Videos    Here is the link to the new trailer for “The Spirit Realm: An Anthology of Fables From The Spirit Realm Vol 1” AVAILABLE NOW for Kindle Readers at I started building the images for this one back in December and I have finally finished the first version of it. This is the link to a 30 second preview of the upcoming book in The Spirit Realm series “The Tale of The Twin Flames: My Experience in The Spirit Realm” This one is over due and will finally be brought you on June 16th.

There is more information and good shits on the way so stay tuned in.

I have been asked about ways to follow me other than this blog on many occasions and so I have decided to add a page here that lists the many places over the web that I can be found.

I don’t mind cool people…….JUST DO NOT FUCK WITH ME. You’re not going to like what happens if you do.- Love BIG CAT

Excuse me may have your attention please. The gloves are off now readers, don’t believe me, read the next 3 posts. 😀 Thank You. – BIG CAT