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Alright PG ENOUGH with the heavy emotional shit, 😀 Let’s play, I have given way too easy shit to figure out and that’s no fun to the complex thinkers like us. SO, I we ourself came up with a great idea. This little puzzle has nothing to do with you, or me, BUT it does have to do with a part in my next short story NO ONE BUT ME KNOWS. Yeah, 😛 Figure this one out and you will know secret knowledge in the plot that none of the other readers know. Lets see if you get this one.



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Did you figure it out yesterday? Or I suppose a better question might be, How much did you learn about Egyptian gods and symbology as you figured it out? Told you I could be fun sometimes, something else it seems we share in common. At least now we’re playing, you see it’s not just understanding you, it’s also figuring out a way to work around my own lack of patients, or quick retaliation that I end up regretting. It’s nice that there is SOMETHING we can do together. Again there is one,the first one this time, that has nothing to do with the message, it is just ( Just what I get for having older sister who will hunt the embarrassing shit down first help me with this Heh Heh) me as a newborn. Have fun PG and Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. – Love BIG CAT




😀 Hey, if you look at the right hand you will see that even then I was starting to practice mastering the art of the fuck you. Ha Ha

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Alright here is your first picture post. Egyptian theme. No I won’t give you clues. 😀 That would be cheating. I will tell you though the last picture has nothing to do with the message itself, it’s just me and my nephew. You know a big chunk of what drove me crazy was being caught in between “Why the fuck can’t you just say this shit?” and the bigger part of my brain that looks at puzzles and CAN’T HELP but try to solve them. It’s how my brain works and HOW I picked up on what you were doing. Puzzling, Tactical train of thought. That was a big part of what I did for the seven years I kept myself locked up in my room growing up. Anyway have fun PG – Love BIG CAT


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