3 comments on “Cyber Monday 2014 Special Extended Preview Of “The Tale Of The Twin Flames: My Experiences In The Spirit Realm”

  1. TRIKEY! 😀 Hello There, Every Single Child Would Like To Have A Tricycle. Honestly I was happy with my Big Wheels, it was of The General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazard 😀 I used to ride the damn thing everywhere. I like your site, I never really thought about it much, you never do when you don’t have the same issues, it’s not always easy to know what kind of struggle a person is going through with out first hand knowledge. I welcome things like that here, things that make people think about what others face or appreciate what they have. Thank you, and thank you and your friend for reading, I’m glad you find this site Informative and I hope it helps in some way to OPEN your EYES, Keep those eyes open, the narrative is about to get really good. – Love BIG CAT

  2. I am glad I have inspired you to go forth and share your views with the world, everyone has a story or a take on something that might make people look at things a little differently. I use Word press for this sites layout, I have found it is really easy to learn and use, when you get up and running come back and let me know and we can link up, I don’t mind helping out. There are going to be plenty of new posts in the near future and I am always trying to push myself to come at things from new angles, so hopefully I can continue to impress. 😉

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