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This one, well, you’ll figure this one out quick, in fact you already have, much to both of our regret. I never wanted to be this person, we get dealt things and then we choose a path, but sometimes when there are things we don’t see until we are deep in we find out too late that it was the wrong path we chose. So I get it, why you need to know so much, why you jumped on everything and absorbed it like a sponge. I didn’t mean to figure out what you were doing before you were ready, I put you on the spot and things got screwed up bad. I am doing this as a way to step back and go at it from a different angle. I can’t quit, any more than you seem to be able to. So lets see where this goes, you know what tonight is, well this time the theme is the ORIGIN. I want you to know. 😀 Once more my sister has went to the embarrassment files to pull up this picture of me at year 1, Yes considering the nature of the message, this time it IS a part of the sequence.  I WANT to get this right, I owe you everything, so here is today’s puzzle PG – Love BIG CAT




Me Year old self, first birthday.

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