3 comments on “The Meaning Of Christmas To An Alleged Felon/Terrorist

  1. I guess my response to yet another gutless,faceless sprayer of shit who gets mad when they read things that are over their heads, would have to be in the form of a question: As retarded as the person who read a second entry AFTER having a problem with the first they read? πŸ˜€ Yeah genius THINK before you hate on me, all you did was prove you’re just another one who got bored looking at pictures of naked chicks that are too HOT for ya. Ahh that damn little boy angst, it might be cute if it wasn’t pathetically sad. but thanks for upping my numbers anyway. πŸ˜€

  2. My bad I think this one wasn’t as faceless as I thought. (whispers) I think R U SERIOUS? Has a secret crush on me and is mad, because I won’t give a fuck until she grows up into a REALLY REAL WOMAN. πŸ˜€

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