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I know I said I was taking a break, but I’ve been reading about the earthquake in Nepal here lately, and just now I read that the death toll is expected to hit 10,000. I’ll be honest here, I don’t know for sure what I was expecting when I started this blog, but last year when it first started hitting me that I wasn’t just being read here in the U.S. but in 56 countries world wide, I was shocked. That number has went from 56 to 71 countries in just the last few months and it still never ceases to amaze me that something I said or wrote reached people so far away, I know this to be true because over the past few days when I pulled everything down I noticed I was still getting views without them being referred by any other sites or search engines and most of those were from countries other than my own. Now something else has shocked me, because it means that I am finally opening my eyes to a much larger picture. when I read about the death toll, I found myself wondering if any of them had been people who read what I have said here, I wondered if some of the people who are still looking for loved ones are anyone who has made a connection here with what I’ve wrote. That’s when I decided to put this up, because I want the world to know that it is starting to open my eyes beyond my own little world here. And I want the people of the world and especially those who are suffering from this tragedy to know, that I’m thinking of them and I am hoping for the best for their sake. My heart goes out to the people of Nepal in their time of pain. – Love BIG CAT



It really is a beautiful place.


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