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Darth Venomous Meme

You have no doubt found that I have repeated, constantly, certain words throughout the posts that cover The REAL Sith philosophy. These words are ones that I have constantly bombarded myself with. They are the KEY WORDS of The REAL Sith and the corner stone of the philosophy’s structure. Many of these words are within the code itself. PASSION, STRENGTH, POWER, VICTORY. Others are not as contained, INTELLIGENCE, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALITY, LOGIC, NATURAL ORDER, BALANCE, PRINCIPLE, TRUTH, CHOICE. Many of these words are used along with examples of the points that are being made of how these words and their meaning play a factor, in the lesson or situation you find yourself in. Moving forward, this will not change. These are the words of guidance, the words that when taken to heart allows one to begin self transformation, and most importantly ALLOWS THEM TO DO SO ON THEIR TERMS, and NOT the terms of others who would convince them, that THEY KNOW what is best for THEM. It is not the aim of The REAL Sith, to force belief of the way, but rather to give them the tools to open the doors that best suit them for themselves, for this is the path to true FREEDOM and fulfillment of ones greatest POTENTIAL as an INDIVIDUAL. The way of The REAL Sith is not one that requires you to follow MY exact path, but to forge your own. It is in the TRUE mastery of the self, that we learn to be of the most use to the WORLD, to SOCIETY, and to OURSELVES. In planting these KEY WORDS, The REAL Sith strikes at the primary causes of our One TRUE ¬†enemy, WEAKNESS.¬†– Darth Venomous

I have cringed in my old age at all of the kids who grew up with a cheap live action remake of the anime classic Voltron in the form of Power Rangers. You see, when I was growing up all we had were the true kings of kung fu and one stood above all others as a man whose mind was as brilliant as his moves. Though I watched him pretty much my whole life, it wasn’t until I was entering High School that I started reading the philosophical musings of Bruce Lee. Young and in need of something that made sense to me as I was dealing with my own damn teenage angst on top of everything that was going on, I found a logic in the mans words that I started applying to everyday life, and while I would lose sight of that later on, I find myself, as I recover from my current ordeal, falling back into that teaching that had helped me before. Like I told you in an earlier entry. The benefit of starting over from true square one, is that in the midst of surviving, being at a disadvantage in even acquiring the basic essentials like food and shelter from weather, you begin to understand just how much of what you always believed to be important is meaningless in the grand scheme of life itself. It opens your eyes to what you have truly been missing in life, which is important when you consider how many of us have had those moments where we knew that there was something we needed and did not have, but in the clutter of life as we make it, we can not seem to put a finger on exactly what that is. The following is advice that I have been utilizing a lot over these many months as I have fought my way back from a pit that I essentially dug for myself.


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