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I know I said I will get back to the narrative, my bad. 😀 But in the words of Seto Kaiba “The future is infinite, the past is just a string of foot steps.” – Kazuki Takahashi “Yu-Gi-Oh!” I wanted to give the full update of my recent labors to my people, if for no other reason than to keep getting the word out there and show you that being a DIY writer, is in fact a full time job, I have days where I put in 14 hours or more between the planning, promoting and writing itself. It’s not easy but then as the old saying goes “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.” So I will now share this update with you and THEN, get back to the narrative. 😀 I am also on Face Book on Two pages.








Update From The BIG CAT


Okay so Here is your update. I have been working on my blog and through twitter in order to build my PR machine. I have one account on Twitter for my blog and one for my other writing and between the two I now have over 529 followers, and in less than a month my blog has had over 316 views. As you know I have one short story already published on Amazon. “The Trickster: A Horror Fable Of The Spirit Realm” My second which I have released a small excerpt from as a preview on my blog “The Journey To The River: An Adventure Fable Of The Spirit Realm” Is set for release January 31st 2015. Last but not least my full length novel “The Tale Of The Twin Flames: My Experiences In The Spirit Realm” is set for release on November 30th 2015. As I work towards getting these two items in their finished stages, which is to say getting the formatting kinks worked out and such, I am also in the process of outlining a new project, my first outside of The Spirit Realm series of stories that is a psychological thriller. As with all of my stories, I have taken from bits and pieces of personal experience my own and others to weave the tales. This will tell the story of a girl, who like many people we all encounter, is about thoughtless and gets her kicks by hurting people. You know the bitchy cheerleader type, the twist in the story comes when she picks the wrong person to screw around with. So it’s a little tale of karma. That is your update on all that I have been busy doing. Keep checking back here, I will start posting to here frequently again soon. You can also get the latest news as well as a look at my nonfiction type writing by checking out my blog atTheunspokenethic.com which also has a Facebook page, as well as by following me on Twitter. My blog account is Shayne Workman @UnspokenEthic and my author account Shayne Workman @ShayneBIGCAT. Peace Thank you for your support. -Love BIG CAT