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“You did the right thing. He was too dangerous to be left alive.” – Chancellor Palpatine

It’s not very often that we will delve into the original source of The Sith philosophy, but we will from time to time as it is after all what the philosophy of The Real Sith is based on. We will start with the tragedy of the most famous of the fictional Sith, Darth Vader. Because the story of Star Wars is the typical good versus evil tale, it is portrayed that Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader out of a lack of control over his emotions, but while this may have in fact led to his mistake that turned him into more machine than man, is it really fair to say it was what led him to become Darth Vader in the first place? He was a man who had a need, a need that he found a possible solution to, but under the stiff and rigid code of the Jedi he was forbidden to know if indeed the dark side could provide him with the tool necessary to fulfill that need. This was the inner emotional conflict the character was faced with. Possibility versus what his teachings had filled his head with. Now we see that Anakin may have rationalized his actions, but in truth, he never needed to. There was logic behind what drove that conflict within him. It was this LOGIC that turned him to the dark side. This is made evident by the fact that the final words that pushed him to make his decision were not spoken by the Sith master Darth Sidious, but by one of the senior members of the Jedi council Mace Windu who was poised to strike the Sith Lord down. “He controls the courts and the senate. He’s too dangerous to be left alive.”

Put yourself in the position of Anakin Skywalker for a moment. “I see through the lies of The Jedi.” Weren’t they liars? Really? They blamed The Sith and the Dark Side for diminishing their ability to use the Force, but it was The Jedi, not the Sith who made the CHOICE to become servants to a corrupt government above even the Force itself. They weakened themselves and passed the accountability for that to an enemy. They dogged a boy who was born into slavery to fit their idea of righteousness when they became hypocrites to their own code of ethics themselves. In accordance with the Jedi way, Anakin was right, it did not matter how dangerous Darth Sidious was. He was unarmed, in a position to be taken into custody and stand trial, but the very Jedi who gave Anakin the most shit for not being trustworthy to follow the Jedi path went and said the same words that the very Sith he was prepared to kill had said about his apprentice Dooku in the beginning. Anakin was right…….in accordance with the way of The Jedi. Mace Windu was right in accordance to the reality of the situation…….That however was proof that the Sith ways were more HONEST, LOGICAL and REALITY BASED, than that of the Jedi and it was this FACT that made Anakin turn. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you make the same CHOICE in the moment your ONLY OPPOSITION to believing in a path that might provide you with a means to meet a need gets proven FALSE?

It is the same with the philosophy of The Real Sith. I grew up with my uncle being a minister, I was always told about the glory of God, to never question, to be “God fearing” a term I always wondered about because I could never understand how or why one should fear a being they will tell you has “unconditional love” for you. The family that prays together stays together. As a child one has limited control over anything that happens in their environment, so a child would turn to God, because God is the one who is always on their side, the protector, the one who gives you strength. And so it was that my child’s prayer for the fighting in my house, among my family to stop, was answered………..The night I watched my mother die unexpectedly. If you read my account of events that transpired last year you’ll see that even then, I still had this need to believe that what made no sense to me had any real reason. This need in darkest times to believe in what was “meant” to be. TRUTH all this belief gets you in this world, is hit and hit repeatedly. I know better now. I see the HONESTY in the Principles of Natural Order. NOTHING IS MEANT TO BE, THAT WE DON’T MAKE HAPPEN FOR OURSELVES. What happened the night I walked over 23 miles to collapse in front of the hospital where I found I had been suffering from pneumonia for weeks that I never knew I had, was a miracle, but God did not save my life that night…….I did, I did through the action I took that led me to that hospital that night. We gain nothing we do not take for ourselves. In my effort to confront my place where NATURAL SELECTION was concerned after 35 years of being a failure that left me with NOTHING, I saved myself and found a strength in me that I was unaware of.

TRUTH there is NOTHING out there looking out for us, SHIT HAPPENS. At best there is energy, and it is up  to us to figure out how to harness that energy to make SHIT HAPPEN for us rather than to us. Many don’t want to hear that, Hell even Atheists seem to have a hard time accepting that Natural Order supersedes MORAL showing that religion is only a symptom of the REAL ISSUE that holds us back. They are quick to point out how many people die in the name of God, when God is often just a cop out, many have died not for God but for the greed and false sense of power of material gains and having weak followers suck up to us for what we have, not what we are. And SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING have designed the most efficient means to take those lives for this purpose, but GOD is the problem…..Right? Many non believers prove just as lost in the scramble that takes place between the simplicity of our animalistic instincts and the complexity of our high intelligence as any pious religious follower. We still pass the buck of the blame, just like the thousands of self righteous people camped out in Central Park trying desperately to convince the world and anyone who will listen that a mere one percent was more responsible for a laundry list of corrupt acts that hurt the many than the apathy, contentment, and patriotism of the ninety-nine percent who CHOSE not to view corruption as something worth standing against until it became that laundry list the whiny little bitches wanted to cry about. With that I will leave you with another of The Real Sith Proverbs.

” The Real Sith knows that HONESTY is the best policy, and HONESTY is as present in The Dark Side as it is in Light, in some cases even more so.” – Darth Venomous


“Our mission is not to bring death to all those unfit to live. We answer to a greater calling. All I have done on Ruusan, and all that we will do from this day forward, must serve our true purpose: the preservation of our Order and the survival of the Sith.” – Darth Bane

People will think of The Real Sith what many think of the Order in fiction.  I am sure there are those who have read the previous entries in this philosophy that is being presented to you here, and have either dismissed it as crazy, or FEARED that it is “EVIL”. It is, like all that I do, NOT for those who do not get it, or would not use it. It is for those who do. I have spoken on the value of the code of The Sith. I have pointed out the flaw in a MORAL center as opposed to one of built on PRINCIPLE. I have explained EMOTION and the reasons it has played such a major part in the WEAKNESS of people. Now I will speak on the mind when ruled by PRINCIPLE and LOGIC.

The Real Sith knows that when PRINCIPLE and LOGIC rule the mind, many of the things that the WEAK, guided only by MORAL and APATHY have to FEAR of our path are irrelevant. Many will have more reasons to genuinely FEAR from one another than they ever will of a Real Sith. The Real Sith, in mastering themselves have the tools to understand that a sense for the PRACTICAL is the key to many things. The PRACTICAL achieves maximum benefit through the EFFICIENCY that convoluted thoughts and systems born from FALSE MORALITY and DOUBLE STANDARDS prohibit. MORALITY will tell us that PERFECTION is unachievable, when the reality is, that it is only unachievable under the lopsided conundrum of the definition given to it. BALANCED DUALITY is PERFECTION, it provides for both the POSITIVE elements of what we hold dear and the NEGATIVE elements that are the control factor  by which we measure the value of all we hold dear. As such, PERFECTION is not the complete absence of WEAKNESS for that is impossible. It is the control of WEAKNESS so that we do not allow that WEAKNESS to be what defines our actions and thus, the outcome of our conflicts. The PRACTICAL allows for you to know that STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES are as much relative to a given situation as they are personal and this knowledge gives you the ability to CHOOSE your conflicts wisely when the option to CHOOSE is available. Put the most charismatic and inspirational speaker in a stadium of deaf people with no translator and watch their STRENGTH disappear. A person who is unable to speak at all may not be able to scream for help, but they are in a far better position to keep a secret than most.

Conflict is Natural in life, Natural in evolution. Because of this it will always be present and every living being has to face that fact. How you face that fact means the difference between VICTORY or DEFEAT, in both naturally occurring conflicts that are unavoidable and the ones we set ourselves to confront for greater achievement. Beware those WEAKNESSES that will perpetually keep you at a disadvantage. PRIDE, JEALOUSY AND MORALITY are all heads of the same beast, they are the only true EMOTIONS manifested by pure EGO. Confidence is knowing what you are capable of. PRIDE is a reaction in defiance to stimuli that exposes a WEAKNESS or FAULT that we try to keep hidden even from ourselves. It is not KNOWING what you are worth, but rather believing in some false value of what you are worth, one that ignores that you cave to your WEAKNESSES. An overinflated sense of self. JEALOUSY branches from this same source. It is an overinflated sense of what one deserves, that like PRIDE comes from a place where we keep the “secret” knowledge of our WEAKNESSES. MORALITY is FALSE RIGHTEOUSNESS, in it we display an overinflated sense of knowing what is “right” and what is “wrong” based upon an ideology that flies in the face of Natural Order. These are all WEAKNESSES that blind us to the reality that what we attempt to be, is a LIE. It is ironic that in our sad attempts to believe we are more than we are, we make ourselves less than we really could be.

The Real Sith is devoted to unlearning the pointless habits, and thought processes that make a person their own worst enemy when facing any conflict. TRUTH: at the end of the day we often find defeat not at the hands of circumstance or other people, but by our own. Acceptance in being your own worst enemy breeds apathy. The Real Sith knows how to look for the keystones in any situation, has the STRENGTH to end a conflict on their own terms, that was began on someone else’s. The path of The Real Sith is not in stamping out the WEAK without reason, or purpose, they will take themselves down in the end with their lack STRENGTH, and it does not display STRENGTH to exhibit an action made easy by an unwitting target. When another initiates that conflict it is another matter entirely, an example must be made of what you are not willing to tolerate, otherwise you are creating unnecessary conflict that does nothing even with a VICTORY. LOGIC dictates that one should never destroy what can at some point be made use of. LOGIC dictates that through accomplishment, the WEAK will flock to you in awe of what they can not bring themselves to believe is possible. Some will be useful, some will be jealous, some will simply want to flaunt their connection to you. Never forget what they are, they clamor to you, for what they can not do themselves. Some will however display signs of being the STRONG, these can make for the truly useful allies, but also the most cunning enemies. TRUTH: when the STRONG collide, VICTORY goes to the most deserving as per the PRINCIPLES of NATURAL ORDER. It will always come down to who wants that VICTORY the most and so LOGIC dictates that only a fool dulls their own edge and fails to use all that is available to them to ensure that VICTORY is theirs in the end. I leave you now with one of The Real Sith Proverbs.

“Conflict is inevitable, some conflicts can be CHOSEN. CHOOSE them wisely for the sake of the purpose you set yourself to, so that sacrifice comes with a payoff and is not just the pointless taking of damage that could have been avoided with a mind ruled by PRINCIPLE and LOGIC. All things must serve your purpose or to defend it.” – Darth Venomous


“When I took Darth as my title, I put away my childhood name. What does it matter that I was once a miner or a soldier? The only thing that matters is what I will achieve.” – Darth Bane

The Real Sith knows that emotion is not the problem. How the mind interprets emotion is the problem. Emotion itself is merely an intangible trigger to generate the energy within the mind and body to act. This problem is brought into focus by the lessons taught to us in life. It is easier to tell our children to NEVER talk to strangers, than it is to point out WHEN they should be suspicious of one and so we grew up in a world that keeps doubling in population with this early trigger to NOT trust anyone of the 7 billion people on this Earth who we are not familiar with. FEAR is not the problem, it is the fact that we are taught to feel it irrationally. Statistics show that more kidnappings are conducted by THOSE CLOSE TO US. Yet we are not taught to FEAR them, and why is that? Often how we are taught to feel is what clashes with our ability to trust our NATURAL instincts, those moments when these emotions would occur NATURALLY as opposed to how they are NURTURED within us. Ever see or have an animal who was NATURALLY a better judge of character then you? And why do you think that is?

Because we are taught to FEAR irrationally, we tend to HATE irrationally as well. so we are left with Care Bears telling us that HATE is a wrong EMOTION to have. When HATE exists naturally as a way to know when to draw the line of tolerance towards circumstance and the actions of others. It is a necessity, to prevent and stem damage done by both. Yet we are taught to either suppress it because of the irrational reasons it occurs, or we are taught these irrational reasons in which to allow it to occur within us. FEAR, ANGER and HATRED are systems of self defense by Nature and so when one is allowed to be out of control so does the others follow it, due to their link in purpose. Again Mainstream Religion would have us believe that forgiveness is an act of righteousness, and along with the fact that we are NEVER really taught how and why these EMOTIONS exist, we allow that HATRED to fester until we believe this true, or we let it consume us. When HATRED is mastered, Forgiveness is no longer necessary. HATRED exists to draw a line. It is meant as an end in itself. Once controlled, ANGER then becomes the means to maintain that line so that it is not crossed without consequence. TRUTH: What CAN be Forgiven, CAN be just as easily ignored in the first place. That which CAN NOT be Forgiven, is damaging enough that it MUST BE defended against. HATRED as an offensive EMOTION breeds unnecessary conflict. HATRED as a defensive EMOTION allows one to know when to draw the line so that one does not take unnecessary damage.

Again Care Bears just love to pretend that Nature is meant to be this picture perfect thing, so ANGER is also taught to us as a “negative” emotion, when there is no such thing, only negative responses to it. ANGER is a driving force, Where HATRED is intended as defense, ANGER is pure offense, because of this ANGER is the one EMOTION hardest to control in some, while FEAR is the hardest for others. This is the essence of Flight or Fight. FEAR can make you completely evasive, leaving you to harbor jealousy and resentment that leads to irrational HATRED. FEAR can trigger ANGER in recognition of the need for protection and allow it to completely by pass FEAR. When FEAR is irrational ANGER will make you strike at anything or anyone. ANGER as an offensive tool is versatile in the varying levels of control or lack there of. It can be a precise blade or it can evolve into RAGE which is the equivalent of a human nuclear bomb or self destruct mechanism. The latter occurs when the offensive force of ANGER gets suppressed for so long that it builds until the right button is pushed. ANGER is natural it is not meant to be suppressed. Society frowns upon ANGER in almost every way never realizing that when something pisses us off and then we are forced to go against that natural reaction it only serves to make it rise. Add to that the list of psychological techniques that are designed to disarm it, replace it with another emotion which may be completely inappropriate to the scenario you are faced with, or release it in a non productive way even if it is a non destructive way. Because ANGER is viewed as “negative” We are taught to suppress it or cope with it, but we are never taught to use it or how to use it. The Real Sith knows that ANGER as an offensive EMOTION is a tool meant to fuel the body, not the mind, this is called The Cold Fire. You will know it when your body hums with energy while your hand is perfectly still, when you can manifest or react in an instant, movement necessary to complete any task before you. I also call this Zen from the other end, not the absence of emotion in blissful emptiness but the transformation of it’s energy in a manner that syncs Naturally mind, body, and spirit.

LOVE and HAPPINESS are not taboo to The Real Sith for they are as Natural as any and all EMOTIONS. They are simply viewed as RELIEF EMOTIONS. Care Bears will speak of the glory of LOVE without recognition of the reality that it can fuel FEAR, ANGER, and HATRED into an irrational frenzy just as well as these EMOTIONS can all by themselves. HAPPINESS can be a drug that dulls the mind and makes us complacent. CHAOS is the catalyst through which CHANGE occurs, this is why conflict is a necessary aspect of life and EVOLUTION. In order to SURVIVE and to THRIVE  the STRONG must maintain their edge. When seeking to over indulge in HAPPINESS  Because the “most important” thing in life is to be HAPPY, we actually render ourselves GULLIBLE and WEAK.

The Real Sith understands that because most of us are not brought up being taught the true and Natural PRINCIPLES by which EMOTION functions, weakness is hard wired into our minds and must be unlearned. EMOTION should be recognized but not pondered, for LOGIC is what dictates the mind. Once we understand this  ALL EMOTION can be put in it’s proper place. The Real Sith knows that in mastering the self in this world of conflict, EMOTION becomes both tool and weapon. FEAR as a tool recognizes threat and the need to act within the self, but FEAR in others can be a valuable weapon in manipulating an outcome for VICTORY. HATRED as a tool draws the line of tolerance as a shield from what we can not allow in our lives, but HATRED in others can be a valuable weapon to manipulate an outcome for VICTORY. ANGER as a tool can charge the body with energy to complete great tasks, but ANGER in others can be a valuable weapon to manipulate an outcome for VICTORY. EMOTION can STRENGTHEN you or it can BLIND you. Which it does is a CHOICE that lies in your hands. Once more I leave you with one of The Real Sith Proverbs.

“When PRINCIPLE and LOGIC controls the MIND, EMOTION will complete your arsenal and allow you to achieve great things.” – Darth Venomous


” Good is a point of view Anakin” – Chancellor Palpatine

I have already established that the path of TheReal Sith is not one where you transcend from your current state through heavenly acts of denial of your true nature, but rather one where you embrace that very Nature and use the tools given to you to become more than you ever were. That said, let us now look at the foundation of ones rebirth. It begins through unlearning the bullshit your mind has been filled with from the world around you. FACT: A foundation is a base and in order for that base to support a skyscraper it must be a solid foundation.

FACT: 150 years ago a 25 year old man would take a 13 year old wife and he was called a “family man” 150 years later this man is called a pedophile. I do not write this to condone such acts, for starters the world is overpopulated as it is and is usually done as far as I have seen by children of all ages, incapable of being the support their own children need them to be. This is another reason we use God as a scapegoat. Take your children to bible school and if anything goes wrong later, deny, deny, deny. Because what better moral center to have than God in your life and along with a roof, you gave that to them….Right?

No, the reason I mentioned this fact is because it illustrates for you perfectly why MORALS make for bad foundations. MORALS are opinionated by products of reality. The reason 150 years ago this full grown man who takes a child bride was considered a family man is because 150 years ago the physical realities were that most did not even live to see 50. The world of 150 years ago did not allow children to be children for very long and a 13 year old girl was the equivalent of one in their 20’s today. MORALS shift with the fabric of what is, never put your trust into anything so fleeting as the center to who you are. Principles are fixed, stationary, solid. What is right and wrong in accordance to any God is dependent on who you talk to, even within the same religions and these things have been known to change over time. How many successful corporations in this world operate off of the principles of “The Art of War” A practical guide to strategic thinking that’s teachings are as useful now as when it was written over 2500 years ago?

The TRUTH, I hate most Care Bear statements. I find most to be introspective thoughts without regards to reality. Reality is knowing that what’s good for the goose…….. As the old saying goes. For instance and this is from a recent experience in my life. Someone felt the need to apply the phrase “Never apologize for who you are.” This is meant to be a very empowering statement of self acceptance, and that is all well and good. My response to this was: “Never Apologize for who you are, but know that means you don’t get to cry VICTIM when you have to suffer the consequences for being a bitch” Some might consider that a DARK SIDE thought, and it is. It is also the TRUTH, the TRUTH that for every CHOICE we make there is a PRICE and no one can avoid that. Crying to your little friends because you caused a clusterfuck with someone you can’t handle only shows that you lack the REAL STRENGTH to back that statement you used to empower yourself, defeating it’s purpose. She learned something else as well. She learned that you should never trust someone who you intend to fuck over with anything you don’t want people to know.


MORALS would tell us to take pity on people such as this and because of this these people get a free pass to act out however they see fit, while I am an asshole for doing the same. PRINCIPLE tells us that PERPETRATORS may be wolves, VICTIMS are wolves in sheep skin. In short THERE ARE NO INNOCENT PARTIES IN LIFE, but the children who do not truly know the world they are a part of. That last picture was from September, this fake identity known as Daisy Love has been haunting me since January, and the girl herself since last August. Another former friend from my past life. She could not act on that Love she said she had over a ghost from her past, she was insulted at the idea that she needed help, yet she could not quit interjecting herself in my life and the bitch brought friends with her to boot. What do you do against this? Whatever you do, make no mistake, you must do it without hesitation and without remorse. Just as people who openly seek to mess with you for amusement, people like her get indulged by the pity people take on them. She was no better than the trash she cried to me about. PRINCIPLE allows you to see this TRUTH for what it is.

Ha Ha Ha Yeah. The Devil made me do that. You know, that being by which many define what EVIL is, the one created by the very being that represents all that is GOOD. The one who ACCEPTS all of those that a daddy with “Unconditional Love” would cast out in torment for all eternity for making CHOICES that He in His all knowing wisdom already knew they were going to make before they did?

With ideals such as the above mentioned being so prominent in the world we live in, is it any wonder we adhere to a cesspool of double standards? How we chose to fight “problems” allows those same problems to go unchecked in others society deems more worthy of mercy than others? It seems we are forever stuck in a perpetual conflict between the simplicity of our animalistic instincts and the complexity of our “high intelligence” with hardly anything but nonsensical dogma as our guide, dogma most accept being told is truth, because it makes everything easier to deal with. We never stop playing cowboys and Indians… we? We are pretenders in a fantasy designed to allow us to Lie to the very Gods we believe in, because it’s all good when they forgive us isn’t it?, Lie to our friends and family, and worst of all Lie to ourselves.  We define GOOD and EVIL and in our attempts to shirk accountability for our actions we create double standards that make both appear one in the same. What’s the word for leveling an entire city street filled with scared people by accident in an attempt to deliver a crippling blow to one? Oh yeah COLLATERAL, but it shares the same definition as MURDER, as told to us by the news when people not involved with a conflict between two parties get gunned down along with the targets in drive by shootings.

The path of The Real Sith simplifies things by adhering to PRINCIPLE not MORALS and in so doing allows for certainty in ones actions without question. This type of swift ability to act can mean the difference in how a conflict of any sort comes to a close, Survival, Goal Achievement, Personal Weakness. It sets with logic the standards you live by. FACT: When you turn the other cheek, people only learn that they can hit you and get away with it. FACT: NATURAL SELECTION APPLIES TO ALL LIVING THINGS, EVEN HUMAN, no matter what the bleeding hearts will tell you, it changes nothing, those who can’t stand will fall, usually even with the aid of others because they lack the STRENGTH to do for themselves. FACT: Accepting a weakness for what it is gives you the most vital tool to overcoming it. FACT: You will walk in the shadow of judgement by many no matter what you do in life. To The Real Sith door mats were yesteryears fashion trend, there is wisdom in knowing that you should never give anything to anyone that they are not willing to take for themselves, knowledge of self is a key to opening the door to transformation, What you know as opposed to what you believe makes the gossip and judgement of others irrelevant. A Real Sith is not a master of destructive force, but rather a master of self through an understanding of the PRINCIPLES of NATURAL ORDER and that is something that many, blinded by some glorified incoherent version of GOOD and EVIL will FEAR on account of ignorance. I do not drink blood, I do not burn people to a crisp with lightning bolts. I am friendly, I am helpful, I am loyal, I am caring. Fuck me over, or stand in my way and a more vile, venomous motherfucker, you will never meet. I will never pretend to be a pure soul, or some paragon of good will, because I am not these things. I am human and I am animal, the rules of how I keep that in balance are simple and that is why so many have a hard time grasping what I am. Now I close this with another of The Real Sith Proverbs.

“LIGHT and DARK are paths of Ideology, GOOD and EVIL are points of view and RIGHT and WRONG are concepts that are relative to WHAT IS, in a given situation.” – Darth Venomous