4 comments on “Tired of all the Bullshit: My continued gripe, and how I meant to jam the tide against me.

  1. …. 😀 Give me a second, I’m too busy laughing….. One more…. (Ahem) I’m sorry was it the words or the figures that was too damn big for you grasp. I say what I say, I even have a Picture cause I don’t give a fuck who knows it. Common sense dictates that I while I may sound like a bitch, the only one visible is the FACELESS LITTLE PUSSY SPRAYING SHIT AT RANDOM CAUSE YOU’RE BORED JACKIN OFF TO PICTURES OF GIRLS TOO HOT FOR YOU TO HANG WITH. If that tired ass “you sound like a bitch.” line is the best you can muster, suck it up princess, buy you another box of tissues, and go back to gawking at girls faking orgasms.

  2. Bravo, Bravo! A most brilliant comeback Mr. Workman. I must say I have rather enjoyed your humorous, brash yet classy response. It is amusing to say the very least. While it is sad to think that it is the truth. One would believe that you (Shayne Workman) know this piece of sub-human slim, excuse me Jesse personally? I do feel for you if that is the case. I myself know of these ignorant species of people all to well. In closing I must say I have rather enjoyed your postings and I will be looking forward to more of your musings in the future, as well as your stories and humorous responses. Until next time my friend.

  3. Thank you Ms. Absinthium, I just went through some of your posts on your blog. 😀 It seems we’re of the same rare breed of human, I appreciate that, it’s always good to know there are people out there that actually GET IT. I probably don’t know this Jesse, you see the HALF-JOKE I was referring to in this post, ended up not being a joke at all, most anyone who knows me, who would have pulled a stunt like this, has already had their asses handed to them in a manner that made them run back under their little rocks, that’s a future story itself, and a good one too I might add. People like Jesse here annoy the fuck out of me, I’m a philosopher THINK if you’re going to hate on me, it’ll earn them more respect and I might even learn something from it. In closing it seems we both have new fans of each others work. See ya around.

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