Dumpty together again. Then I find I can’t even be seen in public without someone stirring shit up, adding a new element and leading to this. I can’t really ever be sure it is past. Again I ask at what point do I earn the right of self defense? My ass on street, has shown me that JUST shrugging it off isn’t saving me from anything.

RN: You deserve many rights brother. But what I’m saying is that “They”are already seen for what they really are. You not doing anything or saying anything has proven once and for all that it wasn’t you that has the mental issues. All the cries of wolf were only cries of “look at me”and by now even the courts and law enforcement has figured out that there’s something really wrong with that one.
You didn’t respond like they said you would and that got many ppl thinking- and many others were already over the attitude of superiority that had to endure from her while trying to be involved with KP. Devon has stayed out of it- but I let him know what others had said about her anger, screaming and yelling at cast members. Make-up she was excellent at- directing she doesn’t have the ppl skills or the talent/education and it’s aware enough to realize that ppl laugh at her behind her back! Stay calm and stay quiet and it SCREAMS VOLUMES AGAINST HER AND THOSE AROUND HER.
How to Kill a Mocking Bird

Shayne: My final words as I walked out the door was. You won’t hide who you are forever, everyone will see you for what you are at some point. I just find taking the ass kicking hard until SOMEONE has the guts like me to challenge her power structure. That damn power structure is all she has and it’s crippled. Without it she goes back to being just a little Cabin Creek girl who works part time at a salon and has to deal with shut in daddy who only leaves the house three times a year and is a bigger asshole than both of us combined. These people have already shown with me that once you don’t matter, you don’t matter, no matter what you have done. I NEED her power gone, as much as I hate it, I pray for the place to go under, it’s all she has and the only way I’ll be safe for as long as I’m here. I mean I like some people but the choice between my life and their good time or memories of long ago with family history, ain’t no fucking choice for me. < In short as long as someone could pass information on for favor or asylum from the tyrant who was using the presidency of one of the oldest theaters around, I would never BE LEFT THE FUCK ALONE, and I was in NO POSITION to keep carrying the fight like that.

RN: Her power is already collapsing? She has overplayed her hand and ppl are aware of what and who she is. In short time she’ll be without KP. She alone has run off many talented ppl- and word has gotten out.
FYI- praying for revenge only aids the person you seek to hurt. Creator don’t play that! lol


July 24th

Yeah, I’m gonna have fun with this one. First lets give it a handicap in it’s favor and completely bar the fact that it is itself an opinion meant to profoundly inspire someone on a personal level, making it defeating of it’s own purpose. Heh heh

RESULT is fact, it’s tangible. This whole statement is based on the idea that you should not care simply because of a perpetrators intent or the fact that way deep down they didn’t mean it. That doesn’t change that I’m sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds with four knifed tires, it doesn’t change that you didn’t get hired because someone who didn’t like you talked shit to the boss after your interview. it doesn’t change the realization of TRUTH which causes it to sting. All of these are RESULTS and they are what make the real personal impact.

Now as much as even I cringe at this thought sometimes, we are all related, we share an ecosystem, a social structure. EVERYTHING is connected, which causes RESULTS to have chain reactions. What happens to one effects the whole, like it or not. My ability to stick my fingers in my ears and go LA LA LA isn’t going to magically reinflate my tires, or get you hired and it damn sure ain’t gonna take away the consequence of TRUTH.

This is an introspected thought, an individuals response to a situation without any real thought put in to how people, places and things connect with one another. What happens to one effects all that is REALITY. The only DREAM that we need immunization from is the idea that it doesn’t. That’s a cheap way to shirk responsibility for our individual little parts we play in the overall HUMAN CONDITION. In short it is DOGMATIC SIMPLEMINDEDNESS at its shinyest.


This was put up on the page of another of the brood, so I took the liberty of putting it on mine, but not by itself. It annoys me when people put shit like this up anyway and they let it stand alone, like it is some profound statement of self. It’s NOT, it’s just copycatting. It tells me you agree with this, it does not tell me WHY and lets face it, the WHY is what really defines our thoughts and our identity, without that it’s just…….Well, copycatting.


July 26th

Peace is a lie
There is only Passion
Through Passion, I gain Strength
Through Strength, I gain Power
Through Power, I gain Victory
Through Victory, my Chains are Broken

From the teacher who got miffed because I refused to utter even One more word of a Pledge that I had already spoken and had yet to do anything to break, To the preacher who always smiled at the 7 year old boy until the day I asked “Does God have a boss?” The tolerant preacher looked at me and said “No son, God is The Boss, He is the boss over everything.” “Then why did Jesus HAVE to die in order for Him to forgive us, if He wasn’t made to?” The preacher, losing patients reverts to standard Christian structure. “Because he is God and that’s how He decided it should be done and you don’t question that,none of us do, it’s not our place.” To which, in true child fashion I asked my last question. “Doesn’t that make God as mean as the Devil himself?” That preacher never smiled at me again, in fact you would think he believed he was looking at Damien, when he even bothered to look at me at all after that.

I can picture the squint and the frown of the psychiatrist who did my psych evaluation when my response to his question of “You can see how this can be taken as a threat, don’t you?” Was ” You just said you could see where it was all metaphor just a second ago, so I have to ask How would you have really viewed it if you had just come across it on the internet first rather than getting it faxed to you from a prosecutors office in regards to a felony case?” I never got an answer.

My point, I have always been stuck IN this world, but I have never been OF it. Never fit in, never belonged, little of it has ever made any fucking sense to me. I don’t know why, I do know this to be why I went silent for so long, and even that didn’t help, I was still the vampire, the warlock, the satanist, the serial killer the freakshow in the eyes of most around me.
I have always been IN this world, but never OF it. My last great conflict is drawing to a close as I finally start to realize, that really isn’t a bad thing. < If this one looks familiar that’s because it makes up the very first entry I ever put up on this blog. Yeah that was actually a part of my ongoing lead up to the punchline, but then an awful lot of truth really is said in jest isn’t it?


Well come on now storm, damn it. I have the urge to have me a Lt. Dan moment. < I received word that a huge storm was coming, and yes when it finally did, I would have my Lt. Dan moment, you might say that it was the second time that year I dared to challenge God. I felt myself slipping off the razor, it really is inevitable when there is a fine line between standing for justice and feeding a hatred.


RN: Tomorrow will be the real ordeal! Super cells are expected to build up and connect along the Ohio river valley. Same as Derechio two years ago. (He shared weather maps showing me what was supposed to be coming.)

Shayne: Nice I look forward to getting impaled by flying tree branches. And why the Hell is it always July? < Two years before there a storm cell come through the valley, it had knocked over 16 trees in my inlaws field next door and when my wife and I were on our way home after closing the shop for the day we were damn near slammed by a large piece of gas station sign that the wind had ripped off and sent spinning down MacCorkle Avenue.

RN: This year at least it will be cooler air- so that could play in our favor. Watch for ground lightening( striking downward everytime) in the distance- and get in or under something that can take the strike( culvert, pipe, rock overhang)


July 27th

That little shit last night felt so promising. You let me down mama, you fucking let me down, I was actually to stand in the glory of your terrible might, and all you did was get my ass a little wet when I forgot and sat on my cooler this morning. That’s alright mama nature, I fucked you in my mind, I guess that’ll have to do. LOL < The storm was slow to hit the area I was in, though it would finally strike, not as bad as it was supposed to be, but still pretty damn potent.


Ahhh Finally! It may not be what I expected, but it’s coming and I’ll take it. Rare are the moments that you can become one with nature through the sheer ferocity within you and She both. I like to think of it as Zen from the other end.


WOOOOO! DAMN SHE’S BEAUTIFUL! Okay taking this momentary lull to dry off and smoke. Those wonderful times that you can’t tell the difference between sweat and the pouring rain. Love you mama, I knew you wouldn’t screw me over.


TCH: I love the rain also. I like to be out in it. I prefer to do yard work when it’s drizzling cause you get hot, sweaty and dirty anyway. Not in a downpour, that’s a bit much, but drizzle, yes. It’s comforting. I also love the pool when it’s raining. If it starts to lightning I get out and make the kids as well, cause I’m not an idiot. But I don’t understand people who get out of the pool or beach when it starts to rain… Aren’t you there to get wet anyway?? Disneyworld is awesome in a light drizzle. Everyone leaves do the lines die down and you’re doing all that walking anyway so the rain keeps you cool. Oh… And love sitting on the porch during a raging storm.

Shayne: I put Dragon’s Fang to use during it last night, going straight into the high velocity part, letting the storm dictate the pace. 😀 Sometimes you just have to share your anger with the one, who will least judge you for it. There are just no words to describe the feeling of Mother Nature sharing her power with you. It was one Hell of a sight, I am literally on top of a mountain, I have one street lamp that was put in for the road and when the power went out, the only light I had in my grassy field was from the lightning that lit up the charcoal sky.< Dragon’s Fang was the sword kata I made for myself as a form of meditation, it adopted movements of Tai Chi, A little Capoeira  footwork in the faster parts and yes Lightsaber  dueling. In fact when I had first done it I used a lightsaber letting the humming noise and the colored light play it’s effect on the meditation process, in this instance I was using a sturdy and well balanced stick.


July 28th

And from the way me tent be blowin I would say break times over.


Peace is a lie
There is only Passion
Through Passion, I gain Strength
Through Strength, I gain Power
Through Power, I gain Victory
Through Victory, my Chains are Broken

😀 All charged up. Many forms of meditation have I used over the years, this is by far my favorite. It doesn’t require the stifling of self, but rather encourages it. ( Better described as transcendence through acceptance of what you are by nature, as opposed to sticking a hand up your ass and a foot through your earlobe and calling yourself godly, like the Yogis. You have a body, you exist in this physical plane, you shit no different than anything else with one to five legs, come off that fucking high horse.)The results are also quite different as even though I sit here now totally relaxed watching the lightning flicker now in the distance, my whole fucking body hums.

Ultimately it very much feels like the essence of controlled fury. Not rage, lets be clear. Rage can not be controlled because it is too much like a wild fire. It builds and builds and while it renders you invulnerable to pain and makes you strong as a damn ox, no human body can stand up to it for long.

I remember at 16, laying into the heavy punching bag in the garage everyday just to let it all out, but that’s the problem with it, it doesn’t come out, it just builds. I remember just going until I could not stand, could not lift my arms, could not feel the pain of knuckles that were black and bloody, could not pull a coherent thought out of my head for hours through the white noise in my brain, but I could still feel that fire burning. Four hours later my thoughts had worked their way from nothing, to a random word or image, to sentences and finally back to normal. The fire would be gone, snuffed out by my body and brains almost simultaneous shut down. And then I felt it, every fucking bit of it, the fists that I could hardly unball, the full body ache, because you don’t realize that every powerful hit that just about knocked that 50 pound fucker through the wall, was shock your body was absorbing with it.

Those days did teach me the futility of rage, the reason it isn’t worth wielding. All it does is eat. I would go on over the next two years finding alternatives until the rage was no longer there, lets be clear the RAGE was no longer there, the anger still was. It is this meditation that I found that converts ANGER into something more…..practical, Thus controlled fury, as still as the unbroken surface of a pond, but quickly called on for all manner of action. I daresay, my inner conflict forged from the need of self improvement has saved us all A LOT of grief, over the years, consider that, when I say peace is a lie, that may not be the NEGATIVE statement many think it is.


My domain atop the mountain.



TCH: Looks peaceful. So you be King of this Mountain? Lol.

Shayne: Yep, I even mow this field once a week.

TCH: I noticed it looked freshly cut. Still like your landscaping job?

Shayne: Oh yeah!

KJ: Very peaceful and drama free!


Peace is a lie
There is only Passion
Through Passion, I gain Strength
Through Strength, I gain Power
Through Power, I gain Victory
Through Victory, my Chains are Broken

This has been my morning and nightly prayer, my daily power mantra. It has become how I draw focus in the face of long odds, when the thought of them causes everything inside to overwhelm my ass. I’m at war, plain and simple. There are no NORMAL days for me. No going home after work and chilling out, no anticipation of everyday things that we all ( I AM GUILTY TOO) take for granted. Hardly any friendly faces, that I don’t do a double take on, once finding out that there were those who just itched to go and feed the frenzy that landed my ass here.

I walked away for the sake of looking forward. Turning the other cheek FAILED. I have little faith that things will just work out because it would be FAIR if they did.
Little TRUST when I have hardly any way to tell the difference between friend, foe or neutral force. And the only real Strength I have, is what I have dug from the pits after setting myself up for the FALL.

Let it go, it’s the past. For fucking WHO exactly? I’ve become a bastard, NOT for vengeance, NOT for the novelty of it, but because only a bastard CAN climb their way back from THIS. My apologies to those well meaning folk on the outskirts , BUT my Passion and what valuable help I have received is going to be ALL that CAN save my ass, if it even can be saved in the end.


TCH: 🙁  seeing your mountain and reading this reminds me of the Jim Carey version of, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. I hope you don’t take offense to that. He lived on his mountain that he went to when no One would accept him for who he was and became more and more anti social and angry. Until Cindy Lou saw thru it and brought him out of his shell. Don’t give up on all the Who’s in Whoville. A few are worth coming off the mountain for.

Shayne: If it’s any consolation, everyone’s WhoHash will be safe from me……..this year. :D

TCH: Lol. And the RoastBeast?

Shayne: Now that you might have to watch the only choice meats in these woods are deer and bear and I have no way to hunt them.


July 29th


Good morning boys and girls. I wanted to take a moment to practice what I preach. You may notice, that I have totally went to a picture of special significance to me. The closer I am getting to my trial, the more scared I got to the idea of using this picture. I have decided FUCK THEM.  😀 I’m also a Juggalo, if they wish to cry about that too. What began an image used in volunteer work, is now an exercise of freedom of religion as well, you see for all who asked are you a Satanist? (A perfectly recognized religion in the eyes of our brave U S Armed Forces as well, I might add.) My answer is still no….just a commercially acceptable modified version of it. 😀 I bet few fans actually realized that, more of them would have shit themselves. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, it’s basically just a belief in SELF empowerment. All that goat sacrificing bullshit is the work of extremists and propaganda.

I figured I might as well just own that shit. And hey if the nancy boy English can give the world Jedi, of course America would give it Sith, we are the rebellious bad asses after all.

With Love and Honesty
Darth Venomous a.k.a  Shayne Workman < I had set it up long enough I had figured it was time to make the puppets dance. You see the thing about the Junior High School clique mentality is that they really are a superstitious and cowardly lot and because of this they are just so damn predictable. They have they same arguments every time and in fact the same type of gags of which the cheerleader liking the outcast gag is there strongest. It simply does not matter if the motherfuckers are 15 or 35. As planned I was once more the Debil wit da Fitch Pork LOL. It would take less than half a day before I started seeing all the posts putting down MAGIC USE and such, and in fact the very next day I would inspire an entire blog entry revolving around the counter magic of the witch jar. LOL yeah I had hit pay dirt, now it was time to deliver and milk that fucking punchline.


😀 (snicker) I nike pangcankes < This was my first response to the opening “Witch Hunt” all the little shallow hippy shitfacers thought they were having. 😀 This line also came with a link to the Eminem song Criminal.



I don’t know the answer to this one, but what I do know from what I learned on the streets is this. I heard the same damn line constantly from the people who didn’t really have shit of their own. “I don’t know you and I don’t have much, but what’s mine is yours.” I wasn’t shitting you when I said that put things into perspective for me, especially considering where I had come from to be there. < At this point I felt the need after starting to whip out the punchline of my clever gag to remind these sorry fucks of what started this little war with them in the first fucking place and to let them know after showing them how fucking stupid they are  why it was I saw this type of people as being more deserving of the time and effort I had spent years putting in the wrong fucking place for the ones who forgot.


RN: One is connected to the One God. The other worships the demon money

Shayne: Money ain’t no demon, it’s just paper. The demon is in us for giving it a higher value than life. We can’t keep pointing fingers at inanimate objects, the darkness is within and it should not be ignored, it has to be faced in order to truly master it and overcome.

RN: Yes you’re right- it’s the desire to own, posses and control that makes ppl weak. But anger is the same weakness

Shayne: ALL OF IT has to be faced, mastered, converted. IT does exist in nature for a REASON thus it has PURPOSE, or we are just being fucked with by higher powers, don’t much appreciate the idea of that either.

RN: It ONLY EXISTS in the ppl that have LOST THEIR WAY! In nature it’s ritual for a purpose of life

Shayne: Little babies get pissed off, they are too new to the world to have lost their way in anything. It is still in our NATURAL capacities or it would not even be POSSIBLE for us to get angry over anything.


July 30th

Since I am way too fucking flattered and amused to even be insulted anymore. Here it is folks once more with feeling. 😀 …..Oh and uh I nike pangcankes ( golf clap) < This was in response to the blog post I mentioned about counter magic. and yes I again added the link to the Eminem song Criminal in case they weren’t getting the message that they had been duped.



😀 Clearly Chopra here has never been on an interstate in Chattanooga Tennessee when shit hit the fan. I can only say that as you deftly swerve and control speed with asshole tight, being in the moment, that ain’t love flipping 15 times in your direction you see, it’s an Escalade. < Because Goddamn Care Bears have little in the way of logic or practical sense as far as I have seen in their rhetoric. 😀


Later that night I posted a link to a piece about if men acted like feminists simply because I knew it would further grind the ass of brats who mistook me for someone who would not put them in their fucking place for being dicks just because they were girls. It got a response of course………..


July 31st

😀 I started weak, I did, I really did. It’s just while I was getting schooled in Pokemon by Roy’s kid ( thank God the rules are still the same.) I got a little nostalgic and I kind of realized, to some degree and in some ways, I have hated my Ex wife for the wrong reasons. I get it, as I use the very tactic she taught me all so well. It is fun you know, orchestrating the reactions of utter fucking idiots. 😀 But hey, I at least I put up the for entertainment purposes only disclaimer. LOL < AND NOW THEY WERE STARTING TO GET IT. Though I can kind of see why they were just so quick to underestimate me given my position and how expendable I was to those who never looked past their own fucking upturned noses to see that I may have been quiet, but I was still full of surprises. The Artists of Charlie West had just got their asses handed to them……by a damn Hobo. Funny little world we live in isn’t it?




Hi guys, I have been told in a couple comments in reviews that because of the language and because this has been a story told from more of a personal stand point that the name The Unspoken Ethic holds no real relevance to the content. First off I don’t believe in the concept of profanity, words are words. Now I’m not going to just go into like a church or some place where people don’t generally speak that language screaming FUCK THE WORLD anymore than I would walk through the streets of Guatemala speaking only English. That said, this is my world here, even though I get that I live in a country where if someone overheard me say that I was going to go smoke a fag, even as I was going off for my cigarette break, well I could suddenly be in hot water with the law all over again for making “threatening” statements in what would then be a hate crime. Isn’t it intent anyway that determines the meaning of the word? Take FUCK for instance, now that can be used in an insult, but it can also be used to express surprise, or humorous joy. When it comes to it, Fuck is a very versatile word. Don’t tell that to the substitute word users though, because apparently they believe that saying Oh FUDGE in place of FUCK really changes the context in which it is used, but then isn’t that how the future of “profanity” is formed? Isn’t that why I could get in trouble for saying that I’m going to go smoke a fag? Isn’t that why  blow means suck in sexual terms? Words are words, get over it, and don’t give me the whole, you sound so uneducated bullshit, you pompous ass windbags, because I could sit and take the time to explain to you about how the fecal matter is mere millimeters from striking the pivot jointed, rotating, oscillator, but chances are I’m just going to tell you the shit’s about to hit the fan. The Unspoken Ethic is about tearing down the bullshit barriers that  do not make any fucking sense by shedding light on the the basis for these ideals we hold so dear and bringing them into question. Especially because we are taught not to think about them, or determine if they in fact make any damn sense or serve any real purpose to people as a whole. So I would say that what I write here does indeed hold relevance to the name, because even when we know something to be true we keep our fucking mouths shut just to keep from rocking the boat and painting that target on our backs.

My story may be from a personal perspective, that does not change that it was written because I refused to do what everyone is EXPECTED to do and just go quietly into the night another silent casualty of the ignorance of people. I was born of controversy but the good thing about that is, it has allowed me to incorporate my insanity into what I am doing to get ahead, so unlike most who find themselves constrained by the bullshit politics of their little paper worlds, I don’t have to hide, and many times have those who thought they were hot shit had their asses handed to them because they thought their position changed anything where handling me was concerned. You might be the hot shot baseball player, or queen of the four grand budget indy horror flick world, but this is ideological pit fighting you fucks and the rules are different here.

In the coming days you will see more of a change in direction here though, I intend to finish my narrative of last year, but more and more will I start tackling other issues and ideologies head on. I am sure many out there will not like everything I have to say, I respect your right to have a different view and the intestinal fortitude it would take to bring it to my world and challenge me head on, but know I will fucking lay your ideas to waste and show you for a fool if you don’t bring your A- game. 😀 – Love BIG CAT