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I just wanted to pop on here and give everyone a real quick run down on things coming up in the near future for The Unspoken Ethic as well as an update on future endeavors.

On the list of upcoming topics, I will FINALLY be discussing THE WALL…And no I am not referring to the classic Pink Floyd album, I mean the border wall that has been proposed and is currently being funded for the Southern American border and why I don’t particularly agree with it, while offering a little fantasy alternative idea. I also have lined up a more singular look at the political meanderings of Hollywood elite a I examine one in particular Chris Evans. Beyond that we will be taking a step back from news sources for a bit and start focusing a little on just the basic behavior patterns we see not only out and about, but also a study in online behavior patterns as well.

Okay now for the FUN PART. As you know The Unspoken Ethic is not only about confronting popular view points, it is also about covering things from an uncommon perspective, a sometimes controversial perspective, or simply a new perspective from what you are seeing and hearing from everyone else, or at least a majority out here in the internet world. In the interest of this, if you post a Tweet regarding a news story or behaviors you spot that you find interesting and have your own take on it hash tag it #MyUnspokenEthic and I will save it. Periodically I will post YOUR Unspoken Ethics here on the blog and for the ones that I find really interesting, you may even get your own blog post centered around it.

Now for….what seems to still be a little ways off. I am STILL trying to work out creating video content for this site and for my Youtube channel. Hopefully I am not far off from getting a break that will allow me to start implementing some of my more ambitious plans. I will keep you posted as things develop.

It’s been some time since I posted anything here so I just wanted to touch base with my readers. There are changes coming to The Unspoken Ethic, changes that I have been meaning to implement for some time. I am currently in the early stages of setting up an area suitable for filming with the intent being to incorporate more video content here on the site. Along with that will also be some new pages aimed at making money and setting up for an email list, because, the unfortunate reality is that we all need money to get by and I am constantly finding that fact to be a wall that’s repeatedly setting me back from focusing more on the site and my writing in general. That second change will not effect the content of my posts in any way other than occasionally posting a reminder of these new pages. I will be giving more updates on my other work, like writing and the development of my YouTube channel which will be running the video content that I will be using in the future, hopefully soon. This is the first of 2 posts coming at you today, the second will reaffirm what I said about the core content and mission of this site remaining the same.

Thank you, Shayne Workman Primary Contributor