The one day special of My short story on 3/17/15 is going to be the first of a new push here on The Unspoken Ethic, a push that will see more news of my future writing, a return to the narrative that began this blog, a possible return to the world of acting for me, More guest writing, a price list for advertising that will fund my non profit organization that I have been laying out for a few months now in between everything else and coming sooner than all of that we will be adding Polls to the blog I will be periodically putting up questions on varying topics and seeing how the thousands of my readers from all over the world views certain ethical arguments and writing a post explaining my views on it and why. The first topic we will cover will involve the concept of titty shows with kid themes. ┬áBecause I never do anything half way. LOL Keep reading folks I got a lot more on the way. – Love BIG CAT