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I have put my creative writing on hold for a bit while I let my creative juices replenish. It is time to focus once more on my other calling. You have read posts here that have spanned all the way back to August 2013, what I call the start of my downfall from being a volunteer at a local community theater and an unhappily married man, doped up over mental disorders who reached the end of his rope and in one weeks time, ended up in the hospital on suicide watch, left his wife and arrested for some stupid shit. In the year that followed I had found myself on trial for a felony an outsider in a small hick town court system, went through divorce, and then got slapped in a situation that landed me on the streets where I spent just over a month living on a river bank trying to find a way back from it all. The story will soon finally be available in it’s entirety in a book titled The Diary Of A Vagabond King: From The Entries Of The story will end in October when, after my trial, I became a published writer for the first time. Since it was truly the first indication I had that I was actually going to make it through my ordeal of facing three major blows that equal the same traumatic magnitude of a death of a loved one while dealing with pre-existing issues.

In this story as you will see in the next entry that finishes the events of June 2014 I experienced many things that made me reflect not only on life as it is, but on life as it use to be for me. I found the politics of tight knit art communities would see me shunned by all but the most decent of people I had encountered in my time of service and I found a band of people while on the streets who for the most part did not even know my name anymore than I knew theirs, people who themselves had little who were faster in offering whatever help they could to a stranger they saw in the same boat as them. It was an eye opening experience and one that drove me to want to do more for the people who really deserved it. It has been well over a year now and it is time I put that focus on the front burner.