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“It’s not BEANS, Will!!!!” – Jacob Grimm “The Brothers Grimm”

 No, it isn’t, but it is the next chapter in the Spirit Realm Series coming soon. My apologies for it’s late arrival, I was delayed several times in my work this year, but I am working OT to catch up. Like I said SOON. Until then here is the wonderful cover art I created for it, just to get you all excited.


This is from my up coming full length novel “The Tale Of The Twin Flames: My Experience In The Spirit Realm”  Available on Amazon.com KindleStore on Monday  November 30th 2015,  That is Cyber Monday 2015. Enjoy the preview. 😀

The following is an excerpt from

The Tale Of The Twin Flames

My Experience In The Spirit Realm

By Shayne Workman

October 1998, They were alone, which was good because they were in the waking world. He stood there staring at the strange person shaped shadow that moved, he had seen shadows like this before, but whenever a light source touched them they bled into the shadow of an object nearby. “I’ve been meaning to ask. What the fuck is that?” He asked pointing at the shadow. Natasha perched on his shoulder. “Many of your kind whether they know of what they are or not, tend to simply call them the Grey People. They are explorers of the spirit realm, like you are when you enter it. Interaction for them is forbidden, they merely observe new things for the sake of knowledge.” He got the sense he was being looked at much the same way he was looking at the shadow. “So, they’re people?” Natasha’s lighthearted laugh gave him a surge, as it always did when it entered his mind. “Some of them. Some of them come from various versions of Earth, some are from other places across the universe.” He jumped when she said this. “You mean some of them are aliens?” Again she giggled. “ Of course, humans are not the only beings, and not all of those beings are interested in making the physical journey to gain their knowledge of other places and beings. In fact some are very spiritual in their own right.” He loved it when she got like this. A smile spread across his face as an idea came to mind. “I knew that was coming.” Natasha’s voice had a playful ring to it, he was still in many ways getting used to it all, there was just so much out there to learn and he was set to learn all of it that he could. “Alright lets go back to your place.” She said, making him laugh.

His room was lit with a blue party bulb, as He found the soft cool colored light the most conducive for his purposes. Sitting down in the recliner and setting it into position he closed his eyes. After several minutes of putting himself into the meditative trance that would allow him to travel freely, he felt the weightless sense of falling that signaled that he out of his body. When he opened his eyes, he was nearly blinded by the reflection of the bright sun upon a vast sandy bed. “Ahh Shit, Natasha, what planet is this?” Her voice entered his mind. “Still Earth, of an ancient time period, Egypt to be exact and quit letting the sun blind you. You are past that lesson.” That still took getting used to. “What are doing in ancient Egypt, I can learn about this place in a book.” He felt a wing slap him in the head as she landed on his shoulder. “Not everything, you can’t, besides you still need to learn more control before you go bounding off into the great unknown. Here is as safe a place as you will find.” Damn right it’s safe he thought as he took his favorite form of a giant black tiger. Natasha had not said it yet but she was both proud and amazed at his ability to turn into the big cat. For the most part whenever a person took the form of an animal in the spirit realm it was for a set task and they were only truly able to adopt the attributes necessary for that task. He had been different, so strong was the bond of love and admiration for the tiger at the zoo so long ago, that for all intents and purposes he literally became the tiger, proportionate to the size he felt it to be, and with it all of the strength, speed, agility, prowess, all of it’s attributes.

They entered the village, peasants going to and fro in the routine of their daily chores and lives. He spotted it then and froze. “Natasha, What the fuck is that thing?” He asked alarmed. Thing to which he was referring was a giant humanoid reptile creature, all of seven feet tall covered in what looked like a combonation of rattle snake and a crocodile hyde. It’s reptillic eyes never blinked only stared straight ahead as it floated on the movement of a young boy whose shoulder’s the beast had placed it’s hands on. The effect the thing was having on the boy was obvious. He could bear it no longer. Before Natasha had even had the chance to answer his question he was already barreling toward the creature. “NO WAIT!!!!” cried Natasha.

With a swipe of a big cat’s claw he snapped the creatures head back causing it to lose it’s grip on the child and stagger backwards. Moving in again, this time to take the monsters head off, He pounced, but the beast had both incredible speed and strength of it’s own and it caught the tiger with a backhand that sent him flying off to the side. Natasha swooped in as the creature closed in on the giant tiger, Pulling up short she flapped her wings sending an arc of what looked like electric flame that wrapped the beast causing it to scream in pain as it sizzled and burned. He was back up, though still dazed as he watched Natasha weave and dodge the mad swatting of the creature. As she did this she continued firing that strange electric fire only now it was acting like rope binding the beast. He saw his moment and dove at the creature full on knocking it to the gound where he grabbed hold of the energy bindings that held it and began running full speed into the desert dragging the thing away from the people. It howled in pain, though he could not understand why, the big cat had the bindings in his mouth and yet he felt nothing but a strange humming sensation. Natasha had circled swooping down from his front and landed on his back as he ran. Now straddling the tiger backwards in her human form, Natasha extended her hand and uttered something that he could not make out as there was too much noise around them and in her human form her voice was not in his head. The creature vanished even as it was being dragged and burned. He returned to human form and turned to look, only to find Natasha staring at him with the most frightening intense look those powerful eyes of hers had. She flicked her hand at him and suddenly….

His eyes snapped open, immediately he tasted the coppery taste of blood in his mouth. He spit into his hand where he saw and confirmed that it was in fact blood. I must’ve bit my mouth he thought. “YOU BIT NOTHING.” Her voice boomed. “That was the most foolhearted thing you have ever done, NEVER AGAIN.” He thought for a second, that had been the side that he took the massive hit from. “Holy shit that thing can make things happen for real?” He asked. “You saw it effect the boy from the past did you not? It walks both worlds like you do and can effect the same kind of changes in either…….I could have lost you. What was done was done , you tried to re-alter history. Not every battle is yours to fight, I know you want to be the hero and you can be, but please hear me when I ask you to be the hero here, not there. There are things far too dangerous for any human to handle. Please.” It was the mixture of anger and desperate fear in her voice that made him concede, but there was one other thing as well. The thought that he might have lost her over his actions. He nodded. “Alright Natasha, I promise no more heroics on the other side.” She smiled lightly. “Thank you.” He started to giggle. She got a sour look on her face because she knew what he was about to say. “ You said here was as safe a place as could be found.”