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“Don’t defy the council master, not again.” – Obi Wan

“I will do what I must Obi Wan.” – Qui Gon Jinn

In The Book of The Sith I showed how the Sith mantra had very real and practical application in everyday life. It is clear and concise. The mantra of the Jedi however is abstract and requires more to be taken on faith rather than understanding. Let’s break this down. Old Obi Wan said that Vader was more machine than man, The very first line of the Jedi code states that there is NO EMOTION there is only peace. HUMANS know this to be bullshit, so this is like the pot calling the kettle black. An example of the DOUBLE TALK that actually drove Anakin to become Darth Vader in the first place. Let’s give the boy shit for not conforming, but put into his head that he is special THE CHOSEN ONE. Lets not trust him to follow the way of the Jedi and when he does in an effort to make Mace Windu arrest Palpatine rather than out right kill him, he gets the same line thrown at him by a SENIOR JEDI MASTER as the Sith had told him in the beginning. “He’s too dangerous to be left alive.” The is no ignorance there is only knowledge, but it takes WILL POWER to seek that knowledge to transcend from the natural state of ignorance, or The BLANK SLATE. There is no PASSION there is only serenity, but without passion to fuel the seeking of knowledge, one can not hope to transcend beyond the point they are at. It is the idea that what happens, happens and a persons own FREE WILL and ability to CHOOSE plays no factor, in essence stripping them of ACCOUNTABILITY for those choices. We have seen the pitfalls of those who accept no responsibility for their actions, haven’t we? There is no Chaos there is only harmony. but chaos is a part of harmony, we have this idea that chaos is all death and the actions of stupid people and while this is a form of chaos, it can also be as simple as the conflict that arises when confronted with an obstacle to a goal, in this we see that the role CHAOS plays in NATURE is that of the catalyst for CHANGE, EVOLUTION, PROGRESSION. There is no death there is only the force, okay this one makes sense, even at a scientific level. LIFE is ENERGY, it can not be destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed. The Sith code remains the most sensible, the most practical of the two mantras. The Sith control their emotions as well, Vader didn’t because he was torn, but consider Darth Maul who was an out right stone cold motherfucker, it is not a lack of control over emotion, but rather the allowance of using them as a source of power amplifiers, that’s all, not even as directing the course of action, their minds did that. If they had no control over their emotions, they could not hide in the face of an enemy they hated to build the complex network of spies and business contacts over 1000 years that became the structure of there power in government over the galaxy.

In light of this, how does a Sith adopt a Jedi mentality? It really is not as hard as one might think. What you have to understand is that the principles of the Sith are NOT NATURALLY EVIL, in themselves and while you can apply them in the process of rebuilding yourself from a crippled state, they do not even have to be egocentric in their application. Understand that the difference between the Sith and the Jedi, the path to becoming one from the other is applying those principles on a grander scale. You are no longer focused inwards, so now is the point that you begin to look at your place in the world and seeing it in terms of THE BIG PICTURE. You came to this from a different path and the Jedi mantra still has no real use to you. This is where you realize that the Jedi you become is a different type of Jedi all together. One that understands that Luminous beings we may be, but we are also puppeting  meat sacks in a physical world that has it own rules, as such the must important of the Real Sith ideas to carry on your continuing journey is that BALANCE is KEY.

Look to the third mantra, the GRAY JEDI mantra and you will see a practical graduation from the Sith mantra.

There is no Dark side, nor a Light side

There is only THE FORCE.

In this statement we see an understanding that the COLLECTIVE of the two sides really is a kind of entity in itself, a living thing that is made up of the intangible, the ideas and actions generated and performed by living beings. This is life as we know it, made up of everything from the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, The sacrifice one being makes for another, the sacrifice to nothingness some make of themselves. It is everything. This is why I never really mentioned “The Force” in The Book of The Sith, it is far too grande a concept to focus on when rebuilding oneself.

I will do what I must to keep the BALANCE

There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish.

Again BALANCE is KEY. if everything was “Good” we would dwindle into nothingness, for “Good” would no longer have meaning in it’s commonness. “Evil” is a far faster path of destruction, but when both are in BALANCE, We understand that we take the bad with the good, so that the good can have value. Evil, conflict, chaos, these things are a constant in our world and because of this, they are the control factor by which we measure the value of everything we hold dear to us.

There is PASSION, yet PEACE

To the Real Sith, Peace is a lie, because the Sith has known life only through their struggles. It is still in it;s strictest sense not entirely untrue, but then, just as we define things differently from one another, it may well be a matter for a Sith to redefine what peace is to them. I wrote of control over ones emotions to harness the energy they provide us to ACHIEVE A DESIRED GOAL, a PASSION , in this control there is stillness in the moment, a calm preparedness, a kind of PEACE.


This is the calm and control over that which exists and can easily take over our sense and reason, and as described above it can BE, as much through the harnessing of EMOTIONS energy, through the acceptance of our animal side as many think it can only be attained through forcing an absence of a naturally occurring phenomenon.


What encompasses ALL is actually BOTH and therefore ABOVE either individually. This I do believe is the basis for the understanding of God  being infallible, even when our understanding of things are not. We understand that CHAOS can be the ultimate in destructive forces, and so we seek to make ORDER where we can in the face of it, in this way CHAOS can also be a tool of GROWTH. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

I AM the wielder of The Flame, The PROTECTOR of BALANCE

I AM the holder of The Torch, lighting the way

I AM the keeper of  The Flame, soldier of BALANCE

I AM the guardian of BALANCE


This last is a declaration of intent on the part of the GRAY JEDI. A statement to oneself to drive into their mind a sense of purpose beyond themselves. The Natural Order of GROWTH beyond the base of The REAL SITH.



“Anger is not an end only a means to an end. In the end ALL things come full circle.” – Darth Venomous

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The REAL SITH knows that while some are fortunate others are not. The path of The REAL SITH is laid for those who have experienced the darker side of life and for whatever reason can not hold to the standard Care Bear like beliefs that so many present in the world today. The primary reason for this is the recognition of how many cases this is a do as I say, not as I do belief system, of how many inadvertently or not, are hypocrites to the very things they expect everyone else to follow. Some however walk the path as much as talk it. That leads to reason number two the path of The REAL SITH might call to the lost. They understand their own darkness and the darkness of the world enough that there is a need to find things they can relate to the most to allow them to find the STRENGTH to handle that darkness and control their own so that it can not control them. This does however present at a certain point the contention that is found in most any philosophy there is.

You can take damn near any thought and stretch it from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the end what you are left with is the realization that, that thought is simultaneously wrong and right.

PEACE is a lie. There is only PASSION.


Through STRENGTH, I gain POWER

Through POWER, I gain VICTORY


But then what? If you have achieved some sense of transcendence from the point you once were, have you not achieved the very same thing through another path, that others have found through theirs? I always believed that the title of Episode 6 Return of the Jedi was not referring to the Jedi Order, and Heh heh as we have recently learned in Episode 7, that return never happened.  I believed it referred to Anakin Skywalker’s resurfacing from the pit of Darth Vader. Ironically, he did the very thing ALL SITH apprentices eventually do, which was take out their master to assume the role for themselves. Once more he acted out of LOGIC. For to save the life of his wife and unborn child, he became a SITH, and again to save his family he remembered the person he had once been. The boy who was born without a father figure, into slavery, taken from the person who had given him his center by the Jedi, who usually take them at a much younger age so that their center lay in the Jedi philosophy. struggled with conformity while being told how special he was, that he was THE CHOSEN ONE. Dealt with the one person who had been his root center dying in his arms when clearly if he could take out the whole village of sand people in vengeance, he could have stopped the raiding party that took his mother in the first place if he had been allowed to act on what he sensed was coming. Lied to by the Jedi, who were forced by circumstance created by the Sith to become something they were not when the peace keepers were forced to become soldiers in a war. Lived in agony for years over his losses, discovered he was lied to so long ago by the Sith master who took him in and faced with the choice of watching someone he was once willing to become a monster to protect die at the hands of the master who lied to him or be the father he never had and never was, came full circle. Unlike the other Jedi who come to know the Jedi way before going out into the galaxy, His preexisting knowledge of the cruelty that existed beyond the ideology of the Jedi kept him in constant conflict with himself and the order. To reconcile with the darkness inside of himself and the darkness that exists in the galaxy as he knew it, required him to walk the path of the Sith. But what happened next? You saw Jedi getting cut down left and right, but you never saw their ghostly images watching the rise of the empire. It was Qui Gon who found his way back and Obi Wan learned from him and so when Yoda and Obi Wan later died their bodies became one with the Force and vanished….. Anakin never learned this from the Sith and yet we see him as the Jedi he never had the chance to be in all his ghostly splendor at the end of “Return of The Jedi.” Ironic, and it leaves you to wonder if maybe by KNOWING both the light and the dark as he did, made him a far stronger Jedi even in death than he was in life.

Many who have the happy life, have not or may never know a time when despair and hopelessness threatens to consume them. I can vouch that when you do, HAPPINESS can not penetrate it. The fire of ANGER is the only thing that keeps it from consuming you. My friend who I had many philosophical debates with in my time when I was faced with that despair even concurred that in times of survival, ANGER and EGO can be necessary tools, just to keep going. He was right.  You have to have the fire to burn out the SORROW and you have to believe against any and all odds you may be facing that you can make it to tomorrow, even when the evidence of both what lies ahead and what has led you to that point shows something different. The path of The REAL SITH is not for everyone, is not necessary for everyone, but for those who have seen what rock bottom looks like and can not buy in to the rhetoric spoken by many who have not even thought about the meaning of it, those who see what makes things as they are in the world around them and can not unsee it, the ones who struggle with having to unlearn the useless habits and and blind devotion to things that DO NOT WORK or make things worse, it is a path that can help bring them around when nothing else helps and no one else seemingly understands.

As someone who was brought into the world paying the price of a father who can not love and a mother who loved someone who could not love. Who always thought about things in a light others did not. I grew up knowing violence, intolerance, judgement. In the face of this, there was the love of grand parents and that of my mother who ensured that at least there was unity among she, my sister and I even in the worst of times. I carried the rage of my mothers death into the house of my father who thought I was too young or too stupid to know what it meant that he and “the maid” slept in the same bed just days after mom was buried. I was taken from all I knew to a place where I was a complete outsider. Told there was something wrong with me as I stayed locked in my room reading books while listening to a step family talking shit because I did it. Finally broke free and found myself in a relationship, where in the process of trying to not be my father, I became my mother instead. Gave 16 of my life to this person, 5 years of community service and left with nothing to show for any of it, but a bullshit criminal record, a life on the streets, nothing to my name and a heap of betrayal from people who I supported. Some know less, some know worse, but none can really tell me anything about how they feel that I don’t understand full well. The bottom, is the bottom, no matter how you fell to it. Ultimately there will come a day when no human walks this Earth and years after that another little fish will crawl from the deep to take our place. One day the sun will blink out and nothing will walk this Earth again, Look into the night sky and see how many possibilities of this happening elsewhere or beginning to happen elsewhere and the reality sinks in, that LIFE WILL GO ON REGARDLESS of unfairness or how we ourselves will feel. To treat how you feel as an end, is to allow it to own you and is WEAKNESS. As I have stated before, The REAL enemy of the REAL SITH is WEAKNESS. Know it is NOT A RELIGION, but a philosophy, a system that acts as a means to an end, but when that end is met, You are presented with another CHOICE. To limit yourself with the LABEL and continue walking a path that is no longer necessary for the position you have reached, or take the BALANCE won, and integrate yourself into the fray, well, like Anakin Skywalker, with that greater understanding and control of both the LIGHT and the DARK. Ironic isn’t it? That the path of the REAL SITH can lead you to be THE STRONGER JEDI.


“Is it possible to learn this power?” – Anakin

Have you ever had someone stay in your face doing all they can to be a hindrance? No matter how much you ignore them and try to move on with the path ahead, the path that will leave the past where it belongs? Have you ever had the people around you preach in the face of this, to simply let it go? I did. For months and then on one fateful day, even though I had been well out of range for months. This person who always told me to let it go, finally understood what I was saying all along when he had cops show up at his door, looking for me because my ex wife, who he would find out from the sheriff he filed his own report with, told him that she had been coming in for months with anything she could muster to try to get them to bring me in, sent them. On the day in court, the judge shot her accusations down for the last time, three months later I was a thousand miles away. The point here is that the positive people have a plethora of old school sayings, and cute memes, that things that they will force down peoples faces because they have a blind spot to things that are just too icky for them to grasp. They say these things without thought because these things are what they have always been told and until they really face something that shows them just how little they truly understand they treat their way as the one and only that can be followed. Now I’m not just saying Religion. God does not even always have to factor in with the ideology they will try to push on others.

If someone told you to let it go, could you listen when you know from experience that sometimes things have to be confronted and dealt with so you don’t get that blade in the back in the process of turning the other cheek? If someone told you that you needed to be more open, to accept people for how they are, would you listen, or would you realize that people who say this are often speaking to people who are what they themselves can’t accept and what they are really saying is that you should accept them and what they do without the question mark they are placing on you? What if someone told you that they hated drama and stupidity in people, only to support people who embody these very things? Do they really believe what they are saying, or are they just proving that it is not the PRINCIPLE behind the statement they believe in, but rather the situation as it benefits themselves? To hate drama, yet seek it out to stick your nose in says a lot. And do such people speak from a place of “LOVE” or “Understanding” so much as from a need to assuage a superiority complex?

The above question posed by Anakin Skywalker was to a SITH story regarding a Sith Lord who had the ability to create and control life. The answer he received was: “NOT from a Jedi.”  The fiction is not far from the truth of reality. The happy people who had supportive families who always believed whole heartedly and with out thought as to the actual meaning of these statements and memes they like to choke the internet and daily life with, may work well for ones more fortunate than others, but what if you grew up watching your mother get beat? What if you know what poor means because you and the family huddle into the living room after the electric is cut in a house over ran by mice to the point that you could wake up in the middle of the night and watch them fight using your body as a coliseum? What if you have already tasted of the “poison” called anger? What if you knew enough of what these people are not willing to think about that there is not a single non thought out meme or line that you could not counter perfectly? I can tell you from experience, many of these people go into fight mode, and show themselves to be no different than the ones telling them they can’t buy into what they have to say. Unfortunately that still leaves the question if you can not see a path that is workable from where you came into the picture, where do you go?

An example:


People see the name of an allied leader of the last great war and assume far too much in the validity of their wisdom.

ENDURANCE: is the strength to withstand wear and tear of constant use and abuse.

INTELLIGENCE: is the ability to learn and apply new knowledge.

CONTINUOUS EFFORT: By LOGIC requires BOTH STRENGTH and INTELLIGENCE to be any more than the process of spinning your wheels in the mud and going NOWHERE.

But this is gospel……Because it came from the mind of Winston Churchill and can be a buffer for a lackadaisical approach to improving your station in life because that is more COMFORTABLE than taking a stand or TRUSTING YOURSELF.

The Path of The REAL Sith addresses this from a very specific stand point. If life is a cycle, can you, or do you not eventually reach your destination no matter which direction you take? The REAL Sith is about finding ones way to balance THROUGH the Darkness rather than ignoring it, or down playing it. Can you face your own Dark side and MASTER IT, rather than letting it MASTER YOU? What if I told you, that those who talk most about comfort zones are the the ones who shut down and hide within their own when confronted with a point of view that conflicts with their own? That you can want something, but not have to follow a narrow minded path to achieve it? What if I told you that the path of The REAL Sith, is simply one where you don’t have to take bullshit judgement from people who can’t look at themselves enough to know they are no better than the concepts they cry about even though they use them when it’s convenient for their own limited structure? A path where you can be secure in the knowledge that you do not have to be made to feel like the odd man out just because you can’t follow useless rhetoric or those who champion that rhetoric like it was gospel? A path where strength is not derived from numbers of followers, but in the sense of individuality that can only come when you look within for your wisdom rather than some icon? What if that path is not “EVIL” like many would have you believe, because they can not bring themselves to open their own minds to see the bigger picture of how we weaken ourselves leaning on God rather than trusting the STRENGTH such a being may or may not have been responsible for giving us in the first place? We weaken our structure of belief when we are selective about what the PRINCIPLE of that belief represents, when in fact it encompasses ALL. When we know WHAT REAL STRENGTH is, we can be more than the greater good of egocentric existence, but a part of the greater good of ALL. – Darth Venomous


“Let’s Welcome geek week or the week you can take home the New Star Wars movie on digital and DVD love, with a little shout out to the base of The Sith.” – Darth Venomous

Pictured is Darth Bane, the one who did to The Sith of old what Anakin did to the Jedi, So that he could rebuild it himself and do it right. He understood balance. Knew that the Sith in great numbers we’re self destructive because it became all about little angsty fucks just wanting to flash power. For this reason He created the rule of two. One to possess the power, the other to crave it. The apprentice would stay loyal to the master in the wisdom, that master was the only one who could pass the secrets on and IF that apprentice was good enough to take the master down, and take an apprentice of their own. The Sith Would always have the Strongest Dark side user in charge. This also allowed them to focus their aggression towards their real enemies the Jedi and not weaken the Sith through all of the in fighting of old. Because he had to keep the Sith a secret, he knew that a low profile was key the order’s growth. For this reason he caused NO MORE CHAOS than what was necessary, He pulled no grand gestures of showmanship, did not leave a trail of bodies that he did not have to in the process of building an empire of spy’s, business contacts, government officials, all of which were added to over the course of a thousand years of undercover work done by each duo of master and apprentice. He was a warrior, he was wise, and in that wisdom committed acts more honorable because it maintained a balance.


Pictured is Darth Sidious, aside from Vader the best known of the Sith Lords. The Sith network built over 1000 years was at his disposal, the Jedi were weak. This little bitch had EVERYTHING for victory handed to him on a silver platter. He murdered his master Darth Plaguis not through strength in combat, not through the cunning of a well laid betrayal, but through an act of cowardice in killing him in his sleep. He was so arrogant that his plan to control Naboo was thwarted in part through the native race of Gungans and even in that defeat, his dumb ass learned NOTHING because he repeated that mistake in disregarding the little fucking primitive teddy bears on Endor. He lost his apprentice, Darth Maul, the last TRUE Sith and the lazy bitch took to converting Jedi thereafter. Now while he had the ear and gained the trust of Anakin even as a child, he allowed the Jedi to do most of the work in training him, a mistake that would level the Sith. He disbanded the Imperial Senate which was all the Empire had to keep the mass of planets quiet and assuming on some level that they had some control over how things were ran because he banked on fear of a machine that would go on to be blown up by a dumb ass farm boy before it could even fire a second shot. He lied to Darth Vader about the death of his wife that had not yet happened and then expected him to accept that he was lied to when his son who was never suppose to have been born popped up. When the promise of saving his family was the very thing that turned Anakin to the dark Side in the first place and then locked himself in a room with Father and Son, a mistake that got his ass unceremoniously dumped down a power core shaft of a second Deathstar that the damn fool allowed the rebels to know about BEFORE it was even finished being built. Darth Sidious was a politician through and through. His strides in lying to a galaxy, enslaving alien races and failing to respect his enemies made him the Sith Lord responsible for destroying 1000 years of work. He never understood that natural order required balance.


Wisdom in metaphor. The difference between a WARRIOR and a POLITICIAN is quite clear. One thinks of HOW to reach a goal, the other thinks only of the goal itself and will do whatever it takes to achieve it, without regard to the TRUTH that the paths ability to be MAINTAINED needs to be as much a part of the END GAME as achieving that goal, if you mean to have something that can last. One has TRUE VISION, while the other is just a PETTY SCHEMER. The WARRIOR has the DISCIPLINE to understand that throw away plans built solely on manipulation and LIES earns you unnecessary enemies even in the success of a venture, making the threat to it once completed even greater. DISCIPLINE is the wisdom to know the difference between looking for short cuts and finding the most efficient path. SCHEMERS are all about the glory of a single moment and so they fail to see that a price is paid by all when balance is thrown off, because they think mainly of the benefits they gain for themselves, but never about what their own share in the price shall be because of their actions. Know the difference between the two, because even if the WARRIOR and the POLITICIAN share a GOAL only one of the two are WORTHY of it.